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Diocese of Covington at 1125 Madison Ave., Covington, KY 41011-3115 US - Boone County Testimonials

Provided By Diocese of Covington - Census
Boone County Testimonials

Many census workers who participated in the Boone County Census (Oct. 2010-June 2011) have been willing to share their experiences. Several were available at the May 2011 meeting to share the nuts and bolts of what they have learned with those preparing for the upcoming census in Campbell and Kenton Counties. Here are a few who shared their experiences with the Messenger. Click on their photo to view a one minute testimonial.

Mark Knipper, St. Paul Church, Florence

Mark Knipper
St. Paul Church, Florence

Adam Howard
St. Timothy Church, Union

Sandy Gish
St. Paul Church, Florence

Rick Stegeman
Mary, Queen of Heaven Church, Erlanger

Judine Hooker
St. Paul Church, Florence


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