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St. Ignatius Evangelization at 715 E. Orange St., Tarpon Springs, FL 34689 US - Why I LOVE being Catholic?

Why I LOVE being Catholic?

Why I love being Catholic:

Terri S., Parishoner
I love being Catholic because of the foundation in my soul.  I need God, and I am learning that He needs me too.  With each passing moment I learn something new about my Catholic faith.  It is a fun, dynamic adventure into the mystery of God.  And knowing that we can never know everything about Him excites me for the challenge to get to know Him better through those He has placed in my life.

Christina B., parishoner

Being a Catholic means to me...that no matter where I go in the world, I have family.
(I could elaborate, but the family I mean is not like the one you're born into. It's a loving, understanding and forgiving family. It's open arms, forgiving hearts and lots of patience. It's HOME).

Joe C., parishoner
I love being Catholic because we are the first Christian religion and we are the continuation of the Jewish religion.  We can trace our religion back to the first Pope, St. Peter.  No other Christian religion can do this.  And the love of God just keeps growing and growing as I practice my religion.  It is never ending. 

Barbara S., parishoner
I have been a Catholic since before I developed memories about anything
.  Years ago all Catholic infants were baptized before being allowed to go out in public. I am so glad that God had His fingerprint on my soul before I was able to exercise my “free will”. In today’s world we have numerous (too many?) choices. Practicing restraint becomes harder when the choices are plentiful. I think my Catholic God and my belief in Him has enabled me to be a “good” Christian person. A “good” Christian person is, in my definition, a person who sincerely believes we were put on this earth to care for and nurture each other as much as possible. There are so many ways we can inspire and encourage people with whom we come in contact with.

With even just a smile or a “good morning” greeting each of us can have a positive impact on someone’s life. Usually we are not made aware of such an impact,
but we feel it and we know it just the same.

I am always proud to say “Roman Catholic” whenever I am asked what my religion is.
I feel SPECIAL when I answer.

Mary B., parishoner
As a lifelong Catholic, I did not come to understand the precious gift of our faith until hardship and trying times took me by surprise.  God, in His amazing mercy, has gently called me to a deeper relationship with Him, especially through the sacraments of reconciliation and the Eucharist.  I LOVE receiving Jesus every Sunday.  I LOVE hearing the words of absolution from the priest in confession, I LOVE hearing the WORD of God…….. I LOVE being Catholic!

Sammy Q. (17 yrs old), parishoner
"I love being a Catholic because I feel at home. I have a family who I know will always be there and help me overcome the many challenges life gives me. As a new Catholic, I have seen what life is like without this amazing faith and have realized how much I have grown. Another thing that really touches me about Catholicism is the sacrament of Reconciliation; in times of distress, worry, and hardship I know I can not only confess my wrong doings but I can also speak to a Priest who is willing to help me in whatever I struggle in.  Through this faith, I know that all the gifts God has granted me is only a hint of what God really has in store for us all!"

Tom R., parishoner
"I like the stability and longevity of the catholic church.  Its history can be traced in an unbroken line back to the 12 apostles, back to Jesus Christ, and through Him to the God of Abraham, the God of Jacob and the God of Isaac.  It is not a fad or a passing fancy.  It is not the flavor of the month, a trend that grows in popularity for a short while to pass into the annuals of forgotten lore, long forgotten.  it is here to stay, now and forever.  I am comforted by that."

E.J. (21 yr old), parishoner

"When it comes to my home I think of 2 places; Tarpon Springs, Florida and The Catholic Church. My home isn’t always where I sleep. I have come to know the church as my home. Being catholic means so much too me because I feel loved when I am sitting in a pew or even when I am just hanging out at the beach. It is who I am not just where I go. Allowing The Spirit of Truth to guide me. Allowing the church (which knows God and loves him) to be my hope when I have none. Everyone needs to feel loved. I am loved because the Comforter, my God, has allowed people into my life to help me, love me and be my friends. The Catholic Church is my home as well as a place to try to understand and have a relationship with my God."

Naheed K., parishoner
I love being catholic for many reasons, but the one that is the closest to my heart is the Eucharist.  Receiving the body, blood, soul and divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ is the most intimate union one can have with the Lord, and only the Catholic faith makes that possible.  It is spiritual nourishment that nothing else can match, and today looking back at my life before I was in full communion with the Lord I see how empty it was.  It has transformed me from the depths of my soul, and I know that without the Eucharist I would not have seen the light.  Reconciliation is another sacrament of the Catholic faith that is invaluable to me.  How wonderful it is that when I fall and sin I can take my repentance to the Lord in the confessional and receive absolution.  This allows me to leave the burden of sin behind and walk forward in freedom to try and make better choices.  The physical action of confession shows we are taking responsibility for our sin and it makes it more real, and brings a higher level of awareness when we know we have to confess to a priest who is in-persona Christie instead of just saying sorry in our head. I like to face my temptations and sin in confession, and with the strength received from the Eucharist I try to do better and not return with the same list of sins. 

There is so much beautiful treasure in the Catholic Church.

Why  do YOU love being Catholic?

Email me a paragraph and tell me @

I will post what you share here to help inspire other parishoners!


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