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Holy Family Catholic Church at 9800 Baymeadows Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32256 US - M.O.M.S.  (Ministry of Mothers' Sharing)

(Ministry of Mothers' Sharing)

Coordinator:  Lori Clark, e-mail: momsholyfamily@bellsouth.net

For a M.O.M.S. Registration Form, please click here. 
For a M.O.M.S. is a group of grandmothers, stepmothers, empty-nesters, single moms, stay-at-home moms and working moms who want to develop a greater awareness of their spirituality as mothers and appreciate the ministry of motherhood. This M.O.M.S. is designed for women, especially those who hold the role of “Mother", to take time to focus on themselves and on their own needs.

Please take the time to complete an on-line survey, click here.

MOMS Monthly Enrichment Activity to be held on Thursdays in the Parish Hall Council Room from 7:00 - 9:00 pm:

M.O.M.S. was created by the Sisters of St. Benedict of St. Paul’s Monastery in St. Paul, MN. The creators based this journey on the gospel values expressed in the documents of Vatican II, especially Called and Gifted for the Third Millennium. The first edition was published in 1993, and since then the ministry has created a national network of women.

Through M.O.M.S., women are encouraged to reflect on themselves and on the roles they hold in life. They take time to look at their strengths, weaknesses, ministries, feelings, and friendships, and how God’s grace plays a role in all aspects of their lives. They are encouraged to seek out areas in their life for personal growth, and to view their vocation as the sacred gift God made it.

M.O.M.S. is led by a team of women who have felt the call to reach out to others through this inistry. They willingly share from their own personal stories, and help guide discussions based on questions found in the M.O.M.S. journal. M.O.M.S. is an nine-week journey, and is open to any woman who plays the role of “mom”.

This may include mothers, stepmothers, grandmothers, foster mothers, day-care providers, teachers, or any other similar positions. Each journey is fundamentally the same, with each parish adding their own unique flair.




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