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Bishop J. J. McCarthy Assembly at 507 King's Highway S., Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 US - Bolivian Bishops: Corruption, Drug Trafficking are Creating a ‘Culture of Death’

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Bolivian Bishops: Corruption, Drug Trafficking are Creating a ‘Culture of Death’
August 9, 2010

The bishops of Bolivia have issued an independence day statement lamenting the “plague of corruption” and increasing rates of drug abuse among youth.

“As a Church, rooted in our faith in Jesus Christ, we have actively participated in building the country,” the bishops said in their August 6 statement. “We have helped to overcome moments of confrontation; we have raised our voices when injustices have brought suffering and pain for the most disadvantaged, especially when the dictatorial and repressive regimes have violated human, civil, social, and political rights.”

“The justice that, in many cases, in our country has been an instrument of economic power and thus discredited, especially among the poor, is now in danger of falling subject to political interests, in such a way that it continues to create mistrust,” they continued. “We note with great concern that the scourge of corruption and drug trafficking continues to grow in the country and create a culture of death. There is a growing number of Bolivian youth who are victims of this social scourge of drugs. Given the scope and implications of this phenomenon, a reaction is needed from society, especially from authorities, in order to counter its growth and foster a culture of life.”

83% of the nation’s 9.3 million people are Catholic, according to Vatican statistics.


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