Gabriel Awards at 1645 Brook Lynn Dr., Suite 2, Dayton, OH 45432-1944 US - Recipients in Television - 2006

Recipients in Television - 2006

Entertainment...National Release

                "The Reading Room":  Gabriel

                Hallmark Channel


Entertainment...Local Release

                "Bananas":  Gabriel

                Guardian Studios, Columbus, OH


Arts...National Release

                 "Rick Steves' European Christmas":  Gabriel

                Oregon Public Broadcasting and Back Door Productions


Arts...Local Release

                 "Evergreen Wishes Presents Dancing Day":  Gabriel

                Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Television


Documentary...National Release

                 "Indecently Exposed":  Gabriel

                WestWind Pictures Ltd, Regina, SK, Canada


                "The Hobart Shakespeareans":  Gabriel

                Co-production of Mel Stuart Prods, Thirteen/WNET and

                                P.O.V./American Documentary


Documentary...Local Release

                 "Way to Live:  The John Kach Story":  Gabriel

                New England Cable News


Short Feature...National Release

                 "CBC News: The National - Auschwitz:

                                Speaking of the Unspeakable":  Gabriel

                Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Television


                "Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly: 

                                Buddhist Tiger Temple":  Certificate of Merit

                Thirteen/WNET, Washington, DC


Short Feature...Markets 1-25

                 "Butterfly Princess":  Gabriel

                New England Cable News


Short Feature...Markets 26+

                 "Family Union":  Gabriel

                WCNC-TV, Charlotte, NC


Children’s...National Release

                 "ZOOM":  Gabriel

                WGBH Educational Foundation


Children’s...Local Release

                 "Taylor's Attic":  Gabriel

                Guardian Studios, Columbus, OH


Religious...National Release

                 "God, Country, Notre Dame:  The Story of

                                Father Ted Hesburgh, C.S.C.":  Gabriel

                  Family Theater Productions,

                  Rev. Wilfred Raymond, C.S.C. Executive Producer;

                  Craig  MacGowan, Producer and Director


Religious...Local Release

                 "A Spiritual Journey with the Fisk Jubilee Singers":  Gabriel

                WKRN-TV, Nashville, TN


News/Informational...National Release

                 "Willa Cather - The Road Is All":  Gabriel

                NET Television and WNET, New York


  News/Informational...Local Release

                 "From Pittsburgh to Poland:  Lessons of the Holocaust":  Gabriel

                WQED Multimedia, Pittsburgh, PA


News Story...National Release

                 "Blessing of the Dead":  Gabriel

                HDNews, Woodbury, NY


News Story...Local Release

                 "Achieve the Impossible":  Gabriel

                News 12 Long Island


                "Miracles Happen":  Certificate of Merit

                News 12 Long Island


Community Awareness/PSA...National Release


                The Foundation for a Better Life, Denver, CO


Community Awareness/PSA...Local Release


                Bonneville Communications, Salt Lake City, UT


Television Station of the Year

                 " WCVB-TV, Channel 5":  Gabriel

                Needham, MA


                "New England Cable News":  Certificate of Merit

                Newton, MA



                 "Joe":  Gabriel
                 "Truck Stop":  Gabriel


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