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St. Augustine Diocesan Council of Catholic Women at 371 Roscoe Blvd. North, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082 US - St. Augustine Deanery

St. Augustine Deanery

 Year-end-report 2011

St. Augustine Deanery


Our St. Augustine Deanery is amazing at all their volunteering in their Church and Community. We had over 30,000 hours with only four affiliations reporting.
These Affiliations have worked extremely hard this year taking  care of the Church and Altars, putting on Breakfasts, Luncheons, and  Dinners, Coffee and Donuts after Mass, First Holy Communion, Confirmation, Birthday, Weddings, Anniversary Parties, Soup Suppers,
and Bereavement  luncheons. They worked with the elderly at Nursing  Homes having Birthday Parties, reading and listening to them and playing Bingo, Food Pantries,  Medical Clinics, helping in the schools by helping with FCAT, mentoring in reading and Math. and Youth Fairs.
Fund Raising for Church and Charities - this meant having Fashion Shows, Teas, Rummage Sales, Card and Bunco, Harvest Festivals, Christmas Boutiques and Cafes, Bake Sales,  Craft Sales, Auctions and  Raffles.  Monies from all these functions went to items the Parish  needed, Respect Life, Elderly Support, Boy and Girl Scouts, Poinsettia Sales, Mother’s Day Cards, Water for Life, St. Gerard House, Lee Conlee House, International support, Catholic Charities Services (CRS), St. Vincent de Paul, to name a few.
Also, they work with and support the Ministries such as, Walter Heath  Ministry, Cursillo, Healing Ministry, Council on Aging, Prayer Blanket  Ministry, Parish Councils, Good Will and Services, Christian Service Centers, Respite, etc.
They attend and host Deanery and DCCW meetings, help with Day of Reflection, Camp I am Special, Workshops, Convention and anything we ask of them.
 Spiritually, we have Eucharistic Ministers, Sacristans, Lectors, and  have prayer chains. Pray the rosary. They attend retreats, First Friday Holy Hours, Church Missions and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. They pray the Divine Mercy Chapel. They attend  Scripture/Theological Classes to grow in their faith. And, we hope they take an hour or so to have a quiet time They also help in the religious gift shops.  This year they were good sports and each affiliation chose a Saint and did research on the Saint and reported  back to our Deanery and it was so very interesting what these Saints did in their life time. Our members are interested in Legislation and response to specific Bills in the legislature.
They are trying to grow their memberships by asking new parishioners to join the CCW. We have had very low attendance at our Deanery Meetings, some of the reasons being;  we are a Deanery very spread out over the counties and with gas prices, aging members, and members doing so much in their parishes thus having conflicting dates.
I could probably write a book about our members and what they do for their families, church and community, they are truly Amazing! We are so proud of them and we thank them.
 God Bless,
 Hugs and prayers,
 Sue Brierley


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