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St. Joseph Catholic Church at 109 N. Meadow Ave., Laredo, TX 78040 US - MARRIAGE / MATRIMONIO


Revised by Fr. Leszek Waclawik Jan 26, 2009

Wedding arrangments must be made six (6) months in advance. A list of wedding regulations is available in the parish office.


1. Documents

a/ Baptismal Certificate (these must be copies issued by the church of baptism within 6 month of the wedding date).
b/ First Communion and Confirmation Certificates (information about those Sacraments is ussually found on the back of the Baptismal certificate).
c/ Pre-nuptial Questionnaire (with a priest or his delegate)
d/ Affidavit of Free Status (with a priest or his delegate)

2. Preparation Programs

a/ Pre-Cana
b/ Engaged Encounter
c/ Sponsor Couple Program
d/ Natural Family Planning Instruction

3. Others

a/ Marriage Licence (from Webb County Courthouse no earlier than 30 days and no later than 3 days [72 hours] before the wedding celebration.
b/ Church use fee.

4. If Applicable

a/ "Lack of Form" Petition
b/ Decree(s) of Civil Divorce
c/ Previous Marriage certificate(s)
d/ Decree(s) of Nulity


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