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Little Flower at 1805 Pierce Street, Hollywood, FL 33020 US - ABOUT US


 "My mission - to make God Loved - will begin after death. I will 
spend my heaven doing good on earth. I will let fall a shower of roses."
~St. Therese, The Little Flower


Church of the Little Flower...


God looks not at the appearance of things, but instead at the sincerity of the intentions. So when the first mass was celebrated at Church of the Little Flower in 1924, God saw past the converted suitcase used as an altar and the planks used for benches. Instead, He took pride in the sincerity and devotion of the new Catholic community coming together for the first time. Much has changed over the decades, but that same devotion and commitment displayed back in 1924 still shine every day at mass at the Church of the Little Flower.


Church of the Little Flower was the second Catholic Church in Broward County. Mass was celebrated at the new mission church by Father Michael Mullaly with only a suitcase packed with vestments, two candles, a wooden chalice and a statue of the new saint, Therese, known as the Little Flower.  The new Catholic church celebrated mass in several locations because no church building had been built yet.  With faith and determination, in a tough economic time for the parishioners, the people of the Little Flower community raised the funds and provided the labor to build the first church at the  corner of Van Buren Street and 20th Avenue. The small structure was moved later to Van Buren and 19th. In 1936 the Rectory - which still serves the priests and staff today - was built. To accommodate the growing needs of the parish, the present Pierce Street church was erected in 1941 utilizing an ancient Spanish design. In 1949, the Little Flower School was opened to educate children of the parish. Staffed by Sisters of St. Dominic of Adrian, Michigan. The school contained 16 classrooms, a library, a cafeteria and an auditorium. 


The night of February 16, 1980 vandals deliberately set fire to several areas in the sanctuary of the church. The blaze that ensued caused significant damage, destroying the large wooden crucifix, the tabernacle and the altar and leaving charred remains of the ceiling in the sanctuary. The smoke damage was extensive as was water damage from fire rescue efforts. Nearly half a million dollars in damage was sustained throughout the church. Through the generous donations of the parish and surrounding community and insurance monies received from the Archdiocese’s self insurance program, the Church of the Little Flower was restored to its original beauty. 


The Little Flower is part of a complete campus along with the school facilities and Chapel of Roses.  On May 5, 1994, a plaque was unveiled commemorating the buildings of the LIttle Flower parish as a historical site in Hollywood. In recent years our parish has grown into a community of many cultures and the church now provides special services to meet the diverse needs of the area’s Catholic families. Mass and religious services are provided in French for our Winter visitors. Mass is also celebrated weekly in Spanish as are other devotions and apostolic works such as Spanish Legion of Mary and Spanish Bible Study and more. The Church of the Little Flower takes pride in reaching out to all the members of the community. 


Currently serving Little Flower are parish priests: Rev. Thomas O’Dwyer (pastor), Rev. Patrick O’Shea and Rev. Rich Mullen, O.S.A; assisted by Deacons William Watkins and Walter Keough and Sr. Maria Elena Larrea, O.S.F.

        ... Keeping the Faith Since 1924

Condensed from

“Saint Therese, The Little Flower Catholic Church: Diamond Jubilee” 1999: 1109. Print.

  A brief biography on our beautiful patron saint: 
St. Therese the Little Flower
When Therese was eight years old she was cured because a statue of the 
Blessed Virgin smiled upon her. When Therese was still very young she did 
kind little deeds for everyone. She prepared for her First Holy Communion by 
making little sacrifices. She became a very special friend of Jesus. She once 
said, "From the age of three, I never refused our good God anything. I have 
never given Him anything but love." Therese entered the Carmelite convent 
the age of fifteen. She wanted to save souls, by prayer, sacrifice, and suffering. 
Her "Little Way" means love and trust in God. St. Therese is called the Little 
Flower of Jesus because she loved the Infant Jesus and, like a little child, 
did little things to please God. When she was dying, St. Therese pressed her 
crucifix to her heart and, looking up to heaven, she said, "I love Him! My God, 
I love You!" She was only twenty-four years old when she died in 1897.

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Catholic Book Publishing Corp., New Jersey, 1979. Print.

Feast Day - October 1st.

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