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Diocese of Bacolod Philippines at San Juan - Rizal Streets, Bacolod City, ND 6100 PH - Central Vicariates

Central Vicariates

BACOLOD CATHEDRAL PROFILE: St. Sebastian Cathedral Founded: 1755 Rizal St., 6100 Bacolod City Tel. No. 4330261/4330240 Titular: St. Sebastian, Martyr, Jan. 20 Parish Priest: Msgr. Danilo Paderna Parochial Vicars: Rev. Fr. Benjamin Escrupulo, Rev. Fr. Joy Jemera Land Area 18,033.39 has. Population 429,076 (as of May 1, 2000) No. of Barangays 61 barangays Points of Interest Historical Sites Arts, Culture and Religious Natural Scenery Handicraft and Cottage Industry Special Interest Festival Masskara Festival Bacolod City’s Charter Anniversary Feast of San Sebastian (January 20) Panaad sa Negros Festival San Sebastian Cathedral BRIEF HISTORY: Prior to the coming of the Spaniards in Negros in 1565, there existed a small village near the mouth of the Magsungay river. It was a small settlement inhabited by Malayans who belonged to the "Taga-ilog" group. When the neighboring settlement of Bogo (now Bago City) was elevated into the status of a small town in 1575, it had several religious dependencies, one of which was the village of Magsungay. The early missionaries place the village of Magsungay under the care and protection of St. Sebastian sometime in the middle of the 1700s. A "corrigidor" by the name of Luis Fernando de Luna (1777-1779), donated a relic of St. Sebastian for a growing mission, and since then, the village came to be known as "San Sebastian de Magsungay". In 1770, the small village of Magsungay was firmly established under the leadership of the first "governadorcillo" or "Capitan Municipal" by the name of Bernardo de los Santos. With the cloud of insecurity hanging over them due to the rampant attacked of the Moro pirates, the people of Magsungay decided to move a few kilometers inland where upon on a hilly terrain, which they called "Buklod", the people established a new settlement. There, on this hilly terrain, Magsungay became the settlement of Bacolod. In 1806, Fr. Leon Pedro, having appointed as "propitario" of Bacolod, became the first parish priest. From there, a young priest from Barcelona, envisioned the construction of San Sebastian Cathedral, in the name of Fr. Gonzaga. Gradually, the people left the hilly terrain where they had started to progress, and eventually the place became known as "Camingawan" which means the place of loneliness. In 1846, upon the request of Msgr. Romualdo Jimeno, Bishop of Cebu and Negros at the time, Governor-General Narciso claveria sent to Negros a team of Recollect missionaries headed by Fr. Fernando Cuenca. The following year, 1849, Gov. Valdevieso y Morquecho declared Bacolod as the capital of the whole island of Negros. In 1938, under the administration of President Manuel L. Quezon, a bill was passed and approved making Bacolod a Chartered City, and was inaugurated as the 5th Chartered City under the Commonwealth period on October 19, 1938. The late Don Alfredo L. Montelibano, Sr. was appointed as its Chief Executive. After nearly a couple of centuries from its founding as small settlement, Bacolod is now a bustling modern metropolis in the Western Visayas region and it is also the "Gateway to the Sugarland" because Bacolod is highly accessible to air or sea from its neighboring region

BANAGO PARISH Banago Parish Founded: 1971 Erected as Parish: 1993 6100 Bacolod City Tel. No. 434-0119 Titular: Nuestra Señora de Salvacion, December 18 Population: 25,134 Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Armando B. Onion
SANTA CLARA SUBDIVISION Sta. Clara Subdivision Founded: 1985 6100 Bacolod City Tel. 434-3703 Titular: Barangay Sang Virgen & San Mateo Chaplain: Msgr. Rodolfo Pacheco

