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2012 Year of Women Religious at 401 E. 20th Street, Covington, KY 41014 US - Home

Celebrating Women Religious

Bishop Roger Foys has announced a "Year of Women Religious," February 2, 2012–February 2, 2013, to celebrate the vocation of women relgiious.

On this website you will find stories from women religious as they share their life and ministry and historical information about the mother and provincial houses located in the Diocese of Covington.

You will also find celebration and prayer events to which you are invited.

Check back often as the website will be continually updated throughout this blessed year.

Bishop Foys Announces Year of Women Religious

My dear Friends:

In an address to a religious community of women in 1998 our late Holy Father, Blessed John Paul II, said: “In the variety of your charisms and vocations you are a splendid image of the Church, enriched by the Holy Spirit of the Lord with so many gifts and ministries to serve humanity evangelically. The Church expresses to you her gratitude for your consecration and for your profession of the evangelical counsels, which are a particular testimony of love.”

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A Message from the Women Religious
We, the Women Religious of the Diocese of Covington, express our sincere thanks to Bishop Roger Foys for inaugurating the celebration of the “Year of Women Religious” in the Diocese of Covington. Bishop Foys has chosen this occasion to stir the embers and fan the flame of consecrated life.
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Year of Women Religious Video
The Women Religious of the five provincial and mother houses located in the Diocese of Covington have created videos sharing their charism, mission and ministry. Also, Bishop Roger Foys' taped message announcing the Year of Women Religious is found here.
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Women Religious Picnic
At the request of Bishop Roger Foys and in celebration of the Year of Woman Religious the Serra Club of Northern Kentucky organized and hosted a picnic July 20 at the Ryland Lakes Country Club, Ryland Heights. About 115 sisters from the several communities of women religious living or working in the ...
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Celebrate with the Sisters of Divine Providence

The Sisters of Divine Providence invite you to join them for the following as they celebrate the Year of Women Religious in the Diocese of Covington.

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A year celebrating women religious

Several weeks ago Bishop Roger Foys announced a Year of Women Religious (Feb. 2, 2012-Feb. 2, 2013). Good News! The diocese has welcomed women religious for over 150 years. Currently there are five houses (institutes) of women religious: the Passionist Nuns, the Sisters of the Congregation of Divine Providence, the Sisters of Notre Dame, the Sisters of St. Joseph the Worker and us, the Benedictine Sisters of St. Walburg Monastery.

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‘Come and see’ Oct. 14 -- women religious offer invitation
  Capitalizing on the interest in the Year for Women Religious, vocation directors for the women’s religious orders have organized a day for open houses at four provincial houses and monasteries in the Diocese of Covington. (The Sisters of St. Joseph the Worker in Walton are unable to ...
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This Month in History

As part of the Year of Women Religious observance, the Messenger will publish a series of “facts and figures,” once a month, unearthing a little bit of the history and contributions of women religious to the mission of the Diocese of Covington during its 159 years.

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Lessons from the school of aging
Health care is often discussed in the media and in politics these days. The topics that come to mind usually are about money or laws and their implications, but for years women religious have cared for the sick and the frail, not because of laws or money, but because they recognized the dignity of ...
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Benedictines and Community Life
The Benedictine Sisters of St. Walburg Monastery are members of the ancient monastic tradition of religious life that began in the sixth century with Sts. Benedict and Scholastica. Because the focus of the Rule of St. Benedict is monks living communally under the authority of an abbot, Benedict does ...
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Sisters respond to daily challenges with courage and creativity
The Constitutions of the Sisters of Divine Providence challenge us to be “consciously attentive to the real situations of the world … to discover the particular calls of Providence and to respond with courage and creativity.” Not a small task. The call for more involvement in ...
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