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History and Heritage at 1813 Black River Road, Neillsville, WI 54456 US - Home

1878 - 2008

Thank you for coming to learn more about us. With over 125 years of history we have much to celebrate. We are also actively handing on our heritage to our children as the gospel demands. We hope you enjoy the information you can access here and ask that you pray for us in return.

The links below will take you to our past and our future.

Click on the links below "HISTORY" to read the document prepared for our 125th Anniversary by our resident parishioner historian, Jody Conner. 

Click on the links below "HERITAGE" to read the newsletter prepared during our church restoration and renovation. This is a five year project which hopes to address the maintenance and energy efficiency needs as well as the aesthetic and functional needs of our beautiful church. 

Some of the PDF pages are filled with pictures so please be patient with the download. All good things take their time.

HISTORY                                                                                             HERITAGE

125 Years of Faith: Introduction                                                      Volume 1: 

125 Years of Faith: Origins of a Parish                                          Volume 2: 

125 Years of Faith: The Early Congregation                                Volume 3: 

125 Years of Faith: Fr. Volz Continued                                           Volume 4: 

125 Years of Faith: The Fr. Weber Years                                      Volume 5: 

125 Years of Faith: The New School                                             Volume 6: August 17, 2008

125 Years of Faith: New Priests; New Liturgy                             

125 Years of Faith: Societies and Mission

125 Years of Faith: Leadership Through the Years

125 Years of Faith: Fr. Joseph Henseler

125 Years of Faith: Picking Up the 'Pace'


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