FATIMA PARISH Our Lady of Fatima Founded: F1977 Erected as Parish: 1981 San Sebastian-Sta. Ana Streets 6100 Bacolod City Tel. No. 29100 Titular: Our Lady of Fatima, May 13 Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Numeriano Esporzado
SANTO NINO PARISH Sto. Niño Parish Founded: 1983 Erected as Parish: 1993 BBB Ave., Galo St., 6100 Bacolod City Tel. No. 434-3208 Titular: Sto. Niño, 3rd Sunday of January Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. German B. Templa
PROVINCIAL HOSPITAL WV Regional Hospital (formerly CLMMH) Lacson St., 6100 Bacolod City Tel. 24328 Titular: Sto. Niño, January (movable) Chaplain: Rev. Fr. Felixberto Ybezate
RIVERSIDE MEDICAL CENTER Dr. Pablo O. Torre Mem. Hospital (formerly Riverside Medical Center) Founded: 1986 Benigno Aquino Drive, 6100 Bacolod City Tel. 4337331/4333021 Titular: Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, July 16 Chaplain : Rev. Fr. Joel Roquez
HUA MING PARISH Queen of Peace (Hua Ming) Founded: 1955 10th St., Capitol Subdivision 6100 Bacolod City P. O. Box 347, Bacolod City Tel. No. 23752/21825 Titular: Our Lady Queen of Peace, January (movable) Parish Priest: Msgr. John B. Liu Parochial Vicars: Msgr. John Su/ Rev. Fr. Lucas Wang/ Rev. Fr. Noly Que
REDEMPTORIST CHURCH Redemptorist Church Founded: 1949 Benigno Aquino Dr., 6100 Bacolod City Tel. 24537 Titular: Our Lady of Perpetual Help, January 27 Chaplain: Rev. Fr. Brendan Kelly, CSsR Parochial Vicars: Rev. Fr. John Lucey, CSsR, Rev. Fr. Colm Meaney, CSsR, Rev. Fr. Francis Tobin, CSsR, Rev. Fr. Patrick Horgan,CSsR
BRGY. BATA PARISH Bata Parish Founded: 1977 6100 Bacolod City Tel. 22644 Titular: Our Lady of Lourdes, 2nd Sunday of February Population: 22,448 Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Alfredo Z. Gamarcha
BRGY ANING CHAPLAINCY Aning, Pahanocoy Chaplaincy Foounded: 1995 6100 Bacolod City Titular: Sto. Niño Population: 8,291 Chaplain: Rev. Fr. Serafin Nava
MOUNTAIN VIEW SUBDIVISION Mountainview Subdivision Parish Founded: 1987 6100 Bacolod City Tel. 22097 Titular: St. Joseph, March 19 Chaplain: Msgr. Andres F. Delfin
BRGY. GRANADA PARISH Granada Parish Founded: 1969 6100 Bacolod City Tel. No. 708-1643 Titular: Our Lady of Lourdes, 1st Sunday of February Population: 13,682 Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Danilo Sitchon
BRGY. ALANGILAN PARISH Distance from Bacolod 14.4 kilometers Land Area 21,480 has. Population 107,722 (as of May 1, 2000)) No. of Barangays 16 barangays Points of Interest Historical Sites Arts, Culture and Religious Natural Scenery Handicraft and Cottage Industry Festival Kansilay Festival City Charter Anniversary Negros Revolution Anniversary
HOMESITE PARISH PHHC (Montevista) 6100 Bacolod City Tel. 28040 Titular: Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, November 27 Population: 1,827 Chaplain: Msgr. Jose Mangon
BRGY. CAMINGAWAN PARISH Camingawan Parish Founded: 1990 Erected as Parish: 1994 6100 Bacolod City Tel. No. 434-0364 Titular: Triumph of the Holy Cross, September 14 Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Mitchel J. Guadalupe
BRGY. VILLAMONTE PARISH Villamonte Parish Founded: 1969 Bo. Obrero, 6100 Bacolod City Tel. 27756 Titular: Immaculate Conception, December 8 Population: 37,815 Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Narciso A. de la Cruz Parochial Vicar: Rev. Fr. Nonot
HELVETIA HEIGHTS SUBDIVISION Helvetia Heights Founded: 1989 6100 Bacolod City Telephone: 4332516 Chaplain: Rev. Fr. Ireneo R. Gordoncillo
DOCTOR'S HOSPITAL CHAPLAINCY Doctor's Hospital Benigno Aquino Drive, 6100 Bacolod City Telephone: 82711 Titular: Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Chaplain: Rev. Fr. Angel V. Fidel
ERORECO VILLAGE Pueblo Rosario Paerish Founded: 1983 Eroreco Subd., 6100 Bacolod City Tel. 21748 Titular: Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, 2nd Sunday of October Chaplain: Rev. Fr. Emilio A. Henares
MURCIA PARISH PROFILE: Distance from Bacolod 16.5 kilometers Land Area 26,411.41 has. Population 59,358 (as of May 1, 2000) No. of Barangays 23 barangays Points of Interest Historical Sites Natural Scenery Festival Mudpack Festival Tinabu-ay Festival Feast of Immaculate Concepcion Immaculate Concepcion Church BRIEF HISTORY: Founded in 1860 by Fr. Miguel Alvarez, a Catholic priest belonging to the order of the Recoletos of St. Augustine, Murcia is believed to have gotten its name from a city or town in Spain. Like most places, it was originally inhabited by Negritoes who vanished from the scene and resettled elsewhere in the province. Several "Capitanes" succeeded one after the other in serving as Chief Executive of the town during the Spanish regime. During the Spanish era, Fr. Alvarez established a parochial school in Murcia. The school for boys was headed by Maestro Blas Gatuslao while the school for girls was taught Spanish language and other subjects. Erring or lazy pupils were disciplined by "palmitas" and guava rods. A week after the Japanese forces landed in Bacolod in 1941, the town was occupied and their municipal building was used as garrison. During their occupation, the civil government was established in the mountains under Free Negros Governor Alfredo Montelibano, Sr. The Japanese garrison in Murcia was constantly attacked by guerillas until they were finally driven out on April 21, 1945.

