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St. Augustine Diocesan Council of Catholic Women at 371 Roscoe Blvd. North, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082 US - Prayer Service from 2009 Day of Reflection

Prayer Service from 2009 Day of Reflection

Heavenly Father, we heard your call – a call to prayer and so we have come together from across the Diocese of St. Augustine to take part in a Women’s Prayer Sampler.

Our Response is:  Gather us together.

We come bringing our scraps of fabric small in size, but strong in numbers.  Count us the grandmothers, mothers, daughters and granddaughters of those who taught and shared their faith, weaving that faith into everyday life.  R

We come young, old, weak, strong like yarn the colors of the rainbow ready to crochet an afghan strong enough to ward off all ills.  You became that afghan to protect us.  R

We come married, alone, divorced, heart-broken, overjoyed, humble, proud ready to mend our short comings and stitch our way to eternity.  R

We come the rich, poor, educated, looking for education, employed, unemployed, speaking as many languages as inches on a spool of thread stitching our way to your.  R

We come with known talents and undiscovered talents.  We are car pool drivers, the head chef in our homes, the homework marshal, the 24/7 care giver of spouses, parents and children.  We have come to repair our relationship and knit ourselves to you.  R

We come as your lectors, extra ordinary ministers, hostesses of funeral luncheons, crafters for the bazaar, musicians, church cleaners, visitors of the sick, liturgists, religious education teachers, threading our needle ready to embroider our sampler.  R

We come knowing that there are times when we have dropped a stitch or two, and we have to unravel, perhaps those were the times when we doubted and kept asking you “Why”.   R

We come, at times, to a spiritual desert where our chain stitch isn’t even and our tapestry off-centered, we ask for samples of how to get our pattern to completion where stitches may be cast off like worries given up to you.  R

We come tired, overworked, with financial concerns, but we come searching thorough all of the patterns seeking the right fabric and yarns for our creation, help us in this search.  R

But always may we come to you, Father using the pillar of prayer enhancing our prayer life through scriptural readings, meditation prayers, liturgies, lectio divina.  Amen

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