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Diocesan Directory

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Parishes & Missions
-- Alpha list, Sept. 2014

-- Deaneries, July 2014

Parishes & Missions Directory (pdf), Oct 2014

-- Eastern Catholic Churches (In communion with the Roman Pontiff)

Province, Sept 2014

-- Churches in the DOSP NOT in union with
the Roman Pontiff, (pdf) May 2013


-- Priests List (alpha, pdf)  Oct 2014

Necrology, May 2014

--  Deacons Necrology (Diaconate Office)

-- Eucharist Adoration - by location (Link to Office of Vocations)

-- Masses in other languages and Eastern Rite, (pdf) Jan 2014  

-- Masses signed for the hearing impaired(pdf) Jan 2014
   and broadcast (radio-Spirit FM and TV-not local)

Canonical and Consultative Bodies

--  College of Consultors, Presbyteral Council and others, Jul 2014

Religious (Monasteries & Residences)

-- Priests & Brothers (pdf) Apr 2013

-- Sisters (pdf) Feb 2013

Pastoral Center

-- Diocesan Offices (pdf) August 2014

Links to other directories:

-- Deacons (Diaconate Office)

-- Schools (Office of Catholic Schools & Centers) 

Organizations & Services:

-- Catholic Entities for Education & Formation, Sept 2014 

Catholic Organizations, Oct 2014 (pdf)

-- Catholic Charities, January 2014 (pdf)

Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Oct 2014 (pdf)

-- Other Social & Health Care Services, February 2014 (pdf)
-- Retreat Centers, Feb 2014 (pdf)
    (within the Diocese and State-wide)

Senior Housing & Activities Center, Oct 2014 (pdf)

Reference Section:

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