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Catholics Should Not Become Freemasons

Quaesitum est

by Joseph Card. RATZINGER, Prefect (now Pope Benedict XVI)
Therefore the Church’s negative judgment in regard to Masonic association remains unchanged since their principles have always been considered irreconcilable with the doctrine of the Church and therefore membership in them remains forbidden. The faithful who enrol in Masonic associations are in a state of grave sin and may not receive Holy Communion.

It is not within the competence of local ecclesiastical authorities to give a judgment on the nature of Masonic associations which would imply a derogation from what has been decided above, and this in line with the Declaration of this Sacred Congregation issued on 17 February 1981 (cf. AAS 73 1981 pp. 240-241; English language edition of L’Osservatore Romano, 9March 1981).

1. Cf. AAS 73 (1981) pp. 240-241.
As the declaration of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on Masonry says, no Catholic may be a Mason. By grave sin the Church means that to continue as a Mason in contempt of this decision of the Supreme Pontiff, Pope John Paul II, is grave matter, which together with knowledge of that fact and free choice makes for mortal sin. Such a person would be unable to receive Holy Communion until such time as he renounced Masonry and went to Confession.

You will also notice that the statement of Cardinal Ratzinger says that the local priest or even a bishop has no authority to change this.   Someone who was not aware of these facts would, of course, not be guilty of mortal sin. However, once a Catholic is aware of the Church’s position, he is obliged to follow it. From that point forward, to disregard the judgment of the Church would be, as the Congregation declares, seriously wrong.

Some have tried to say that American Masonry is different from European Masonry, which has a history of plotting against the government and the Church. The basic problem with all Masonry, however, is that it is a society which fosters a religious- philosophical attitude of indifference to religious truth, even substituting its own naturalistic dogma and rituals for those of Christianity.

Such indifference is incompatible with belief in the Holy Trinity and the Incarnation. We may not “play-act” in the lodge of the Great Architect on Thursday night, then worship “in spirit and in truth” on Sunday morning at the altar of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the unique Lord and Redeemer of the Universe, the Word-made-flesh who reveals the Father, and who together with the Father sends the Holy Spirit. The Creed and the Masonic oath are irreconcilable!

Masonry is not the Jaycees, in which people of all religions and philosophies come together to work on local business problems. Masonry has its own religious and philosophical worldview, its own religious language, its rituals and its morality.

In the library of every lodge you will find Albert Pike’s Morals and Dogma. A top American Mason, he is the greatest writer on the real meaning behind Masonic beliefs and rituals. Even the title of his book shows that Masonry has a morality and a doctrine. If they are not Catholic morality and Catholic doctrine, and in fact they aren’t even Christian, a Catholic or any Christian may not follow them.

This is why, since the 1700s the popes have consistently rejected Freemasonry as incompatible with the faith. The motives and works of most masons may be good and benign, but this does not change the choice which the Catholic has to make between the religious philosophy of masonry and that of Catholicism.

Saint Maximilian Kolbe - Feast Day, August 14th

During his time as a student, he witnessed vehement demonstrations against Popes St. Pius X and Benedict XV by the Freemasons in Rome and was inspired to organize the Militia Immaculata, or Army of Mary, to work for conversion of sinners and the enemies of the Catholic Church through the intercession of the Virgin Mary. In 1918, he was ordained a priest. In the conservative publications of the Militia Immaculatae, he particularly condemned Freemasonry, Communism, Zionism, Capitalism and Imperialism.

Catholicism vs. Freemasonry—Irreconcilable Forever


Quanta Cura


Inimica vis

Leo XIII - Dall'alto dell'Apostolico Seggio

Leo XIII - Custodi di quella fede

Bl. Pope Pius IX


Jesus Christ The Bearer Of The Water Of Life - A Christian reflection on the “New Age”

Leo XIII - Quod Apostolici Muneris

Leo XIII - Officio Sanctissimo

Good Catholics should not wear aprons

Fr Ashley Beck says the Church teaches clearly that Freemasonry and Catholicism are incompatible

30 October 2009

Freemasons mark the opening of the Beamish Masonic Hall at the North of England Open Air Museum in County Durham in 2006 John Giles/PA

A few years ago I was told that at the ceremony of induction of the vicar of one of the local Anglican churches, the Bible which was handed to him had embossed on its front cover the emblem of the Freemasons, the square and compasses. It subsequently came to light that nearly all the male members of his Parochial Church Council were "on the square", and his predecessor as vicar had been a Mason as well. This is not a "low", or Evangelical, church, but very firmly in the Anglo Catholic tradition, where a number of clergy and lay people over the years have talked of becoming Catholics.

Why is all this a problem? The reason is that the Catholic Church teaches that Freemasonry and Christianity are incompatible. The Holy See in 1983 reiterated the traditional position that Catholics who are Freemasons are in a state of grave sin and may not receive the sacraments - the Declaration on Masonic Associations was signed by the then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger and makes it clear that local bishops cannot dispense from its provisions.

There were two reasons for this document: first, the new Code of Canon Law, which came out at the same time, no longer mentioned Freemasonry by name in its list of organisations which Catholics are forbidden from joining; second, mistaken advice had been given in the late Seventies in Britain and America which suggested that Catholics could be Freemasons if local lodges were not anti-Catholic; the 1983 rescript corrected that advice. Consequently, Anglicans or others who are Freemasons wishing to become Catholics will have to discard their aprons: this may keep the numbers of potential converts down.

It is often claimed by Freemasons and others that the reasons for the Catholic Church's hostility to Freemasonry are to do with politics - the political hostility between the Church and what is known as "Grand Orient" Freemasonry in the rest of Europe and Latin America; English Freemasonry is completely different, it is claimed; unlike the "Grand Orient" it has retained belief in the "Supreme Being". But this is nonsense: the Church's original condemnations from the 18th century related to English Masonic lodges in Florence and elsewhere in Italy.

The reasons for our teaching, expounded in teaching from many popes since the 18th century, are theological. In the first place, Freemasonry is a naturalistic religion. Its rituals and constitutions present the member as a man who is able to advance towards enlightenment through his own efforts - a good parable of this is the depictions of the trials of Tamino in Mozart's opera The Magic Flute.

The Mason can earn his salvation through rites of initiation and the activities of the lodge (including charitable giving); it is thus, in a way, the perfect religion for the "self-made", middle-class professional man. It is totally at odds with the Christian vision, in which we need God's grace, through the death and resurrection of Our Lord, to grow in holiness.

