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Moshi Diocese at P.O. Box 3011, Moshi, KL TZ - News-Updates


Rt. Rev. Joseph Mlola, Bishop of Kigoma from Mashati-Moshi

On July 10, 2014, the Holy Father appointed Fr. Joseph Mlola, ALCP/OSS, Rector of St. Paul Kipalapala Interdiocesan Major Seminary, Tabora, as Bishop of the Diocese of Kigoma (Tanzania). 
The Bishop-elect was born on January 9, 1966 in Mashati Rombo, Moshi. After his primary and secondary studies he entered in the Apostoles of Jesus Major Seminary in Kenya to study philosophy. He then completed his Theology studies at St. Paul Kipalapala interdiocesan Major Seminary, Tabora. 
Since his priestly ordination on 12 July 1997 which was held at the Institute of Apostolic Life Community of Priests in the Opus Spiritus Sancti - ALCP/OSS, he has served in a number of pastoral roles: 1997-1999: parish vicar of Nairagie Enkare, Diocese of Ngong, Kenya; 1999-2000: Vice Rector of Holy Spirit College, Morogoro; 2000-2001: parish vicar in Caliti, Avellino, Italy; 2001-2005: Studied dogmatic theology at the Pontifical Urbanian University, Rome; 2005-2011: Vice Rector of the St. Charles Lwanga Segerea interdiocesan Major Seminary, Dar-es-Salaam; since 2011: Rector of the St. Paul Kipalapala Interdiocesan Major Seminary, Tabora. We pray for his New Ministry and the chief Shepherd of the Diocese of Kigoma. 

Bishop Isaac Amani Ordains New Priests.

Rt. Rev. Bishop Amani ordained new priest on Thursday July 10, 2014. Of the 12 new priest, 2 are our own, the Diocesan Priest: Fr. Amedeus Mtuy of Uomboni and Fr. Josephat Moshi of Tarakea. Please join Bishop Amani, the Moshi Clergy, Religious and the lay faithful in congratulating and praying for these new priests as they begin their service to Christ and His Church. We thank the parents, teachers, friends and all the benefactors who made much sacrifice that made the journey of these priests to the altar of Christ possible. God bless you all!

Rev. Fr. Amedeus Munguatosha Mtui Rev. Fr. Josephat Moshi

 Assigned Mtimhoo Church - Rombo  Assigned, Rundugai Mission Chruch


Their assignments will be announced soon!







Fr. Sylvester Hamaro

Rundugai Mission Church Parichial Viar Kirua Iwa Parish Parochial Vicar
Fr. Anicet Shukuru

Kirua Iwa Parish Parochial Vicar Mashati Parish Parochial Vicar

NAME   TRANSFERED      FROM                   AS       

Fr. Faustine Furaha

St. Amedeus Secondary School Head Master Cleveland, Ohio-USA: John Caroll University Student

Fr. Rogatus Msanya Kiwia

Mbahe-Arisi Parish Pariachial Vicar Catholic University of East Africa - CUEA Student
Fr. Evarist Miku

Mailisita Novitiate [CDNK] Chaplain Canton, Ohio - USA:
 Walsh University
Fr. Erasmus Swai

Legho Church Priest In Charge Manushi Parish Pastor
Fr. Alexander Ndesario
Korongoni Parish
Parochial Vicar Bomban'gombe Church Priest In Charge

Fr. Evarist Laswai

Sanya Juu Parochial Vicar Mahida Pastor

Fr. Wilbroad Kawishe

Maua Parish  Parochial Vicar   Uru Parish Parochial Vicar  

Fr. Sosthenes Bahati


Keni Parish Parochial Vicar Moshi Cathedral Parish Parochial Vicar

Fr. Lucas Riziki

Mailisita Parish Parichial Vicar St. Amedeus Secondary School Second Master 

Fr. Calistus Msuri

Uru Parish Parochial Vicar Mailisita Parish Parochial Vicar
 Fr. Sabas Uiso

Bomang'ombe Chruch Assistant Priest In Charge Sanya Juu Parish Parochial Vicar
Fr. Richard Matanda

Olele Parish Parochial Vicar Mango Parish Parochial Vicar
Fr. Leon Monoruwa

Manushi  Parish Pastor  Olele Parish Parochial Vicar

Fr. Fulgence Sangawe

Moshi Cathedral Parish Parochial Vicar Legho Church Priest In Charge 
Fr. Emmanuel Ndekusara

Mahida Parish Pastor  Usseri Parish Pastor 
Fr. Erasmus Mcha
Usseri Parish  Pastor Mbahe-Arisi Parish  Pastor 

Fr. Aristides Msaki

Himo Parish Parochial Vicar Malisita Noviatiate [CDNK] Chaplai

Fr. Emmanuel Mushi

Kindi Parish Parochial Vicar Himo Parish Parochial Vicar  
Fr. Agapit Amani   Bomang'ombe Church  Priest In Charge  Maua Parish  Parochial Vicar
Fr. Erasto Mapendo

Mtimhoo Church   Parochial Vicar Keni Parish  Parochial Vicar
Fr. Emmanuel Tumaini
Kishumundu Parish Parochial Vicar  Korongoni Parish - as Parochial Vicar.
Fr. Exuper Lyimo
Mbahe Arisi Parish Pastor  Kishumundu Parish  Parochial Vicar 

Fr. Simon Ngawio


 Mashati Parish  Parochial Vicar   Bomang'ombe Chruch   Assistant Priest In Charge  

Br. Charles Lwanga who was the Secondary Master of St. Amedeus Secondary School has been appointed to be the Headmaster of the same school.

Barua ya Mhashamu Baba Askofu Isaac Amani. 


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