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San Cristobal Magallanes and Companions Catholic Church at 3805 Plantation Grove Blvd, Ste. 14, Mission, TX 78572 US - Welcome to San Cristobal Magallanes and Companions Catholic Church!

Welcome to San Cristobal Magallanes and Companions Catholic Church!

San Cristobal Magallanes and Comapanions Catholic Church is a new Parish for the Sharyland Plantation/ Mission area.  The church is currently seeking new members for its growing family.  We would like to have our own church building in the near future and this is one of our main goals at this time.  Please attend one of our masses at the temporary locations, we would love to meet you! 

History of San Cristobal Magallanes and Companions

San Cristobal Magallanes Jara was born in Totatiche, Jalisco on July 30, 1869.  He was a priest of ardent faith and a prudent director of his brother priests.  He was full of zeal in giving himself totally to the human and Christian development of his parishioners.  During the persecution of the Church, and after the Seminary of Guadalajara was closed, he offered to help by establishing a seminary in his own parish with the end goal of protecting and forming future priests who would produce and abandan harvest.  On the 25th of May 1927, San Cristobal made the ultimate sacrifice by giving his life.  He was was shot to death by a firing squad in Colotlan, Jalisco (Diocese of Zacatecas).  In front of the execution squad, he comforted his priest and companion in martyrdom, Father Agustin Caloca, saying: "Be calm, my son, only for a moment and then on to heaven."  Then addressing the troops he exclaimed:  "I die innocently, and I ask God that my blood may bring unity to my Mexican brothers."

San Cristobal Magallanes and Companions


Father Cristobal Magalles Jara (1869-1927); Father Agustin S. Calocan (1898-1927); Father Roman Adame Rosales (1859-1927); Father Rodrigo Aguilar Aleman (1875-1927); Father Julio Alvarez Mendoza (1866-1927); Father Luis Batis Sainz (1870-1926); Father Mateo Correa (1866-1927); Father Atilano Cruz Alvarado (1901-1928); Father Miquel de la Mora (1874-1927); Father Pedro Esqueda Ramirez (1897-1927); Father Margarito Flores (1899-1927); Father Jose Isabel Flores (1866-1927); Father David Galvan Bermudez (1882-1915); Father Pedro de Jesus Maldonado (1892-1937); Father Jesus Mendez Montoya (1880-1928); Father Justino Orona Madrigal (1877-1928); Father Sabas Reyes Salazar (1879-1927); Father Jose Mara Robles (1888-1927); Father Toribio Romo Gonzalez (1900-1928); Father Jenaro Sanchez (1886-1927); Father David Uribe Velasco (1888-1927); Father Tranquilino Ubiarco (1889-1928)


Manuel Morales (1898-1926); Salvador Lara Puente (1905-1926); David Rodan Lara (1907-1926)

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