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4th Annual Archdiocese of Miami Men's Conference! April 5th, 2014
CLICK HERE for more details and information.

Little Flower at 1805 Pierce Street, Hollywood, FL 33020 US - STEWARDSHIP


Director of Parish Ministries & 
Religious Education
Sister Maria Elena Larrea, OSF
Office: (954) 922-3517 or Cell: (954) 830-1551



Arts and Crafts
Libby Shea - (954) 922-3517
Come join us and make items for our different fundraisers. Materials supplied.

Mike Ostrowski - (954) 920-4779
This ministry utilizes the time and talents of our parishioners to make our church grounds, parish center and buildings aesthetically pleasing and user friendly. Everyone with gardening and decorating skills may exercise their talent and creativity.

Bold Justice
Father Rich - (954) 922-3517 or Sally Wolfer - (954) 922-1852
This is a ministry in our parish that is partnered with 25 other religious congregations in Broward County that are Catholic, Protestant & Jewish. This organization is interdenominational and multi-cultural. It is non-profit and non-partisan. We are a direct action organization that uses power of numbers from our congregations to hold systems accountable for fair practices. Call for more information and how you can participate in this essential minisitry of our faith.

Mark Kearns - (954) 962-6094 or (305) 439-3988
Everyone is invited to participate in our annual carnival.  Workers are needed to help set up and break down tents and booths, serve food, and work game booths.  Come join and we will find a place for you.

Marie Askar - (954) 927-1952
We are a body of Catholic women who work side-by-side with the Knights of Columbus with which we are affiliated.  

Coffee Shop
Joyce Imondo - (954) 558-3976
This ministry needs people to share their time on Sunday mornings between 8am and 12pm to help set up, serve and clean-up.  

Communication and Publicity
Sr. Maria Elena - (954) 922-3517
This ministry overseas communication and publicity for our parish.  Members offer advice regarding media, public relations and advertising about our church to the community.

Council of Catholic Women
Virginia Beneduce - (954) 920-5034
The National Council of Catholic Women (NCCW) acts through its affiliated organizations to support, empower and educate all Catholic women in spirituality, leadership and service. The NCCW is an affiliate organization of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Gift Shop
Pam Sciarretta - (954) 925-5986
Volunteers serve in a charming Gift Shop with the most delightful customers! They sort and price new merchandise, assist customers with sales, organize displays and maintain a wholesome environment. 

Good Samaritans
Lorraine Rafanello - (954) 929-0046
This ministry is committed to finding ways for parishioners to become involved in hands-on service to their neighbors. They are involved in various outreach activities with an emphasis on children and families in need.

Helping Hands/ Pew Crew
Barbara Berger - (954) 927-1477
This ministry does many activities including stuffing church bulletins, envelopes and running errands. We also need help to tidy the church for the next service.

Knights of Columbus
Andrew Lewis - (954) 638-5449
Knights all over the world are given opportunities to be educated in Catholic teachings and to make a difference through prayer, community service, and raising money for their parish. Knights aim to build a better world.

Men's Club
Mark Kearns - (954) 612-1108
This is an active service and social organization dedicated to helping meet the needs of the parish, school and community. 

St. Vincent De Paul Society
Joe Joynt - (954) 922-6640
This society's purpose is to provide direct aid to those in need of assistance. Society members give the valuable gift of their time and presence.

Welcome Table
Diane Izadirad - (954) 985-0375
The Welcome Table serves as a distribution point for lay ministry and parish registration information. One is located at the front of the main church, near the Gift Shop and another is outside the west entrance of the main church. Volunteers are needed to serve 15 minutes before and after each weekend mass.

Youth Group
Anthony Luongo - (954) 683-3491
Our youth are not just the Church of tomorrow, bur are vibrant members of our Church today. While they are learning and growing in their faith in many ways, this is an opportunity for them to give back. We encourage prayer, reflection and service projects in a loving, safe and fun place to live the Catholic faith.  Click here to join us on FACEBOOK! 


Altar Servers
Father Rich or Deacon Watkins - (954) 922-3517
The ministry of the parish Altar Servers is to serve at the Lord's Altar with reverence, fidelity & love. Their presence during Holy Mass is an important witness reminding us that all Catholics of every age have gifts and talents to offer God. Children & young people who have already received their first Holy Communion and are from the 5th grade and up, whether they attend Catholic, public or homeschool are invited to join including high school aged youth.  Click here to join us on 

John Heilig - (954) 922-3517
The choirs rehearse and prepare for the celebration of the Eucharist. The Adult Choir endeavors to glorify God, refresh our spirits and inspire our community to greater prayer and action with our treasured compositions of the past and modern devotional works.  The Children's Choir are younger (grades 4-8) singers who give praise to the Lord in song and prayer. Do you play an instrument? Come join us and use your talents to serve the Lord!

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
Bob Dake - (954) 926-2379
Extraordinary Ministers assist in the distribution of the Eucharist at church liturgies with reverence and dignity. These ministers also bring Communion to the sick, homebound and hospitalized. You must be an active parishioner and must have received the sacrament of confirmation. A pre-placement interview is mandatory and training sessions are required.

Mary Ellen Flower - (954) 925-6911
Those who have love and zeal for God's Word will commit themselves to proclaiming His Living Word. These ministers are expected to be prepared to proclaim at services and special liturgies. The Mass schedule rotates every month. Training sessions are required and lectors must be active parishioners.

