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Mary, Queen of the Holy Rosary School at 605 Hill N Dale Drive, Lexington, KY 40503 US - Middle School

Middle School

Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary School
Middle (6th – 8th) Program
Mary Queen Middle School serves the sixth through eighth grade students at a time when they are becoming more independent and by giving them experiences where they can accept more responsibility for their own learning under the guidance of supportive teachers. The middle school curriculum is structured with attention given to the specific transitional needs of each student and the overall need for both guidance and autonomy for all students.
The Middle School language arts curriculum incorporates the study of literature covering various genres, giving the students an understanding of the nature of literature. Within the daily ninety minute block, each middle school language arts class is enhanced with a rigorous etymology program. The overall objective is to blend literature with purposeful writing projects which help each student become better a better author both mechanically and expressively.
The social studies curriculum empowers the students to discover more about the world's geography, its people, its resources and its history. Church events are taught side-by-side to give relevance and bring context to the lessons.
The Mary Queen Middle School math curriculum prepares students at all levels for their transition into high school. From pre-algebra in the sixth grade to Geometry in the eighth grade for some students, each ninety minute class is an active and dynamic environment.
The Middle School science curriculum includes earth, life, and physical sciences. With the recent addition of a new state-of-the-art full-sized science lab, students are actively immersed in hands-on experiments and explorations.
The Middle School religion curriculum focuses on both the Old and New Testaments and prepares students for the Sacrament of Confirmation in the ninth grade. The teachings of Jesus are lived out with meaningful service within school, church and community.
Additional classes are offered once a week in art, physical education, band, music, technology and library. Spanish is taught three times per week.
Middle School students are offered many extra-curricular opportunities. Athletic students may wish to participate in basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, or golf. In addition, clubs and organizations like KYA, KUNA, Student Council, Art Club, newspaper, yearbook and others are offered throughout the year.


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