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Complete List of Personal Achievement Award Recipients

1965    James Moser - writer, creator of Medic, Ben Casey, Slattery’s People

1966    Ralph Blumberg - WBOX, Bogolusa, Louisiana

1967    John Secondari and Jeanne Rogers - producers, Saga of Western Man series on ABC-TV

1968    William McAndrews - president, NBC News

1969    Doris Ann - manager of religious programming, NBC News

1970    Dr. Everett C. Parker - chair, National Council of Churches Broadcast and Film Commission

1971    Dr. Herman Gockel - program director, LutheranChurch − Missouri Synod

1972    Most Rev. Agnellus Andrew, OFM - founding president of Unda-USA; director, National Catholic Radio and Television Center, Great Britain


        Rev. Edward Willingham, Jr. - Metropolitan Detroit Council of Churches Department of Radio and Television

1973    Robert Hyland, Jr. - vice president, CBS Radio; KMOX AM-FM, St. Louis

1974    Pamela Ilott - director, Cultural and Religious Broadcasts, CBS News

1975    Fredrick Wiseman - documentary film-maker, Zipporah Films, Boston

1976    Scott Craig - documentary producer, WBBM-TV, Chicago

1977    Donald McGannon – president, Westinghouse Broadcasting Company

1978    Fred Rogers - creator, host, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

1979    Robert Beusse - former Secretary of Communications, United States Catholic Conference

1980    Walter Cronkite - reporter, anchor, managing editor, CBS Evening News

1981    Rev. Ellwood Kieser, CSP - executive producer of Insight; founder of Humanitas Award


        Jim Henson - president of Henson Associates; creator of The Muppets

1982    Robert Keeshan - executive producer, performer; Captain Kangaroo and Robert Keeshan Associates


        Bill Moyers - executive producer, news anchor; Creativity With Bill Moyers

1983    Helen Hayes - actress, The Best Years

1984    Mother Angelica - founder, Eternal Word Television Network

1985    Charles Osgood - writer, anchor; Newsbreak, The Osgood File

1986    Steve Allen - actor, comedian, producer, writer

1987    Michael Landon - writer, producer, actor; Highway to Heaven, Little House on the Prairie, Bonanza

1988    James Duffy - president, ABC Communications, Capital Cities/ABC


        Lloyd Kaiser - president, Metropolitan Pittsburgh Public Broadcasting − Project Literacy U.S.

1989    William Hannah and Joseph Barbera - Hanna-Barbera Productions; 50-year commitment to family and values productions

1990    Rev. Derek Simons, SVD - founder and president of Ethnic Communications

1991    Charles Kuralt - CBS News Sunday Morning

1992    No winner

1993    Ted Koppel - ABC News Nightline

1994    Angela Lansbury - actress, Murder She Wrote

1995    Hugh Downs - ABC News 20/20

1996    Joe Garagiola - NBC sportscaster and Today Show

1997    Willard Scott - NBC weather reporter, Today Show

1998    Dr. William F. Baker - president and CEO, Thirteen-WNET, New York

1999    Della Reese - singer and actress, Touched by an Angel

2000    Ricardo Montalban - actor, Fantasy Island, Star Trek

2001    Art Linkletter − broadcast entertainer, Art Linkletter’s House Party, People are Funny, Kids Say the Darndest Things

2002    Mike Farrell, actor, Providence, M*A*S*H

2003    Bob Abernethy – news correspondent and host of Religion & Ethics Weekly

2004    Betty White – actress, Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Golden Girls

2005    Tim Russert – journalist, NBC, CNBC and MSNBC, and moderator of Meet the Press

2006    Anne Sweeney – Co-chair Disney Media Networks and President, Disney-ABC Television Group

2007    Micheal Flaherty - President and co-founder of Walden Media

2008    Bob Schieffer - Journalist, host, commentator, author, musician

2009    Ann Blyth - Singer and actress

2010    Ken Burns – Documentary filmmaker

2011    Regis Philbin – Network television talk show host and singer

2012    Gary Sinise -- actor, producer and disabled veterns spokesman 

2013    Eduardo Verástegui - actor, filmmaker, activist


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