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Scriptures for the Twenty-Eighth Sunday of Ordinary Time

SS Peter & Paul Parish and St. John the Apostle Parish and St. Ansgar Parish at 36028 Osseo Road, Independence, WI 54747 US - The Year of Faith October 2012 - November 2013

The Year of Faith
October 2012 - November 2013

The Year of Faith, declared by Pope Benedict XVI, is an opportunity for us to grow in faith, hope and charity. During this year we are encouraged to act on the deepest beleifs in our hearts, the fact that Jesus has resien from the dead to conquer sin and death and filfull the Father's plan for our salvation. Throughout the year we will present here articles prepared by the Diocese of La Crosse for spiritual enrichment. They will be in print in the bulletin and linked here for the ease of use with our website. They will be listed according to the topic presented.

Please watch for further information regarding other activities and opportunities for individuals and families as the year progresses.

Divine Revelation

Spiritual Blindness

Jesus Mediator


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