Second, the prayers in its rituals specifically exclude reference to Our Lord. They are often prayers of Christian origin which have been vandalised.

In order to encompass adherents of other faiths the Saviour of the world is simply removed and set aside: he is not important. How can any Christian go along with this?

Third, the oaths required in the initiation rites require the new Mason to promise to keep secret the organisation's rituals, even though he does not at that point know what they are. These oaths are what Christian moral theologians call "vain" - they are not acceptable and cannot bind the person making them, even if they are done in the name of God. This is the problem with the oaths, not (as is sometimes claimed) the dire penalties which used to be referred to in the rituals.

These are the principal reasons why we teach that Freemasonry and Christianity are not compatible. In addition, we could cite the reactionary world view espoused in the rituals, supportive of the status quo and urging members to "keep to their station" in society. This, coupled with the make-up of lodges and the mechanisms of social control identified in exposés written in the Eighties reveal the movement as being somewhat at odds with the social teaching of the Catholic Church and our witness for justice and peace in the world.

The "preferential option for the poor" would not find a place in the lodge. One could also point to the exclusion of women from lodge membership and the strain placed on many marriages by the commitments demanded of Freemasons: in spite of claiming to be a "system of morality" infidelity and adultery seem often to be viewed with some indulgence.

It is important that Catholics rest their challenge to Freemasonry on the clear theological arguments which I have advanced and that we are well-informed about the subject: sometimes criticisms of Freemasonry are inaccurate and frankly hysterical, and we should avoid conspiracy theories. It is also true that it is somewhat weaker than it was, partly as a result of the books written 20 years ago and pressure for Freemasons to reveal their membership, particularly in the police and the legal profession. Because of the decline, Freemasonry is very conscious of its public image and superficially less secretive than in the past.

Although it is weaker than in the past, Freemasonry still seems to have some influence in the Church of England. A study written by Caroline Windsor, Freemasonry and the Ministry (Concilium publications 2005), has shown that it is still quite strong in cathedrals (a big Masonic service was held in St Paul's Cathedral in 2002, with the Dean preaching) - and also that many parishes where Freemasons are active are weak in terms of Christian witness.

If we are serious about ecumenical dialogue, the issue of Freemasonry has to be addressed; the same is true of interfaith relations, as Freemasons are sometimes involved in interfaith organisations - if they are there, we are talking about dialogue which is three-way, not two-way.

The overriding problem is that in spite of what Freemasons claim, their way of life is a religion, with all of religion's hallmarks. You can no more be a Freemason and a Christian than you can be a Muslim and a Christian. Catholics are committed to inter-faith dialogue and mutual respect, but this requires Freemasons to be honest about what they are. For Catholics, thinking about the reasons for the gulf between us can deepen our understanding of the Christian faith.

Fr Beck is assistant priest of Beckenham in south London and author of Freemasonry and the Christian Faith, published in 2005 by the Catholic Truth Society and available from the CTS website, www.cts-online.org.uk.  His email is ashleybeck88@hotmail.com


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U.S.A. - Freemasons defy mystical roots in bid for members - 26/08/08

U.S.A. - Jester Confesses to Wife He Organized Prostitutes - 25/08/08

U.S.A. - Forbes: Ex-Shriners CFO pleads guilty in stealing scheme - 21/08/08

U.S.A. - Missori Shriners CFO pleads guilty to stealing $828K from hospital - 21/08/08

U.K. - Court sentences Freemason to 2 years probation for indecent act - 16/08/08

U.S.A. - Freemasonry has long history, millions of members - 13/08/08

Phillipines - Illuminati, Freemasonry, anti-Christ, New World Order - 04/08/08

U.S.A. - Internal Shriner Document Confirms Corruption? - 18/07/08

U.S.A. - Judge sues West Virginia Masons over his expulsion by Grand Master - 09/06/08

Phillipines - Archbishop reiterates Church position against Freemasonry - 13/05/08

U.S.A. - Judge Central Figure in FBI Probe, the S.O.B.I.B. and the Jesters' Half Million Dollar Weekend Parties - 12/04/08

U.S.A. - Senate Finance Committee Hires Tax Counsel - 11/04/08

U.S.A. - Judge Tills traveled with woman he jailed on prostitution charge - 06/04/08

U.K. - The Dead Peasants Society - 04/04/08

U.S.A. - Update: The Shriners of North America vs. Noble Vernon Hill - 03/04/08

U.S.A. - Town Hall: 'Romancing the Cornerstone' - The Missing Washington DC Masonic Cornerstone and Dedicatory Silver Plate - 02/04/08

U.K. - New Book Says 'James Bond' Based on Occult Knowledge - 01/04/08

Russia - Today’s Russian Russian Freemasons of a More Modest Order - 01/04/08

U.S.A. - A Mormon Mason: New grand master is the first in a century who is LDS - 29/03/08

U.S.A. - The Book of the Play: The N.Y. Royal Order of Jesters Scandal - 28/03/08

U.S.A. - Omar Shrine Moonshiners Arrested in South Carolina - 27/03/08

U.K. - Dukes, Freemasons, Jersey and all that sort of nonsense - The Dukes of Kent, odd factoids - 21/03/08

U.S.A. - The Royal Order of Jesters, Court 22 - 21/03/08

U.K. - Questions asked at Fenland Hall - 19/03/08

U.S.A. - Judge Resigns, Police Captain to Plead Guilty as FBI Investigates Royal Order of Jesters for Prostitution - 18/03/08

U.S.A. - Former State Supreme Court Judge, Police Capt. resign amid F.B.I. investigation of Royal Order of Jesters prostitution and human trafficking case - 09/03/08

U.S.A. - Jesters Exposed - Bilikens Thingy - 15/02/08

U.S.A. - Child Died Before Surgery at Shriners Hospital for Children Philadelphia - 14/02/08

U.K. - Now you can log on to the online lodge - 28/01/08

Barbados - Freemasonry and the Royal Barbados Police - 21/01/08

U.S.A. - Shriners Make SLAPP History? Part: 21 - 11/01/08

U.S.A. - Supreme Court Turns Down Bid to Reopen Scottish Rite Cathedral - 07/01/08

U.S.A. - Taxes force Arabia Shrine Center to sell - 05/01/08

U.K. - Shrouded in secret handshakes, crafty symbols and fancy footwork - 03/01/08

U.S.A. - We’ve gotten a lot of bad press over the years, explained Thomas Savini, the librarian at the Grand Lodge of New York - 03/01/08

