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Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish


The Lenten cycle brings us to this “mixed” Sunday of palm branches and painful suffering. Our liturgy opens by recalling Jesus’ triumphant entry along the main road into Jerusalem, and then moves quickly to the back streets of betrayal and humiliation, the courtyards of torture and abandonment, the hill of execution. Isaiah’s strange and gripping “Song of the Servant of God” was to become the song of Jesus. It is the song of one who strides forward consistently in the face of criticism, even scorn: “I have not rebelled, have not turned back.” It is to become our song, as faithful followers of Jesus Christ. How are we to react when we hear the account of the passion and death of the Lord? Paul tells us that our attitude must be Christ’s, who “emptied himself, taking the form of a slave.” We pray that we may absorb the attitude of Christ, and face life squarely in its triumph and its pain.

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La Cuaresma es sobre la Pascua, y la Pascua es sobre la vida después de la muerte. Al acercarnos a la Pascua, las lecturas dominicales son más y más claras sobre este punto. Viviremos para siempre. De manera seca, sin rodeos, la lectura de la carta de san Pablo a los romanos nos enseña que nuestros “cuerpos mortales” resucitarán. Pero de manera más dramática, el Señor nos grita por boca de Ezequiel,

“Pueblo mío, yo mismo abriré sus sepulcros... les infundiré a ustedes mi espíritu... yo, el Señor, lo dije y lo cumplí”. Cuando Jesús vio a la gente llorando por la muerte de Lázaro, sintió una gran tristeza y se conmovió mucho. Se acercó a la tumba y empezó a llorar. Jesús amaba a Lázaro. En verdad, Jesús amaba a Lázaro tanto que lo rescató de la tumba y le devolvió la vida. Es así como Dios nos ama.


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A vision of Heaven
As Dale McKay was facing death, he spoke to writer Nancy Schertzing about his feelings and his hopes for heaven. Later, Nancy spoke with Dale's widow, Ellen, who shared the joy of their marriage and the moving experience of Dale's death. Their story is filled with love and hope that speaks to all of us.
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Part 4: How to Be a Dynamic and Evangelizing Parish
Two very different parishes show what it takes to be both energetic and spiritual.
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