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Together Everyone Achieves More

Summer Reading 2014

Grade 4


1.   Required Reading:


·        What was Pompeii?    By Jim O’Connor

·        Nicky Fifth’s (Book 2: Garden State Adventure)   By Lisa Funari Willever

·        Dear Mr. Henshaw     By Beverly Cleary


2.  Complete Reading Log Daily:    (30 minutes daily)

      Additional Copies may be downloaded from my website


3.  In order to have a good deep discussion and/or complete activity work based on your books,  you might want to keep a journal about genre, characters, settings, ideas, vocabulary, any other information you feel you need to jot down.



Summer Math 2014

Grade 4

By the time your students leave 3rd grade, they will know how to use Study Island.  Study Island is an online math program that has been implemented into our curriculum for several years.  The online program allows your child work on assignments given to him or her.  It also allows your child to practice various topics on his or her own.  Your child can read lessons, watch videos, do interactive flash cards, or even print flash cards.  There is also a mathematical gaming function.  The message center in Study Island is for the student and teacher.  If you, the parent, needs to contact me please use the school email.


·        Required assignments will be given throughout the summer using  all assignments are due by August 28th

(Required assignments will appear on the home page of Study Island, if not

visible click on the addition symbol)


In general- All basic facts MUST be memorized up to 12 in all operations!


Need ideas for suggested reading or educational websites?



Miss Corrado   (



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