U.S.A. - Review: National Treasure Book of Secrets - 21/12/07

U.S.A. - Masonry Launches "Counter-Publicity Campaign" as it nervously awaits Dan Brown's new book - 06/12/07

U.S.A. - Shadowy path may lead to treasure: Knights of the Golden Circle, Albert Pike and Jesse James - 05/12/07

U.K. - Obituary: Richard Leigh, Holy Blood Holy Grail Co-Author - 30/11/07

U.S.A. - Mason Convicted of Embezzling 430 G's - 30/11/07

U.S.A. - Judge to Throw Out Shriners' Defamation Lawsuit? Part 19 - 12/11/07

U.S.A. - Shriners Part 18, Cinncinnati FDA Investigation - 07/11/07

U.S.A. - Shriners Membership now 395,000, down from 943,000 in 1980 - 04/11/07

U.S.A. - Court of Appeal Rejects Bid to Reopen Scottish Rite Cathedral - 19/10/07

U.S.A. - U.S. Senator Cantwell Response Re: Senate Non-Profits Inquiry and Shriners - 11/10/07

U.S.A. - Court says Freemasonry comparable to Christianity and Islam - 11/10/07

U.S.A. - Church can remove Masonic symbols from converted Temple - 10/10/07

U.S.A. - Freemasonry Is "Religion" Under RLUIPA, But Masonic Temple Loses RLUIPA Claim - 08/10/07

U.S.A. - Church receives Masonic Cornerstone Laying Ceremony - 08/10/07

U.S.A. - Google Earth Forces $600,000 Navy Bill - 08/10/07

U.S.A. - Church appeals ruling on symbols - 08/10/07

U.S.A. - Daughters of Isis, Al Hamid Court 203 hosts Commandress Ball - 07/10/07

U.S.A. - Christian Prayers Out, Masonic Prayers In as Masons lay Cornerstone for new High School - 06/10/07

U.S.A. - Masons to Keep, Veterans to Lose, Tax Exempt Status - 05/10/07

U.K. - Accuseds father issued threats; said he had 'friends in high places' and 'he knew Freemasons' - 04/10/07

U.K. - Goat abandoned at Freemasons Hall - 02/10/07

U.K. - Provincial Grand Rank Officer Jailed For Abusing Boys - 02/10/07

Canada - It's hard these days to be a Freemason - 29/09/07

U.K. - Recruiting for Free Mason; Secret Society is Eyeing College Students to Fill the Ranks - 28/09/07

U.S.A. - Wisconsin's top cop is also top Mason - 24/09/07

U.S.A. - The Contrarian pays a visit to the George Washington Masonic Memorial - 10/09/07

France - French freemasons vote against admitting women as members - 10/09/07

U.S.A. - The Freemason ID program was also in town... - 31/08/07

U.K. - Charges dropped against Freemason Prison Guard Abuser - 24/08/07

Canada - Shriners' Hillbilly Parade - 19/08/07

U.S.A. - Dune Buggy Hits Crowd at Shriners Parade - 11/08/07

Canada - Secretive societies face membership challenges - 08/08/07

South Africa - Apartheid Secret Society Afrikaner Broederbond extends friendly hand - 03/08/07

U.K. - Freemason jailed for stealing £48,000 from lodges - 03/08/07

U.K. - Freemason Ex-police chief evades jail for swindle again - 26/07/07

U.S.A. - Jury awards $12.6 million in Masonic Childrens Home molestation lawsuit - 25/07/07

U.S.A. - Masonic order coming to town - 24/07/07

Canada - Some Object To Parades - 22/07/2007

U.S.A. - Drunks, Thieves, & Illegal Corporations? Shriners: Part 17 - 08/07/2007

U.S.A. - Drunk-driving Shriners injure 12 in Fourth of July parade - 05/07/2007

U.S.A. - Rural giant fading to gray; Aging Grange society struggles to fit in - 01/07/07

U.S.A. - Secret Societies: Yale and Disneyland - 21/06/07

U.S.A. - Detroit Tigers Owners in negotiations to take over the Largest Masonic Temple in the World, which owes quarter million in unpaid taxes and utilities - 19/06/07

U.S.A. - Ilitch may manage ailing Detroit Masonic - 19/06/07

U.S.A. - 'The Masons flee once more': Leave Toledo for suburbs upsetting civic leaders in the process - 19/06/07

U.S.A. - Mortgage Madness? Shriners: Part 16 - 16/06/2007

U.S.A. - Dover's former Masonic Temple building to house new apartments: Traffic on Locust Street will be slightly affected - 15/06/07

U.S.A. - Masons looking to sell their stone temple - 04/06/07

U.S.A. - Sandy Frost Receives Journalism Award For Shriners Series - 03/06/2007

U.S.A. - Army shows appreciation with meal - 28/05/07

U.S.A. - In 1928, the Masons built a large temple: 'The royal burial ground suffered a series of desecrations, according to the tribe' - 27/05/07

Canada - Masons shed mysterious side: 'Many lodges are riddled with community leaders of all sorts' - 27/05/07

U.K. - Masons target universities to swell numbers: 'Organisation more popularly connected with policemen, lawyers, and businessmen' - 27/05/07

U.S.A. - Alabama National Guard C.O. resigns; Member of Governor's Lodge - 25/05/07

U.S.A. - Texas AG Shuts Down Realtor reselling property with Shriners mortgage lien - 23/05/07

Italy - Calvi, `God's Banker,' Got Caught in Real-Life `Da Vinci Code' - 22/05/07

Germany - Exiled Theologian Hans Kueng Earns "Culture Award of German Freemasons" For a Lifetime of Service to 'the Craft' - 20/05/07

Germany - Priest ires Catholics by receiving German Masonic 'honor' - 20/05/07

U.S.A. - Lake Elsinore Masons try to sell white elephant lodge: 'There's nothing we can do with the building' - 20/05/07

U.S.A. - Is Jay Z a Freemason? Rapper and Hip Hop mogul Jay Z’s occult symbolic connections - 14/05/07

U.S.A. - Concert review: They Might Be Giants: 'Closest thing to the Masons that we have in rock music today' - 14/05/07

U.K. - The Library and Museum of Freemasonry: 'It did nothing to allay my fears that Freemasonry is a bizarre cult for men who never grew out of setting up secret societies as boys' - 14/05/07

Canada - Order of the Eastern Star Group turns 85: 'Group’s name refers to the guiding light in the eastern sky under which Jesus was born' - 13/05/07