SALVADOR BENEDICTO PARISH Salvador Benedicto Parish Founded: 1991 Negros Occidental Titular: Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, November 27 Parish Priest: Fr. Telesporo Neri Distance from Bacolod 42.0 kilometers Land Area 17,055.98 has. Population 17,635 (as of May 1, 2000) No. of Barangays 7 barangays Points of Interest Natural Scenery Festival Kali-kalihan Festival BRIEF HISTORY: Our Lady of the Miraclous Medal Church Located at the center of the hinterlands of the entire north of Negros Occidental, Don Salvador Benedicto was primarily established to consolidate all the remote barangays of San Carlos City and the towns of Calatrava amd Murcia which were apparently neglected due to inaccessibility. Its founding was finalized on February 9, 1983 upon the approval of Batas Pambansa Blg. 336 by former Pres. Ferdinand Marcos. The legislation was authored by Assemblymen Alfonso Garcia and Joe Varela, Jr. The town got its name in honor of the late Vice Governor Salvador Benedicto who played an important role in setting up aRevolutionary Government in Negros Island particularly in the area, Brgy. Igmaya-an, when the country was occupied by the Japanese during World War II. The territorial formation of DS Benedicto is composed of two (2) barangays from the Municipality of Murcia (Pandanon and Igmaya-an), three (3) barangays from the City of San Carlos (Kumaliskis, Bunga and Pinowayan-Prosperidad), and two (2) barangays from the Municipality of Calatrava (Bagong Silang-Marcelo and Bago-Lalong). Sixty percent of the residents speak Cebuano and the rest Ilonggo and other dialects. The people have adapted the art of "kali" otherwise known as "arnis or escrima" as their cultural heritage. The traditional martial arts of the Filipino people since the 7th century, it is designed for physical training, mental development and spiritual upliftment as well as strengthening of moral value foundation. The craft is highlighted every year with the celebration of the "Kali-Kalihan" Harvest Festival where one can also observe various cultural and traditional activities of the people. The municipality of Don Salvador was formerly a part of the Parish of Murcia. Once a year the hinterland Baranggays celebrated their Annual Fiesta by the priests of Murcia Parish. It was only in 1989 that the plan was made to erect a new Parish in the new town of Negros Occidental. Construction of the new Church and Rectory began through the supervision of Fr. Rick de la Pena who became the first Parish Priest of Don Salvador. Funds were taken from the Propagation of the Faith based in Rome and the local and other foreign fundings. The formal consecration of the Parish took place during the Fiesta celebration of the Partoness the Blessed Virgin of the Miraculous Medal on November 27, 1993.

