Gabriel Awards at 1645 Brook Lynn Dr., Suite 2, Dayton, OH 45432-1944 US - October Press Release

October Press Release

The 43rd Annual Gabriel Awards

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Millennium Biltmore Hotel * Los Angeles, CA


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Gabriel Awards

Program Contact:      Sue West:  937.458.0265

Production Contact:  Ron Schmidt, SJ: 310-801-6992

Publicity Contact:      Frank Tobin: 323.661.3720

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43rd Annual Gabriel Awards to Amazing Grace, Enchanted, The Price of Sugar;

Lincoln Heights, My Friends Tigger and Pooh, Darfur: On Our Watch;

 Bob Schieffer to accept Gabriel Personal Achievement Award;

KNOM Radio (Alaska) and Salt+Light (Toronto) receive station honors;

 Univision KTVW Channel 33 / Phoenix honored for Spanish language programming

at October 25th ceremony in Los Angeles


(Los Angeles, CA – October 1, 2008)  The 2008 Gabriel Awards, presented annually to film, television and radio programs and a distinguished individual whose body of work nourished and uplifts the human spirit, have been awarded to three motion pictures, eleven television programs, a legendary television news broadcaster, eight radio programs, three Spanish language programs, and a television and radio station of the year, it was announced by Frank Morock, President of the Catholic Academy for Communication Arts Professionals. Amazing Grace (Walden Media), Enchanted (Disney/Touchstone) and the feature documentary The Price of Sugar were named in the Gabriel feature film category; Lincoln Heights (ABC Family) and My Friends Tigger and Pooh (Disney Channel) in the Gabriel television category; Darfur: On Our Watch  (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) in the Gabriel television documentary /national release category. 


Veteran CBS News broadcaster Bob Schieffer will receive the 2008 Gabriel Personal Achievement Award at the awards ceremony which will feature a special memorial tribute to past Gabriel Personal Achievement Award winner Tim Russert. The Gabriel Awards, scheduled for Saturday, October 25th at the historic Millennium Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, will be co-hosted by Mr. Morock and Sylvia Lopez, KCAL news anchor; Ron Schmidt, SJ, producer of the awards ceremony is also chairman of the Gabriel Awards Committee.


Alaska’s KNOM Radio was named 2008 Gabriel Award “Radio Station of the Year” for the 16th year and the Toronto station Salt + Light was named “Television Station of the Year.” Univision KTVW Channel 33 / Phoenix will be honored for Religious-National or Local TV Release for Kino: El Legado en Nuestra Tierra" (Kino: The Legacy in Our Land).


CBS News broadcaster Bob Schieffer, host of Face the Nation since 1991, is the recipient of the 2008 Gabriel Personal Achievement Award, sponsored by Family Theater Productions and presented by the Catholic Academy in memory of Father Patrick Peyton, CSC, founder of Family Theater Productions. Schieffer is broadcast journalism’s most experienced Washington reporter, covering Washington for CBS News for nearly four decades and is one of the few broadcast or print journalists to have covered all four major beats in the nation's capital -- the White House, the Pentagon, the State Department and Capitol Hill.  


Schieffer is a member of the Broadcasting/Cable Hall of Fame and is the recipient of six Emmy Awards, the International Radio and Television Society Foundation Award and the American News Women’s Club Helen Thomas Award for Excellence in Journalism. In 2002, he was chosen as Broadcaster of the Year by the National Press Foundation. Past Gabriel Personal Achievement Award recipients include Tim Russert, Walter Cronkite, Charles Kurault, Ted Koppel, Charles Osgood, Betty White, Mike Farrell, Art Linkletter, Della Reese,  Michael Landon and 2007 winner Micheal Flaherty.

The Gabriel Awards are presented annually to industry professionals who produce films, television and radio programs, features and spot announcements that serve viewers and listeners through the positive, creative treatment of human concerns. A Gabriel-worthy program affirms the dignity of all human beings and recognizes

and upholds universally-recognized human values and spiritual principles such as community, creativity, tolerance, justice, compassion and the dedication to excellence.