Bulgaria - France’s Supreme Masonic Council to send open letter to Libya’s Gadaffi - 13/05/07

Scotland - Does Necropolis hold the key to Freemasonry’s secret history? - 11/05/07

U.S.A. - Arizona Grand Master's edict bans Masons from entering Shrine Temple - 07/05/07

U.S.A. - Masons set cornerstone for new Texas High School - 02/05/07

Czech Republic - 'Important Freemasons' met in Prague - 30/04/07

Armenia - Grand Orient of France Official: 'Nothing in common with Anglo-Saxon Masons that "thrust their nose" in any business worldwide' - 24/04/07

U.S.A. - Treasurers Meeting Minutes Vanish, Gambling Proceeds Unaccounted For? Shriners: Part 15 - 22/04/2007

U.S.A. - Shrine policies questioned by Animal Rights Group again - 19/04/07

U.S.A. - Child I.D. program an opportunity for Indiana Freemasons to meet the parents - 11/04/07

U.S.A. - 'Open Sesame': Smithsonian Magazine takes a look at the Scottish Rites' House of the Temple - 07/04/07

Turkey - Masonic lodge shaken by mass resignations - 03/04/07

U.S.A. - Book, PBS show examine 20th-century evangelist's visual appeal and vast power - 02/04/07

U.S.A. - Opera Review: Director pulls out stops for Mozart's 'Magic Flute' - 26/03/07

U.S.A. - Masons host Conclave in Meridian - 22/03/07

U.S.A. - Shriners say hospital gifts on par, Group defends its use of donations from public - 21/03/07

U.S.A. - Shriners' charity cash went astray: Report - 20/03/07

U.S.A. - Philanthropy Today: Shriners Accused of Widespread Financial Misdeeds - 19/03/07

U.S.A. - Shriners' charitable accounting questioned - 19/03/07

U.S.A. - TX Shriners asking for $4.7M in donations for arena - 19/03/07

U.S.A. - In Shriner Spending, a Blurry Line of Giving - 19/03/07

U.S.A. - Local Freemasons want to set the story straight about their fraternity - 18/03/07

U.S.A. - Beaverton Masons to teens: No more freak dancing here - 07/03/07

Holy See - Masonic Lodge Membership is Gravely Sinful, Vatican Official Says - 05/03/07

British Virgin Islands - Masonic police officer convicted of murder; juror dismissed for allegedly flashing him Masonic hand gestures - 05/03/07

$hriners: Part 14 - 04/03/07

U.S.A. - 33° Scottish Rite Freemasonry Head Reveals Masonic power structure: 'Grand Masters Govern for one year, I Govern forever. I am the Grand Lodge.' - 03/03/07

U.S.A. - North Carolina alleged kidnapper's truck bears Masonic specialty plates - 02/03/07

U.S.A. - Million Dollar payment from Government of China cited in unsolved slaying of San. Fran. Chinatown Freemasons leader - 01/03/07

U.S.A. - #34 Scottish Rite; Cicci's partnership with NASCARS Brian Conz reportedly is over - 01/03/07

Russia - Russian Bishop Accuses Church Leaders of Bowing Down to State, Freemasons and Antichrist - 01/03/07

U.S.A. - NASCAR-Scottish Rite deal a wreck; Frank Cicci accuses Brian Conz Motorsports and Scottish Rite of breach of contract - 28/02/07

U.K. - Belfast Masons hit by bugging - 27/02/07

U.K. - Freemasons' secrets unveiled - 27/02/07

U.S.A. - Masonic lodge parties turn into shooting galleries - 27/02/07

Haiti - Book Review: Toussaint Louverture; 'The Black Napoleon' - 25/02/07

U.S.A. - Vatican rejects Call to Action appeal; Bishop urges return to Church - 21/02/07

U.S.A. - 'Potentate' who made Shriner fundraising and financial irregularity allegations wins 'misconduct trial' then quits, calling masonic group 'a fascade' - 21/02/07

France - Jumping on the Dan Brown bandwagon - 20/02/07

Italy - Italian priest joins Masons - 19/02/07

U.S.A. - TX Shriners asking for $4.7M in donations for arena - 19/03/07

U.S.A. - Corpus Christi Al Amin Shriners trying to build their own arena - 19/02/07

U.S.A. - Shriners, Green Bay police team up to hand out circus tickets - 15/02/07

U.S.A. - They're goats if they go public: US masons rev up to attract members - 11/02/07

U.S.A. - 400 attend Oakland CA police graduation ceremony, at the Oakland CA Scottish Rite Temple - 10/02/07

U.S.A. - Tennessee University student cites Mason symbols on dollar bill in Ten Commandment display debate - 08/02/07

U.S.A. - Memphis TN Shrine questioned over telemarketing fundraising scheme - 08/02/07

U.S.A. - Toledo Shriners to leave downtown, move displaces Rotary Club who met inside same Temple - 08/02/07

U.S.A. - Knights of Pythias, Lions Club, Masons signs erected for shared building - 08/02/07

U.S.A. - H.R. 33: 'Here's a Solution for this Resolution' - 07/02/07

Holy See - Membership in the Masons, by Father Edward McNamara, Professor of Liturgy Regina Apostolorum University - 06/02/07

U.S.A. - Talladega Rites: The Masons' bizarre NASCAR campaign - 29/01/07

Shriners lament takeover of club; Members of Dorchester group say new leaders harm mission - 29/01/07

U.S.A. - Masonic Cemetery Cell Tower dispute: 'Acacia Memorial Park' - 28/01/07

Canada - Masonic Hall given historic designation - 16/01/07

U.S.A. - House Resolution "33", by Masonic Traveller - 15/01/07

U.S.A. - Abu Bekr Shrine White Horse Mounted Patrol holds Installation of Officers - 15/01/07

U.S.A. - 'East-West Shrine Game' relocates from San Francisco to Houston - 15/01/07

Canada - Manitoba Legislature - Disguised Pagan Temple? - 15/01/07

U.K. - Lodge Master on Voluntary U.K. Police-Freemason Disclosure Registry: 'I told them to eff off' - 14/01/07

U.S.A. - Freemasons wake up and unite! - 14/01/07

U.S.A. - Going from all-white to all welcome - 13/01/07

U.S.A. - Victory party to be held at Texas Masonic Children's Home Accused of Racism - 13/01/07

U.S.A. - Ice Storm halts 13th annual Bedouin Shrine Classic high school basketball tournament - 13/01/07

