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Immaculate Conception School at 147 County Road 402, Loose Creek, MO 65054 US - The History of Immaculate Conception School

The History of Immaculate Conception School

Immaculate Conception Parish was founded in 1843 when Fr. Ferdinand Helias purchased six acres of land and erected a log church in 1845. Fr. Buschots started to provide a school for children in 1852. The school's first teacher was Mathias Stiefermann. For years the school was in the care of secular teachers. The year 1874 saw the coming of the Sister of the Precious Blood. They were replaced in 1891 by the School Sisters of Notre Dame, who have served the parish since that time. The school contained two schoolrooms and four rooms for the Sisters. Another schoolhouse was built in 1880. The present brick structure was built in 1926 with an addition in 1967. The school houses kindergarten through grade eight. Students, parents, and the entire parish community work very hard to support the school. The school is the basic community center for all parish activities. There is one School Sister of Notre Dame on the faculty on addition to eight full-time lay teachers and the principal. Support staff and parent volunteers help create an extremely dedicated group who work well together to create an excellent educational environment for students.


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