Past Gabriel Award film honorees include Ray, The Polar Express, March of the Penguins, Secondhand Lions, The Lord of The Rings Trilogy and Mad Hot Ballroom.  Past Gabriel Award television winners include: ER, the Today Show and ABC News, Dateline, The News Hour with Jim Lehrer, Odyssey Networks (formerly Faith and Values Media) and Hallmark Channel, among others. Past Gabriel Award radio winners include: Bonneville Communications, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, The Bob Edwards Show (XM), National Public Radio, Family Net Radio and WGBH Radio for Public Radio International, among others.


Special Gabriel Awards are awarded each year to a radio and a television station for consistency in high-quality programming and a strong commitment to community service.  The 2008 Gabriel Award Radio Station of the Year to KNOM Radio, Nome, Alaska honors a radio station that serves one of the most remote regions of the North American continent, providing information, education, and public service programming to Indian and Eskimo villages. The 2008 Gabriel Award Television Station of the Year recognizes the Toronto station Salt +Light, founded in 2003 as Canada’s first Catholic national television channel, offering programs in English, French and Italian.


This year’s Gabriel Award winners include radio and television broadcasters from across the United States and Canada - and recognize achievements produced for national release as well as for markets 1-25 and 26 and higher. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is receiving multiple Gabriel Awards for both radio and television programs: TV / National Release - Darfur: On Our Watch; Radio News/Informational-National Release: For God and Country: The Current; Radio Documentary-National Release: Faith Inside The Walls: The Current; TV News/Informational-National Release for Moving On: Jenna’s Marathon.


            Veteran broadcaster and Catholic Academy President Frank Morock comments on just how critical it is for a journalist to be recognized for his or her work. “The essence of a Gabriel Award winner is to inform, to inspire and to be inspired and as such, The Gabriel Award falls in a slightly different category. While it is judged by the same criteria as other broadcast awards, it goes beyond, honoring stories and programs that vividly depict the human condition and the human spirit. The Catholic Academy is pleased to pay tribute to journalists and their organizations for committing the time and effort to produce this type of quality journalism.  Morock adds: “Those who attend the annual awards ceremony are always moved when Gabriel winners share with the audience ‘the rest of the story’ They provide additional insight or updates on the people featured in their winning entries and many share with the audience how the story impacted and even changed their lives.” 

Ron Schmidt, SJ, producer of the 2008 Gabriel Awards remarks: “This year’s Gabriel Awards winners illuminate the human condition and represent the kind of media projects that The Gabriels support and applaud-- projects, individuals and stations that move people to action about social issues that elevate humanity and exemplify God's creation.


Gabriel Award competition takes place in 20 television categories, 17 radio categories, 20 Spanish-language (10 Television and 10 Radio) and 3 Film (1 Drama, 1 Children’s, and 1 Documentary) categories in the Gabriel competition, but a Gabriel is not awarded in a category when the standard of Gabriel excellence is lacking.  Judges may also award Certificates of Merit to programs considered worthy of special recognition.  Five Certificates of Merit have been announced in this year’s judging.


The Gabriel Award is a nine-inch silver figure of Gabriel, the angel who first announced to Mary of Nazareth (and to the world) the coming of Jesus (Luke 1:26-38). The statue symbolizes the communication of God’s Word to humankind.


The membership of the Catholic Academy include broadcasters, journalists, producers, syndicators, public relations and other media professionals who work for both Church-related and secular radio and television stations, production facilities and communications organizations.


            The Gabriel Awards were created in 1965 by the Catholic Broadcasters Association (CBA) to "recognize outstanding artistic achievement in a television or radio program or series which entertains and enriches with a true vision of humanity and a true vision of life."  Members hoped to influence the values broadcast into American and Canadian homes. In 1972 CBA became Unda-USA.  In 202 Unda-USA and Cine & Media merged to become the Catholic Academy.  Like Gabriel, the Catholic Academy trumpets a call to commercial and religious broadcasters and producers to provide programming that serves, enriches and challenges audiences. 