Ralph Rafanello - (954) 929-0046
Ushers meet and greet parishioners at our various church services, provide assistance, receive stewardship offerings and distribute bulletins. The commitment is approximately 90 minutes per Mass.


Bereavement and Loss
Virginia Beneduce - (954) 920-5034
When a death occurs, life for those who live on changes forever. The Church recognizes this and offers hope and comfort to those who grieve. This ministry provides opportunities for sharing as a means of healing. 

Engagement Encounter

Mark & Sandy Kerns - (954) 612-1108
The goal of this ministry is to prepare engaged couples for not only the sacrament of matrimony but for a life together forever. It is a one-day seminar that includes presentation covering topics such as: finances, communication, conflict & resolution & Natural Family Planning. In addition two more spiritual topics cover the Sacrament of Matrimony & God's presence in their marriage in two topics give testimony to the human experience in marriage. Help is needed in both preparation of the day and the presentation of the topics. There are three retreat days per year. Click to Download 2011 Engaged Encounter Form

Marital Counseling
Don Vozzola - (954) 929-1323
Healing a hurting marriage can begin with some self-help. Much can be done to save or improve a marriage, if partners are willing to put some effort into building up the relationship. The Marital Counseling Ministry helps when and where it counts. 

Marriage Preparation
Father Rich or Father Tom - (954) 922-3517
Engaged couples desiring a Catholic wedding must contact the rectory office at least six months in advance for an appointment BEFORE a wedding date is set. 

Project Rachel
Peggy McSoley - (954) 454-8557
This is an absolutely confidential healing ministry for the many people, both men and women, who have been touched by an abortion experience. Our purpose is post-abortion reconciliation and healing for the "other victims" of abortion.
Click Here to view the Project Rachel website.

Respect Life
Peggy McSoley - (954) 454-8557
This is a three-pronged ministry consisting of pastoral care, education and effect on public policy. We attend to the life issues on the whole spectrum of life -from conception to natural death. We support Hollywood Respect Life Emergency Pregnancy Center located on 5600 Hollywood Blvd a few miles West of Presidential Circle. Volunteers are needed and also required to attend a educational brief seminar.  
Click Here to view Respect Life website.


Bible Study
(954) 922-3517
Talks and reflections on the Word of God to help us understand his message. 

Children's Religious Education
Sr. Maria Elena (954) 922-3517
Prepares public school children for their first Penance, Communion and Confirmation. RCIC (Rite of Christian Initiation for Children) prepares children to complete their Sacraments of Initiation.

Echoes of Faith
Mike Ostrowski - (954) 920-4779
Learn about our Catholic faith and tradition through films, discussion groups, speakers, special events and printed material. All are welcome!

RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults)
Sally Wolfer - (954) 922-1852
RCIA members accompany individuals on their faith journey as they explore and discern the validity of the Catholic faith in their lives. Through this sharing of faith, one deepens their own faith and becomes a part  of a small community within our large parish family. Weekly meetings are held for nine months. This is a one year commitment. 


Chaplet of Divine Mercy
Mike Ostrowski - (954) 920-4779
Learn about the Divine Mercy of Christ, His unconditional love for us and how to apply this to our daily lives. 

Legion of Mary
Gladys Da Silva - (954) 922-3517
A worldwide prayer filled organization of those willing to pray for and work for any Catholic activity that benefits the parish, using Mary as their model. 

Nocturnal Adoration
Milville Ferns - (954) 923-9866
A prayer filled hour before the Blessed Sacrament at 7pm on the first Friday of every month, followed by Benediction. All are welcome!

Parish Retreats
Mike Ostrowski - (954) 920-4779
Announcements will appear in the weekly bulletins during Lent and Advent Seasons. 

Prayer Group
Sr. Caroline Golden - (954) 922-3517 or Nina Nix - (954) 923-3649
This group will explore different modalities of prayer to help us improve our sense of the presence of God in our lives. 

Vocation Chalice
Barbara Berger - (954) 927-1477
Every weekend at the end of each Mass, a chalice is presented to an individual , couple or family who will take and place it in a safe and prominent location in the home where they will gather each day to pray for religious vocations.  The chalice is returned by participants before the same Mass the following week. We encourage everyone to enjoy this great faith experience repeatedly!
Wake Prayer Service
Rosanne Rossl - (954) 923-5440
Groups of men and women visit funeral homes for a prayer service and to pray the rosary. 


Ministerio de la Sagrada Comunion y Enfermos
Hna. Maria Elena Larrea, OSF / 954-922-3517 o 830-1551

Ministerio de Bienvenida / Hospitalidad
Sra. Ester Stanford / 696-1577

Ministerio de Musica
Sr. Rodolfo Quevedo / 786-444-3597

Ministerio de Jovenes
Anthony Luango / 954-683-3491

Legion de Maria
Equipo Mariano / 954-922-3517

Charlas Pre-Bautismales
Srs. Fernando y Liliana Villegas / 954-290-2321

Grupo de Oracion
Hna. Maria Elena / 954-922-3517

Ministerio de Ujieres 
Sr. Juan Corvalan / 954-456-0632

Hna. Maria Elena Larrea, OSF / 954-922-3517

Catecismo Para Los Ninos (RCIC)
Hna. Maria Elena Larrea, OSF / 954-922-3517 o Diacono William Watkins / 954-922-3517 o 

Classes de Biblia
Hna. Maria Elena Larrea, OSF y Sr. Juan Miranda / 954-922-3517

Sr. Juan Corvalan / 954-456-0632

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