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Diocese of Covington at 1125 Madison Ave., Covington, KY 41011-3115 US - Ways to Help

Ways to Help

2012 Storm Relief Fund

Bishop Roger Foys has established the 2012 Storm Relief Fund to provide direct assistance to those in the Diocese of Covington impacted by the March 2 tornadoes. One hundred percent of funds donated to this relief fund will be disbursed to pastors to assist those affected by the storms. To make a donation to the 2012 Storm Relief Fund click here.

Volunteers Needed — Circles of Support

Catholic Charities–Diocese of Covington is working as a volunteer clearinghouse for parishes, local leaders and families affected by the storm. Volunteers are needed to gather debris, shore-up homes, sort donations and various other projects. Catholic Charities has been in touch with pastors, local leaders and first responders who have identified where and how volunteers can best serve. We will match volunteers from our Circle of Support network with those who need assistance.

To join Circles of Support click here.
If you need volunteer assistance click here.

Items Needed

Catholic Charities has been in touch with first responders who have identified items that are most useful to those affected by the March 2 storms. Items include: 

• hand sanitizer

• baby wipes and diapers

• toiletries and hygiene products

• feminine hygiene products

• bleach

• garbage bags

• flash lights and batteries

• tarps

• duct tape

• work gloves

• paper towels

• canned meats

• energy bars

• dried fruit and nuts

• dry cereal and breakfast items

• crackers

• peanut butter

• bottled juices

• Boost/Ensure

• large storage bins

Donations may be dropped off at Catholic Charities–Diocese of Covington, 3629 Church Street, Covington, Ky. or at your local Neighborhood Center. For a listing of Neighborhood Centers click here.



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