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St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church at 532 17th St., Windom, MN 56101 US - Take a Peek at our Pictures!

Take a Peek at our Pictures!

Click on each image to see a larger version
Fr. Russ was a hit on Halloween! (with Jorgia DeWall the ladybug, Ryan Maura the Ninja, and Danny Maura as SpongeBob)
The children gave Fr. Russ special messages they wrote or drew for him on Ordination Sunday.
Middle School Youth Festival in Adrian
Fr. enjoying lunch with the kids at the MSYF
Youth Night at St. Francis Xavier
Youth Night at St. Francis Xavier
Confirmation Class - October 1, 2011. Front: Mary Green, Johanna Low, Mijah Murden, Leah Hacker, Jamie Symens, Abby Resch, Paige Brown. Back: Makenzie Winker, Danny Kneeland, Trent Bever, Neil Litfin, Tyler McGowan
Stations of the Cross I
Stations of the Cross II
Stations of the Cross III
Stations of the Cross IV
Stations of the Cross V
Stations of the Cross VI
Stations of the Cross VII
Stations of the Cross VIII
Stations of the Cross IX
Stations of the Cross X
Stations of the Cross XI
Stations of the Cross XII
Stations of the Cross XIII
Stations of the Cross XIV
Our Lady of Guadalupe Statue
Our RCIA class of 2011
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Socks collected by CCD kids
The mitten Tree
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