Diocese of Steubenville at 422 Washington Street, Steubenville, OH 43952 US - A Vote for God By Bishop R. Daniel Conlon 10/31/2008  

A Vote for God
By Bishop R. Daniel Conlon


            No direct connection exists between elections in a democratic country and the Church as a spiritual society. As a bishop, I cannot steer members of the Church to a particular party or candidates, either explicitly or through a pointed discussion of issues. There is no “Catholic” party or candidate either.
            There is, however, a direct connection between elections and faith. God teaches us through the Scriptures and Tradition about almost every aspect of life. Are some matters more serious than others? Absolutely. Must our consciences be bound more by God’s truth than a political party’s platform? Certainly. To vote is to profess one’s faith.
            Voting is a wonderful exercise in political freedom. It is also a moral act, one for which we are accountable to God. It is a means God gives us, as disciples of his Son, to help shape the world into his Kingdom.
            By all means, vote. And when you vote, render unto God.


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