CANSILAYAN PARISH Distance from Bacolod 25.5 kilometers Land Area 26,411.41 has. Population 5,000 (as of May 1, 2000) No. of Barangays 5 barangays (Bacolod, Murcia & Bago City Barangays) Points of Interest Historical Sites Natural Scenery Festival Mudpack Festival Tinabu-ay Festival Feast of San Isidro Labrador
PAGLAUM VILLAGE Paglaum Village Chaplaincy 6100 Bacolod City Titular: St. Joseph the Worker, May 1 Population: included in Brgy. Mansilingan Chaplain: Rev. Fr. Joji

BRGY. MANSILINGAN Mansilingan Parish Founded: 1860 6100 Bacolod City Telephone: 82435/446-0319 Population: 22,811 Titular: Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, November 27 Parish Priest: Rev. Fr.
BRGY. HANDUMANAN Handumanan Parish Founded: 1985 Parish Erected: 1994 Mansilingan, 6100 Bacolod City Tel. No. 708-5505 Titular: Holy Family, last sunday of December Population: included in Mansilingan Parish Priest: Rev Fr. Alponsito Arrojo

BAKYAS PARISH Bakyas Parish Founded: 1985 Parish Erected: 1994 6100 Bacolod City Telephone: 26767 Titular: Immaculate Conception, December 8 Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Pablo Tabino

San Antonio Abad Parish Founded: 1967 Brgy. Taculing, 6100 Bacolod City Telephone: 83382 Titular: St. Anthony Abbot, January 17 Population: included in Brgy. Taculing (33,824) Parish Priest: Msgr. Guillermo Gaston Parochial Vicar: Rev. Tubongbanua