U.K. - Britain Freemasons Temple Haunted Says Manager - 12/01/07

U.S.A. - Prominent U.S. Freemasons Eulogize Billy Graham - 12/01/07

U.S.A. - Shriners Perfect Storm? Charitable Funds Usage Scandal Continues - 11/01/07

U.S.A. - Man Killed In Shootout At South LA Masonic Lodge - 10/01/07

U.S.A. - Inside a secret society: A gay African American Freemason's story - 09/01/07

U.S.A. - Christ and masons - 08/01/07

U.S.A. - 'We don't recruit...': Scottish Rite and Shrine in Fifteen Million Dollar Nascar Sponsorship Deal - 08/01/07

U.S.A. - Demonology 101: When Governments Invite Dark Dominion - 08/01/07

Italy/Argentina/Brazil - 'Propaganda Due' @ All Experts - 08/01/07

U.S.A. - Movie Review: 'The Good Shepard' - Robert De Niro's Spy Movie on Skull and Bones and the C.I.A. - 07/01/07

U.S.A. - 'Open Secrets': The North American Union Scheme and the C.F.R. - 07/01/07

U.S.A. - 'Weird little hyper conservative black-clad, 70-year-old Masonic women': The New Alaska Myth - 06/01/07

U.S.A. - Letter from Provo, Utah - 05/01/07

U.S.A. - Michigan Grand Master Orders Black Draped Altar for 33rd Degree Freemason Ford - 03/01/07

U.S.A. - Grand Lodge of Texas 'Levels Cornerstone' for new Sheriff's Office - 30/12/06

U.S.A. - Game Review: 'Hellgate' - In the year 2038, Freemasons and Knights Templar battle undead creatures - 30/12/06

U.S.A. - Whistleblowers in Court – Shriners: Part 12 - 25/12/06

U.S.A. - Rapper Jay-Z gets lawsuit for using freemason hand signs - 19/12/06

U.S.A. - Conversions from Freemasonry Cited as Vatican Backs ‘Call to Action’ Excommunications - 19/12/06

U.K. - How we met: Richard Leigh & Michael Baigent - 16/12/06

U.S.A. - "The Minimum of Disclosure to the IRS" Shriners: Part 11 - 12/12/06

Canada - The Occult Mysteries of Manitoba's Legislative Building, to be released as book - 09/12/06

U.S.A. - Vatican upholds Neb. excommunications - 08/12/06

U.S.A. - Vatican upholds Neb. excommunications - 08/12/06

U.S.A. - Vatican upholds Neb. excommunications - 08/12/06

U.S.A. - Vatican upholds Neb. excommunications - 08/12/06

U.S.A. - Vatican upholds Neb. excommunications - 08/12/06

U.S.A. - Vatican upholds Neb. excommunications - 08/12/06

U.S.A. - Vatican upholds Neb. excommunications - 08/12/06

U.S.A. - Vatican upholds Neb. excommunications - 08/12/06

U.S.A. - Vatican upholds Neb. excommunications - 08/12/06

U.S.A. - Vatican upholds Neb. excommunications - 08/12/06

U.S.A. - Vatican upholds Neb. excommunications - 08/12/06

U.S.A. - Vatican upholds Neb. excommunications - 08/12/06

U.S.A. - Vatican upholds Neb. excommunications - 08/12/06

U.S.A. - Vatican upholds Neb. excommunications - 08/12/06

U.S.A. - Vatican upholds Neb. excommunications - 08/12/06

U.S.A. - Vatican official upholds mass excommunication of hundreds in Nebraska linked to 11 groups - 08/12/06

U.S.A. - Vatican official upholds excommunication of hundreds in US linked to groups 'perilous to the Catholic faith' - 08/12/06

U.S.A. - Vatican Approves Excommunication of Liberal Catholic Group "Call to Action" - 08/12/06

U.S.A. - Bishop of Lincoln Nebraska re-affirms Freemasonry as being 'Perilous to the Faith' as Vatican rejects excommunication appeal from 'Call to Action' group - 08/12/06

U.S.A. - “Parents have to tell children that they can’t test everything in the medicine cabinet or drink everything under the sink” the Bishop explained - 08/12/06

Dioceses of Lincolns' traditional policies cited as reason for leading United States in Priest and Nun Vocations, healthy and well supported Catholic Schools - 08/12/06

U.K. - England Parish Church described as 'Monument to Freemasonry' to close - 07/12/06

U.S.A. - Conspiracy theories for fun and entertainment - 02/12/06

U.K. - Murderers who haunt the screen - 01/12/06

U.S.A. - The Book Of Fate by Brad Meltzer - 01/12/06

U.S.A. - Gossip Roundup: Michael Richards Spin Control Backfires A Tiny Bit - 01/12/06

U.K. - MI5's dangerous ascendancy in Northern Ireland; refused to reveal Orange Order and Freemason membership among staff - 29/11/06

U.S.A. - The School For Scandal and Brother Michael Richards - 27/11/06

Holy See - Pope's visit to Turkey and the DaVinci Code theory - 27/11/06

U.S.A. - Richards, who is a high-ranking freemason, said he was "really busted up over this" - 22/11/06

U.S.A. - 26 Oakland police graduates are largest class in six years - 18/11/06

U.S.A. - 'Some explanations that may help you better understand our closed society and freemason-like ways' Sage advice for recruits from a fire-service veteran - 17/11/06

U.S.A. - Cal. Freemason's nerve touched over Sherriff Investigation; Masonic Pentagram not Satanic, just Pagan he says - 17/11/06

Turkey - Turkish Freemasons Afraid of Being 'YouTubed'; Previously posted hidden camera video revealed animal sacrifice as part of a ritual - 16/11/06

Above the law? Shriner Treasurers' Minutes, Part 10 - 16/11/06

U.S.A. - San Francisco Chronicle offers a penetrating look at early Masonic Culture - 12/11/06

U.K. - Mysterious deaths, forbidden treasure and the United Grand Lodge of England's Pro-Grand Master: Spencer "Spenny" Douglas David Compton, the Marquess of Northampton - 10/11/06

U.S.A. - New York Times Investigates Shriners Bingo Problems - 07/11/06

U.S.A. - Shriners seize affiliates clubhouse over charity bingo funds usage - 07/11/06

U.S.A. - Lodging a new strategy: 'It's not really a secret society, we've just always kept to ourselves' - 06/11/06

U.S.A. - Caper ushered in new Western New York political party in the 1820s - 31/10/06

