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Scriptures for the Twenty-Eighth Sunday of Ordinary Time

SS Peter & Paul Parish and St. John the Apostle Parish and St. Ansgar Parish at 36028 Osseo Road, Independence, WI 54747 US - Staff

Very Rev. Woodrow H. Pace (Pastor) 715-985-2227 ext. 3
SS. Peter and Paul Parish
Barb Romanowski (Secretary) 715-985-2227 ext. 2
Angie Sylla (Bookkeeper) 715-985-3719
Marge Baecker (Coordinator of Religious Education & RCIA) 715-985-3719 ext. 7
Nancy Christianson (Site Supervisor for Religious Education) 715-985-3719
Adam Petroski (Director of Sacred Music) 715-985-2227
Becky Maule (Parish Nurse) 715-985-3719 ext. 4
Billy Loesel (Director of Maintenance) 715-985-3719 ext. 5
SSPP Consultative Bodies
Becky Maule (Parish Council) 715-985-2227
Jason Halama (Finance Council) 715-985-2227
Bill Baxa (Restoration Committee) 715-985-2227
Val Smieja (School Committee) 715-985-2227
SS. Peter and Paul School
Leanne Haines (Principal) 715-985-3719 ext. 2
St. John the Apostle Parish
Barb Romanowski (Secretary) 715-538-4607
Angie Sylla (Bookkeeper) 715-538-4607
Marge Baecker (Coordinator of Religious Education & RCIA) 715-985-3719 ext. 7
Julia Imgrund (Site Supervisor for Religious Education) 715-538-4607
Donna Shepherd (Director of Sacred Music) 715-538-4607
Kirth Pronschinske (Director of Maintenance) 715-538-4607
STJA Consultative Bodies
Robert Walke (Parish Council) 715-538-4607
David Pientok (Finance Council) 715-538-4607
Pat Kastad (PCCW) 715-538-4607
Kirth Pronschinske (Buildings & Ground Committee) 715-538-4607
St. Ansgar Parish, Blair
Barb Romanowski (Secretary) 608-989-2733
Angie Sylla (Bookkeeper) 715-985-3719
Marge Baecker (Director of Religious Education) 715-985-3719 ext. 7
Sandra Kuka (CCD Site Supervisor) -
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