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Most Precious Blood Catholic School at 120 E. Washington Street, New London, WI 54961 US - About Us!

About Us!

Most Precious Blood School (MPB) originally established in 1881, is an accredited school with state certified teachers.  The school currently educates students in 3 year old Preschool through the 4h grade. 

MPB students have a proven record of excellence, fostered by a low student/teacher ratio.  MPB alumni are consistently honor roll students at the middle and high school levels.

Why an Education at MPB Makes a Difference

MPB provides:

*A Values-Based Education.  Most Precious Blood Catholic School is rooted in the Gospel teachings of Jesus Christ.  Children are taught the difference between right and wrong, and are encouraged to do the right thing.  Students have a unique chance to celebrate their communal bonds in student-prepared liturgies and other prayer opportunities.  Each day students, along with their classmates and teachers, turn to God in praise and petition, living their lives with faith.


*An Integrated Approach with a focus on the whole child- body, mind and spirit. 

*A Distinct Vision of Education including structured environment and a code of conduct.  MPB is known for a demanding curriculum, consistently high expectations, and standards for social behavior and academic success.

*A Curriculum with an emphasis on the basics of religion, reading, writing, mathematics, and science.  MPB offers a computer lab, as well as enrichment classes such as health and Spanish.

*A Focus on the Larger Community where children are taught to look beyond themselves.  MPB provides many opportunities to become involved in community service programs.  Activities include collecting food for the local Food Pantry, spring clean up at a local park, nursing home visits, and cards for the home bound and meals on wheels.  MPB students sponsor fellow students around the world with financial and prayer support. 

*A Clear Mission of preparing your child for life-long learning, an on going relationship with God, an awareness of the needs of the world wide community and establishing the foundation to develop to their full potential. 

Our Mission

The mission of MPB School is to provide a quality Catholic faith-based educational experience for students, promoting the growth of the whole person through academics, Gospel witnessing, worship, and service.

Our Philosophy Statement

Most Precious Blood Catholic School strives to develop strong Christian principles, values, and academic excellence for the benefit of all students with assistance from the family, Catholic Church, and community.

As a unique creation of God, each child is given instructional approaches to meet the child’s individual needs in order to promote and maximize the student’s growth and development in all individual, social, and human dimensions:  spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional, and physical.

Our school is committed to educating in a safe Christian atmosphere where faith is attained through service to others.  We permeate our classrooms with a Catholic environment and the teachings of Christ, to assist our students to grow in love, knowledge, and service to our Lord Jesus.  It is the school’s purpose, in cooperation with the parents, to provide conditions by which each child might be led to fulfill a personal call to love God and all people.

Through continued professional development and best practice use, our staff will engage the student in his or her educational experience and be a model by ensuring what is best for our students and others as well.

Want to Learn More?

If you would like to learn more, tour the school, or register your child, please contact us at:

Most Precious Blood School
120 E. Washington Street
New London, WI  54961

(920) 982-2134

A Catholic education is an advantage for life!

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