U.K. - Lord Nicholas Windsor, son of United Grand Lodge of England's Hereditary Grand Master to Marry at the Vatican - Converted to Catholicism along with his Mother, the Duchess of Kent - 31/10/06

Italy - Italy faces new political crisis over ‘tax spying’ - 28/10/06

U.S.A. - Uproar in Minnesota over Sheriff releasing inmate from jail to attend Masonic meetings - 28/10/06

U.S.A. - Former Exec-VP Knew of Crimes, Shriners: Part 9 - 28/10/06

U.S.A. - Black Minister receives threat after joining Rhode Island white masonic lodge - 26/10/06

U.S.A. - Newspaper Editorial calls for Masonic Politicians to quit Whites Only Grand Lodge of Alabama - 27/10/06

U.S.A. - Masonic Temple reduced to rubble - 26/10/06

U.S.A. - Most find Masonic Temple demolition painless - 21/10/06

U.S.A. - Masonic lodge forced to sell building due to low membership - 21/10/06

U.K. - Court rules against Police Service of Northern Ireland over favouritism to Masons - 16/10/06

Canada - Tories designate Montreal Masonic Temple as 'Site of National Historic Significance' - 14/10/06

U.K. - Tribunal rules Belfast Police Officer was discriminated against in promotions because he was not a Mason - 12/10/06

U.S.A. - Sweet Home Alabama, Masonic Meltdown: Part 1 - 11/10/06

U.S.A. - Gov. Riley defends Masonic membership - 07/10/06

Moldova - Two Moldovan MPs are members of a Masonic lodge - 04/10/06

U.S.A. - What do Bill Clinton, John Wayne, Walt Disney and Dan Rather have in common? - 02/10/06

U.S.A. - Brad Meltzer scrubs his brain, The Interview - 01/10/06

U.S.A. - Governor Has To Defend Himself Because He Belongs To An Organization With No Black Members - 30/09/06

U.S.A. - Woman finds Masonic wedding ring among 40 tons of river rock - 30/09/06

U.S.A. - Ala. Governor Defends White Masonic Unit - 29/09/06

U.S.A. - Ala. Governor Defends White Masonic Unit - 29/09/06

U.S.A. - Ruling curbs occupancy on L.A. Scottish Rite Temple ending 25 year long battle, Judge thanks City Attorney for 'thwarting Scottish Rites ceaseless attempts to delay final judgement day' - 29/09/06

target="_blank"U.S.A. - Masons' School Cornerstone ceremony delayed after complaint - 29/09/06

U.S.A. - Alabama Republican Governor's Campaign Outs Leading Democrats as also being Members of Whites-Only Grand Lodge of Alabama - 29/09/06

U.S.A. - Southern Freemasonry shown as last bastion of institutional racism as Gov. Bob Riley story goes national after Bush visit - 29/09/06

U.S.A. - Radio personalities fired over reporting that Governor of Alabama belonged to Whites-Only Alabama Freemasonry - 28/09/06

U.S.A. - Radio personalities Russ and Dee Fine reported fired over 'Masonic outing' of Alabama governor as member of Whites Only Grand Lodge of Alabama - 25/09/06

U.S.A. - Shriner sends Rant-to-the-Editor over Newspaper coverage - 25/09/06

U.S.A. - It's a circus out there; Georgia Newspaper reports on Shrine Circus Protest - 24/09/06

U.S.A. - Protesters Try to Stop Georgia Shriners Circus - 24/09/06

U.S.A. - Former Exec-VP Knew of Crimes, Shriners: Part 9 - 24/09/06

U.S.A. - Masonry Unmasked: Inside the Freemasons Book by former member reveals beliefs of strange group - 19/09/06

U.S.A. - High school students protest Shriners Circus - 19/09/06

U.S.A. - L.A. Shrine Auditorium to sell naming rights and try to lure back Oscars and Emmys - 19/09/06

Chile - Grand Master Speaks in Favour of Morning After Pill and Euthanasia - 18/09/06

U.S.A. - Shriners file lawsuit against Charity Watch Center as they were engaged in an active investigation of Shrine financial irregularities using a retired I.R.S. agent - 15/09/06

U.S.A. - Pennsylvania Shriners Rodeo Causing a Ruckus - 15/09/06

U.S.A. - Book of Fate Review: The mystery of a dead man walking - 12/09/06

U.S.A. - Like Washington, Sandusky layout owed to Masons - 10/09/06

U.S.A. - Book Review: 'The Book of Fate' by Brad Meltzer - 06/09/06

target="_blank"U.S.A. - Catching a code, The Book of Fate hits bookstores tomorrow - 04/09/06

U.S.A. - Readers respond to Freemason - 04/09/06

Austria - Mozart: Catholic, Master Mason, favorite of the pope - 01/09/06

U.S.A. - Masons driving for recruits - 31/08/06

U.S.A. - 32nd degree Mason responds to Bernardin column - 30/08/06

U.S.A. - So-Called Catholic DePaul University's Merle Reskin Theatre used to install 235 Thirty-third Degree Freemasons - 29/08/06

U.S.A. - Alabama governor 'outed' on popular radio program as a racist Freemason - 29/08/06

U.S.A. - Latino Concert Canceled, Shrine Temple Accused of Racism - 26/08/06

U.S.A. - Concert Promoter Accuses Shriners of Racism and Fraud - 18/08/06

U.S.A. - Dwindling Shriners find few to wear John Wayne’s hat - 16/08/06

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U.S.A. - Dispute between New York and San Francisco Chinese Freemasons raised as investigation into execution style slaying continues (Video & Print) - 24/03/06

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U.S.A. - Mohegan Tribe to tear down Masonic Temple and 'make the property once again sacred' - 01/03/06

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U.S.A. - Annual Wisconsin Football 'Shrine Bowl' Cancelled After Masons Refuse to Share Revenue - 14/02/06

U.S.A. - 21 Year Old U.S. Soldiers Death Tied to Masonic Initiation Hazing Ritual - 12/02/06

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Northern Ireland - Londonderry 'Masonic Army Base' Observation Tower dismantled - 25/10/05

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U.S.A. - Tale From the Crypt: Skull of William Wirt U.S. Attorney General 1817 to 1829, Presidential Candidate Anti-Masonic Party, and prosecutor in Aaron Burr's treason trial recovered from "Unknown" Grave Robbers - 20/10/05

U.S.A. - City questions continuation of large Shriner Parades after inconvenience and expense complaints - 06/10/05

