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MAGNIFICAT, Gentle Woman, Mother of Mercy Chapter at, Buffalo, NY US - Make Time For A Magnificat Moment!

Make Time For A Magnificat Moment!

Rest in the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ as you treat yourself to a virtual trip to the inspirational ABC Gallery , to view the Virgin Mary as depicted by the great masters of the ages or take a few moments to email a Catholic Greeting Card from St Anthony Messenger Press to a beloved friend.  For a completely unexpected and beautiful meditation on the wonders of God, go to Deacon Dan's website  and follow the directions.

If you are feeling a little sorry for yourself today or are otherwise in need of a lift,  WLOF has a Heavenly Message  that is sure to make you feel better! Once you're feeling better, take a virtual pilgrimage of thanksgiving to the shrine of St Anne DuBeaupre in Canada or say your daily prayers online with the Irish Jesuits at Sacred Space.

If you are busy at work, take a few moments to visit the live webcam Adoration Chapel on the Internet.  (Check their schedule for adoration times).  While it is no substitute for the real presence, you will be able to look upon our beautiful Lord humbly veiled as bread --and for this, he will most certainly bless you and your work!  You will also be able to pray the Liturgy of the Hours with the Monks of Adoration.

Offline, there are as many and more opportunities to have a  Magnificat Moment!  Do you know a shut-in in your neighborhood or family?  Try taking  a few minutes to mail them a warm greeting or an uplifting article. Be sure to seal the envelope with a hug and a prayer for the recipient! Then praise the Lord for using you to give the gift of a Magnificat Moment  to your brother or sister in Christ.

If you are looking to grow in faith and trust, try taking some field trips for Jesus. One way of doing this is to get in the habit of keeping some McDonald's or other meal gift certificates on hand. Then, wait upon the Holy Spirit to put a hungry homeless person in your path. It won't take long, so don't be surprised when it happens unexpectedly. Ask your homeless sister or brother if you might buy them dinner and then give them the gift certificates.  That's all there is to it. You need only look into their eyes to see the crucified face of Jesus.  If that isn't enough of a Magnificat Moment, know that  when you feed Jesus, He in turn will feed you in more awesome ways than you can possibly imagine! His generosity can never be outdone! We challenge you to try doing this and let us know about your experience. Remember to say a prayer for all our hungry and homeless  brothers and sisters and gratefully Praise the Lord for all that he has done for you.

Maybe for today, you just have time to sit down with your coffee and read an inspirational short story.  The current Magnificat WWW Short Story Selection is Praying Hands. You won't want to miss this heartwarming story about family love and sacrifice.   For a Magnificat Moment bonus,  share this story with a friend by email or send it with a happy note to someone confined in a Nursing Home. You will surely brighten their day!  Praise Jesus!

If you are feeling a touch more contemplative today, sit back, close your eyes and just try to imagine how the young Mary must have felt when the Angel of the Lord asked her if she would consent to be the mother of God! While this impromptu Magnificat Moment may be hard to top, we are quite sure that your imagination is just overflowing with your own wonderful ideas of the perfect Magnificat Moment! The truth is it that it really doesn't matter what you do. The grace is to do something at least once a day that gently stirs the soul and gladdens your heart so you can spontaneously exalt the goodness of the Lord as Mary our Mother did so eloquently two thousand years ago.  Just be sure to TELL US about your most special Magnificat Moment --so that we can pass it on!


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