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- Evangelization
- Faith Formation
  (Religious Education)
- Lay Pastoral Ministry
- Marriage & Family
- Young Adult
- Youth
- Catechist Formation

Lay Pastoral Ministry Institute
"God's People Doing God's Work"


Diocese of St. Petersburg - ELFF Lay Pastoral Ministry Institute at 6363 9th Ave. North, Saint Petersburg, FL 33710 US - Required Reading (Textbooks)

Required Reading (Textbooks)

Below is the list of books required for each formation year's courses. The books are available at the Pastoral Center and will be available for purchase at the Orientation sessions for each year.

Year 1 Required Reading List 2013-2014

Year 2 Required Reading List 2013-2014

Year 3 Required Reading List 2013-2014

If you would like to purchase any books, we ask that you give us 24 hours notice. You may pick them up at the Pastoral Center or have them brought to the next class. 


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