Italy/U.K. - The case of God's Banker: Roberto Calvi the trial begins - 06/10/05

Italy - 'God's Banker' murder trial opens - 06/10/05

Italy - Italy opens trial into death of "God's banker" - 06/10/05

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U.K. - Fifth of English Anglican Clergy believe they can be priests and members of Masonic lodges survey says - 10/09/05

Mexico - Pope Benedict Beatifies 12 Mexican Catholics tortured and murdered by Freemasons during 1920's Cristero Uprising - 02/09/05

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U.S.A. - International Union Local purchases Oregon Masonic Temple for new Headquarters Building - 16/06/05

U.K. - All British MPs and Peers to be forced to declare membership of secret societies such as the Freemasons in line with police officers and judges - 12/06/05

U.S.A. - Masonic lodges propose merger - 08/06/05

U.S.A. - Californa Man struggling with health problems cites childhood ritual abuse from Freemason Father - 08/06/05

U.S.A. - Fort Worth Masonic School Closes After 105 Years amid declining enrollment and financial problems caused by dropping donations and $6.9 million spent to settle a sex-abuse lawsuit - 06/06/05

U.K. - Anglican/Lodge rift deepens as Priest quits parish over Freemasonry - 01/06/05

Australia - M.P. questions Governor General's involvement with Freemasonry, raises mandatory masonic declaration issue with Prime Minister - 30/05/05

U.K./Italy - On This Day May 26: 1981 Italian Government Resigns - 26/05/05

Italy - Italian Government Party Leader calls E.U. "The Soviet Union of Europe" and "A Nest of Freemasons and Communist Bankers" - 25/05/05

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U.K. - Parliament 'must end its dead rituals'; Sweep away 'Masonic' practices, says Puttnam - 22/05/05

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Italy/U.K. - Four face trial over 1982 death of banker - 19/04/05

Italy/U.K. - Four indicted in death of 'God's banker' - 19/04/05

Italy/U.K. - P2 Masonic Conspiracy: Four Charged in Murder of Roberto Calvi - 18/04/05

Italy/U.K./U.S.A. - Four indicted over 1982 murder with links to Chicago archdiocese (Print and Video) - 18/04/05

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U.S.A. - Philly Lodge turns 225 - Full Moons, Tophats, Tuxedos, and Tails - 21/03/05

U.S.A. - Virginia Mason given Masonic Award for 'strengthening the relationship between Freemasonry and Scouting' - 20/03/05

U.S.A./Holy See - Cardinal Bertone blasts Freemasonry inspired 'Da Vinci Code' as 'sack full of lies' (Print & Video) - 16/03/05

Russia - Orthodox Muscovites Protest Against 1917 Masonic Conspiracy - 15/03/05

Northern Ireland - Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland switch's party affiliation to Ian Paisley's Democratic Unionists - 12/03/05

New Zealand - Prince Charles Opens 'Mythological Maze of Maui' Masonic Secret "Childrens Garden" - 10/03/05

U.K. - Freemasons dis-lodge the secrecy: Sex Offender Registeree's Out, Rolled-Up Trouser Legs In - 09/03/05

U.S.A. - Former Pittsburgh area 33rd Degree Masonic official accused of taking money - 05/03/05

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U.S.A. - ABC News Gives Shriners 'Two Smackaroonies' (Print & Video) - 28/02/05

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Holy See - Italian Panel Reopens Probe Into '81 Attack on Pope After John Paul II's Revelations in His Latest Book - 24/02/05

Wales - Morgan Vetoes Mason - 24/02/05

U.S.A. - Ohio Freemasons plan membership drive - 22/02/05

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Cyprus - Orthodox Church leaflet blasts Lions, Scouts, Masons, Rotary - 09/02/05

Canada - Ontario Freemasons celebrate 150 years - 07/02/05

Scotland - Kirkwall scroll features in new "Grail Trail" of Knights Templars - 06/02/05

U.K. - Freemason King Edward VII Tombstone Engraved With A Swastika - 01/02/05

England - 'Freemason Roy' - "Pillar of the Community" fakes divorce and tells wife for six years he is in Malaysia on business, but is actually secretly living remarried three blocks away - 30/01/05

E.U. - Freemasonry's Influence in Europe; Incompatible With Christian Religion, Says Historian - 30/01/05

U.K. - Magistrate charged and suspended after concocting bizarre story about stolen Rolex watch on way to Freemason Lodge - 29/01/05

U.S.A. - Dwindling Freemasons hope to attract fresh recruits into their secret society - 28/01/05

U.S.A. - Masonic Health Center Agrees to Pay Civil Penalty of $162,500 For Violations of Federal Clean Water Act, Reports U.S. Attorney - 18/01/05

U.S.A. - Author wrestles with the Devil - 18/01/05

U.S.A. - Masons boast years of contribution to society - 16/01/05

Italy/U.K. - Mafia, masons and murder - An update on the P2 Masonic Lodge/Roberto Calvi Murder Case - 06/01/05

U.S.A. - 89-year-old becomes Worshipful Master - 03/01/05

U.S.A. - The extinction of deism: Historical riddle solved - 30/12/04

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U.S.A. - Closing Doors - 20/12/04

U.S.A. - Cornerstone of veterans memorial dedicated - 16/12/04

Africa - Presbyterian Church of East Africa dispute over removal of Masonic Symbols inside Church's continues - 15/12/04

Africa - Nairobi Presbyterian Church succeeds in removing Masonic symbols from inside Church - 13/12/04

Iran - “Clash of civilizations” -- present or future? - 13/12/04

U.S.A. - Movie puts spotlight on Freemasons: "membership list reads like a veritable who's who in local government" - 12/12/04

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U.S.A. - `Treasure' trove: Conspiracy theorists strike it rich with Freemasonry - 09/12/04

Ukraine - Ukrainian Parliamentarian Suggests Jailing Freemasons - 07/12/04

Africa - Presbyterian Church of East Africa removes all Masonic Symbology from it's Church's - 07/12/04

U.S.A. - American Freemasons end their stonewalling and put faith in PR - 05/12/04

U.S.A. - MA Masons 'CHIPS' Program embroiled in funding controversy - 02/12/04

Phillipines - Revolutionary Leader Bonifacio a Freemason - 30/11/04

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U.K. - Row Over Vicar's Ban On Freemasons - 20/11/04

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U.S.A. - Not much loot in 'Treasure' - 19/11/04

