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Blessed Diego Luis de San Vitores Church at 884 Pale San Vitores Road, Tumon Bay, GU 96913-4013 GU - Home

Welcome to Blessed Diego's Web Site
Welcome to our Home on the Internet and to our beautiful island where America's day begins. Here you will find the latest news and information about our parish in beautiful Tumon Bay on Guam. Take a moment and visit the online Calendar for upcoming events and our News and Information page for interesting topics. Parishioners are welcome to register with our parish online or subscribe to our convenient online newsletter service. Please enjoy your visit and check back often as we make updates weekly.

Blessed Diego Luis de San Vitores
Of the Life and Martyrdom of the Venerable Padre Diego Luis de Sanvitores of the Society of Jesus, First Apostle of the Mariana Islands CHAPTER I The Nature of the Islas Marianas, Temperament and Customs ...

Family Faith Enrichment
CHRIST HAS TWO NATURES: HUMAN AND DIVINE. We have seen that the human soul that the Son of God assumed is endowed with a true human knowledge. But at the same time, this truly human knowledge of God’s Son expressed the divine life of His person. The Human nature of God’s Son, not by ...

Church Location
Please come and visit our Church in the heart of Tumon Bay. Many people who have not been to our little church think we are on Marine Drive, but you will find that we are located literally in the center of Tumon proper We are located at 884 Pale San Vitores Road next to the Tumon Business Center. We are about a city block north of the Parc Hotel at the traffic ...

Jesus, the First Thirty Years
Jesus spent thirty years before Hs public ministry in Nazareth; good-sized town nestled in the hills of Galilee. Farming was the ordinary occupation; and His own family probably worked a small plot of land to provide food for themselves. This fact may explain why He made so many ...

The Third Millennium
“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.” What is Holy Year? In the Roman Catholic tradition, a Holy Year, or Jubilee is a great religious event. It is a year of forgiveness of our sins and also the punishment due to sin; it is a year of reconciliation between ...

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