The 2008 Gabriel Awards are made possible by support from Family Theater Productions and Odyssey Networks (formerly Faith & Values Media). For more information visit:


The 43rd annual Gabriel Awards will be presented on Saturday, October 25 at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles, CA and is open to the public. Individual tickets are $95 or $950 for a table of 10. Contact The Catholic Academy by email at or by phone at 937.458.0265.

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2008 Gabriel Award Winners & Certificates of Merit



"Enchanted":  Gabriel; Walt Disney Studios


"The Price of Sugar":  Gabriel; Uncommon Productions


"Amazing Grace":  Gabriel; Bristol Bay Productions



Entertainment...National Release

"Lincoln Heights - Pilot":  Gabriel;   ABC Family

Documentary...National Release

"Darfur: On Our Watch":  Gabriel;                Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Television

"Long Haul Big Hearts":  Certificate of Merit;  Long Haul Big Hearts Prods in assoc w/ Vision TV

 Documentary...Local Release

"The Ultimate Resource":  Gabriel; Free To Choose Media, Erie, PA

"Remember Us":  Certificate of Merit;  New England Cable News

Children’s...National Release

"My Friends Tigger and Pooh - How to Say I Love Roo/  Piglets Small Predicament":  Gabriel;  Disney Channel

Children’s...Local Release

"Green Screen Adventures":  Gabriel; Weigel Broadcasting, Chicago, IL

Religious...National Release

"Albert Schweitzer: Called to Africa":  Gabriel; Journey Films in assoc w/Lightworks Producing Group  for Faith & Values Media

Religious...Local Release

"Realfaith TV: Overcoming Eating Disorders":  Gabriel;  The Diocese of Trenton Office of Radio and Television

News/Informational...National Release

"Moving On: Jenna's Marathon":  Gabriel;  Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Television

"Moshe and Muni: The National News":  Certificate of Merit;        Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

News/Informational...Local Release

"To Have and To Hold":  Gabriel;    New England Cable News

News Story...Local Release

"There Was a Child to Save":  Gabriel;  New England Cable News

Television Station of the Year

Salt  + Light:  Gabriel; Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Personal Achievement Award

Bob Schieffer



Community Awareness/PSA...Local Radio Release

"Sera que es un STROKE? (Ataque Cerebral):  Gabriel;              Geovision

Religious...National or Local TV Release

"Kino: El Legado en Nuestra Tierra"    (Kino: The Legacy in Our Land):  Gabriel;  KTVW Univision Channel 33, Phoenix, AZ

Community Awareness/PSA...Local Release

"Sera que es un STROKE? (Ataque Cerebral)":  Gabriel;  Geovision; "Ya es Hora Ciudadania"

(It's Time Citizenship Campaign):  Certificate of Merit;   WLTV, Univision 23, Doral, FL



Documentary...National Release

"Faith Inside the Walls" The Current:  Gabriel;  Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Radio One

"The Invisible: Children without Homes":  Certificate of Merit;  The Bob Edwards Show, XM Satellite Radio

Documentary...Local Release

"Sam Cooke - A Change is Gonna Come":  Gabriel; 90.3 WCPN ideastream in assoc w/the American Music Masters Series

Short Feature...National Release

"Soweto Choir":  Gabriel; World Vision Report

Short Feature...Local Release

"A Musician’s Life":  Gabriel; WXPN-FM, Philadelphia, PA

Religious...National Release

"Sherri and Gary’s Story":  Gabriel;  Mary’s Touch, Inc.

News/Informational...National Release

"For God and Country" The Current:  Gabriel;  Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Radio One

Single News Story Series...Local Release

"Soaring Spirits":  Gabriel;  Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Edmonton

Radio Station of the Year; "KNOM Radio":  Gabriel; Nome, AK


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