BARANGAY ALIJIS Alijis Parish Founded: F1993 Erected as Parish: 1997 6100 Bacolod City Tel. No. 433-5907 Population: 9,801 Titular: St. Jude Thaddeus, October 28 Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Francis Perez Go to their Homepage! The Church The Rectory St. Jude Shrine HISTORY The only chapel closest to the residents was that of the Asilo or Girls Orphanage run by the Agustinian Sisters of the Philippines and sponsored by the Catholic Women's League, about two kilometers away from Olympia Village. At that time, the entire city of Bacolod had only one parish, that of its patron saint, San Sebastian. In 1970's, more parishes were created and Barangay Alijis was placed under the new parish of San Antonio Abad in Brgy. Taculing. Priests from this parish would come every Sunday to say Holy Mass. Fr. Antonio Sedeño was assigned to this Barangay for Sunday Masses. In 1974, after a meeting in the house of Modesto Sa-onoy and family where a mass was held at his garage, the devotees of the BSV proposed that the barangay should have its own fiesta under a patron saint. Several were proposed, among which was to retain Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Modesto Sa-onoy proposed St. Jude Thaddeus who was his patron saint for years and explained the widespread devotion to this saint. He also offered to provide the statue of St. Jude if the group agreed. The officers of the BSV welcomed the proposal taking into account that in the entire diocese there is no parish or chapel dedicated to St. Jude. Through the endeavors of the officers and members of the trinity, a mushroom type or umbrella kind of structure with galvanized canopy was constructed on the 50 sq.m lot owned by Mr. & Mrs. Warlito Loja, outside the Olympia Village Subdivision. Since St. Jude had already his own home, no matter how small and bare, the women's group of Trinity 4 planned the fiesta to be held annually during the feast of the patron saint, October 28. Leading the group were the families of the Concepcions, Alvia, Flores, Calamongay, Gepilga and others. It was then the statue of St. Jude was brought to the chapel for his first public fiesta on October 28, 1976, initiated by the group of Brgy. Sang Virgen under the leadership Cabeza Mayor Alberto Berezo. The following year, Bishop Camilo Gregorio again celebrated the fiesta mass and told the faithful during the homily that if the church of St. Jude was constructed,he was willing to accept the suggestion of Mode Sa-onoy that it be the Saint's Shrine. To start off the funding, that a new St. Jude Parish could be established if the faithful can construct a convent for the parish priest, a requirement for the creation of a new parish. It was challenge not only for the faithful, but also to St. Jude Himself. Mario Macainan was asked by Bishop Gregorio and Fr. Pasquin to help look for a new site for the St. Jude church of at least 5,000 square meters. It was just timely that the Macainan family have just subdivided their property and the family of Engr. Mario S. Macainan and his brother priest, Rev. Father Marcito S. Macainan donated their share to the church with an area of 5,396 sq. meters to give thanks to God for all the blessings that their family have received. It was at the same period that the statue of St. Jude Thaddeus was given back to the chaplaincy of Camingawan, now the Parish of the Triumph of the Holy Cross, in preparation for his feast day. After a five (5) years stay at the house of the Macainan family, St. Jude now has a home to where his shrine stands today. Developments came fast and that the family of Engr. Mario Macainan, a close friend of Bishop Gregorio, donated an area of 5,396 sq. meters to the Diocese of Bacolod for the church of St. Jude. The lot was well located at the main highway of Barangay Alijis. October 28, 1995, Bishop Gregorio led the group of faithful of the St. Jude chaplaincy at the new site and there he blessed and laid the cornerstone of the proposed shrine. Chick Garcia offered his time. talent and labor in designing the construction of the church. In 1996, the major structure of the church was completed and the October 28 fiesta mass was held. Vice-President Joseph Estrada and various benefactors, sponsors and donors helped to make a magnificent structure to be rised. From hereon, the devotees of St. Jude will have his help and a place to fulfill their promise to him-that they will encourage more devotions to this Saint of hopeless cases and of things despaired of, an aid in our distress. He has shown that even in the construction of his Shrine he is there because there is hardly a church of this size and magnitude that was constructed in so short a time

DONA JULIANA SUBDIVISION Doña Juliana Heights Parish Founded: 1991 6100 Bacolod City Telephone: 434-5093 Titular: St. Joseph the Worker, May 1 Population: included in Brgy. Taculing (33,824) Parish Priest: Rev. Fr.

CITY HEIGHTS SUBDIVISION City Heights Subdivision Parish Founded: 1992 6100 Bacolod City Telephone: 2-0787 Titular: Holy Family, Last Sunday of December Population: included in Brgy. Taculing (33,824) Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Terence Bennett, SSC

BRGY. TABGUB Tangub Parish Founded: 1977 Parish Erected: 1983 6100 Bacolod City Telephone: 24296 Titular: St. Isidore the Farmer, May 15 Population: 21,398 Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Joevic M. LemoncitO

BRGY. TALOC, BAGO CITY Taloc Parish Founded: 1989 Parish Erected: 1995 6101 Bago City Titular: Our Lady of Lourdes, February 11 Population: 11,399 Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Elmer Poniado

BRGY. SUM-AG Sum-ag Parish Founded: 1853 6100 Bacolod City, Telephone: 22294 Titular: St. John Nepomuceno, May 16 Population: 13,039 Parish Priest: Rev. Fr.

HENRIETTA VILLAGE Henrietta Village Erected as Parish: 1994 6100 Bacolod City Telephone: 4330802 Titular: St. Joseph, March 19 Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Julian Bermejo

AIRPORT SUBDIVISION Airport Subdivision Parish Founded: 1994 6100 Bacolod City, Telephone: 22733 Titular: Our Lady of Peace & Good Voyage, 1st Sunday of May Population: 30,546 Parish Priest: Msgr. Ramon Tirania
BRGY. ANING Aning, Pahanocoy Chaplaincy Foounded: 1995 6100 Bacolod City Titular: Sto. Niño Population: 8,291 Chaplain: Rev. Fr. Serafin Nava


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