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The first reading from the prophet Isaiah concerns the Persian King Cyrus, called the Lord’s “anointed.” Cyrus deserves this title because he ended the Babylonian captivity of the Jews. However, Isaiah reminds us that it was God who gave Cyrus his power. He may be a great king, but “I am the LORD and there is no other,” says God

(Isaiah 45:5). Today’s Gospel is also concerned with worldly power. In the passage from Matthew, the Pharisees try to trick Jesus into speaking against the emperor. His famous answer is the perfect reply. Like the kings of old, Caesar can be given the respect due his position, but everything belongs to God. In the second reading, Paul gives thanks for all who are faithful to Jesus Christ and his gospel. He, too, reminds us that our call and the power to be faithful come from God.

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La primera lectura del profeta Isaías tiene que ver con el rey persa Ciro, al que Dios llama “elegido”. Ciro merece este título ya que acabó con la cautividad de los

judíos en Babilonia. No obstante, Jesús nos recuerda que fue Dios quien dio a Ciro su poder. Quizás sea un gran rey pero, “Yo soy el Señor, y no hay otro igual”, Dios dice (Isaías 45:5). El Evangelio de hoy también está relacionado con el poder mundano. En el pasaje de Mateo vemos como los fariseos intentan con artimañas que Jesús hable mal del emperador. Su conocida respuesta es la perfecta réplica.

Al igual que los reyes de la antigüedad, el César debe ser respetado dada su posición pero todo pertenece a Dios. En la segunda lectura, Pablo da las gracias por todos los que son fieles a Jesucristo y su Evangelio. También él nos recuerda que nuestra llamada y el poder de ser fieles provienen de Dios.


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A vision of Heaven
As Dale McKay was facing death, he spoke to writer Nancy Schertzing about his feelings and his hopes for heaven. Later, Nancy spoke with Dale's widow, Ellen, who shared the joy of their marriage and the moving experience of Dale's death. Their story is filled with love and hope that speaks to all of us.
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Part 4: How to Be a Dynamic and Evangelizing Parish
Two very different parishes show what it takes to be both energetic and spiritual.
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