U.S.A. - 'Treasure' makes own history - 19/11/04

U.S.A. - "National Treasure": Freemasons, Fact, and Fiction - 19/11/04

U.K. - Give Him The Third Degree - 17/11/04

E.U. - Italian EU nominee grilled over Freemasonry Allegations - 16/11/04

E.U. - New European Union Commissioner Designate Forced To Deny Freemasonry Ties - 16/11/04

E.U. - Italian Foreign Minister Grilled Over Freemasonry and Berlusconi Corruption Charges - 15/11/04

E.U. - Buttiglione: Out with the Catholic, In with the Mason - 15/11/04

U.S.A. - Delaware State Police Chief Superintendent Suspended amid Discrimination and Masonic Crony Network Allegations - 28/10/04

E.U. - Buttiglione outs? his EU successor as a Freemason - 14/10/04

U.K. - Freemason accused of indecent assault alleges conspiracy - says he was only concerned with ensuring boys proper hygene - 14/10/04

E.U. - Buttiglione 'outs' his EU successor as a Freemason - 10/10/04

New Zealand - Big gathering of Freemasons in Auckland - 09/10/04

U.S.A. - Grand Lodge of Pennsylvannia on 'Instant Membership' mass recruitment drive - 03/10/04

Wales - Clash looms between Assembly's titans - 09/09/04

Canada - Ontario Freemasonry Celebrates 150 Years - 08/09/04

Mexico - Cardinal Norberto Rivera, Archbishop of Mexico, Hosts First National Meeting of Exorcists - 02/09/04

U.K. - Pilgrimage of the Da Vinci code-breakers - 07/08/04

U.K. - I've cracked the code: it's rubbish - 06/08/04

Turkey - Turkish bombing case defendant denies wider links - 06/08/04

U.S.A. - It's a Fact: Anti-Masonic was first Party Convention in U.S. History - 26/07/04

U.S.A. - Freemasonry ties to Scouting hi-lighted in award - 26/07/04

Austalia - Modern Witchcraft tied to Freemasonry - 26/07/04

U.S.A. - New Book Documents 'Surprising' role of Freemasonry in American History - 04/07/04

U.S.A. - Service clubs find attendance declining - 04/07/04

U.S.A. - Sunset student's essay wins contest - 01/07/04

U.S.A. - Holy Blood Holy Grail - 01/07/04

U.S.A. - Funeral home site tied to local odd couple - 30/06/04

Chechnya/Russia - Masonic Lily Sign being used by Chechen Rebel Leader - 27/06/04

U.S.A./U.K. - Modern Druidism Traced to Freemasonry - 20/06/04

U.K. - Norwich man to dispel myth of Freemasons - 10/06/04

U.S.A. - Grand Commander of Iowa Knights Templar group named- 08/06/04

France/U.S.A./Canada - Quentin Tarantino: Past Cannes juries operated with secrecy of a Masonic lodge - 28/05/04

Singapore - Secretive Freemasons offer rare glimpse into their society - 27/05/04

U.S.A. - No Such Thing as Paranoia; On the culture of conspiracism - 25/05/04

U.S.A. - New South Carolina Church Dedicated via Freemasonry Cornerstone Laying Ritual - 24/05/04

U.K. - Freemasonry... when everybody knows your game - 21/05/04

Pakistan - Freemason's Hall influence and power shown in Lahore Zoo episode - 10/05/04

U.K. - Brown seeks to gag football fans' group over Masonic allegations - 06/05/04

Italy - God's Banker death mystery deepens as coroner robbed of files in Rome - 04/05/04

Italy/U.K. - Mafia squad probe Calvi bag theft - 04/05/04

U.S.A. - Is there no help for the Widow's Son? The Davinci Code Code - 04/05/04

U.K./U.S.A. - America's Christians launch assault on The Da Vinci Code - 02/05/04

U.K. - Financial Irregularities and Masonic Connections swirl around West Ham Football Club - 27/04/04

Philippines - Freemasons endorse Presidential bid by Arroyo - 26/04/04

U.K. - British Rap Star's Lyrics stir controversy - 06/04/04

U.K. - BBC under fire for song exposing Queen's Freemason Husband - 05/04/04

U.S.A. - A faded portrait - 05/04/04

U.K. - Senior Tory Freemason 'Law and Order' MP dumps wife of 30 years for his blonde secretary - 04/04/04

U.K. - Buckingham Palace declines to comment on BBC Rap Uproar - 04/04/04

U.S.A. - John Kerry's Catholicism: Is he as Catholic as he is Irish? - 01/04/04

Canada/U.S.A. - Who knew Freemasonry could be so funny? It's just not a joke. - 01/04/04

U.K./Italy - An end to the mystery of God's Banker? - 31/03/04

U.S.A. - Jefferson, Madison, Newdow? - 26/03/04

U.K. - Scottish Masons deny recruiting scheme - 25/03/04

U.S.A. - Freemasons under scrutiny - 'We don't want people to think we're satanical nut cases' - 21/03/04

U.K. - Welsh Assembly ruling barring Freemason barrister attacked - 22/03/04

Austria/U.S.A. - Mastering Mozart, Notes from Vienna - 22/03/04

U.S.A. - The Long Island Topic - 21/03/04

U.S.A. - A 'secret' organization says it has nothing to hide - 21/03/04

Italy - Four go on trial for murder of God's banker - 17/03/04

U.S.A. - Masonic leader suspends lodge where member died in shooting - 15/03/04

U.S.A. - Masonic Lodge Is Suspended After Shooting - 15/03/04

U.K./Lebanaon - British intelligence steps up, few oppose - 13/03/04

U.S.A. - Widow of slain mason struggles with loss after receiving no apology or contact from "brothers": Where is the human in them? - 11/03/04

U.S.A. - 'Trust us' Masonic ritual ends in gunshot tragedy - 11/03/04

U.K. - Welsh Counsel General quits Freemasons - 11/03/04

U.K. - Top Barrister barred from becoming Welsh National Assembly's leading legal adviser because he is a Freemason - 11/03/04

Turkey - Suicide bombers in Istanbul wanted to burn freemasons alive: reports - 11/03/04

Turkey - Botched Istanbul Suicide Attack Kills 2 - 11/03/04

U.S.A. - N.Y. Governor George Pataki changed mind on becoming Freemason - 10/03/04

U.S.A. - New York Times: A Ritual Gone Fatally Wrong Puts Light on Masonic Secrecy - 10/03/04

Turkey - Freemasons, targeted by bombing, viewed with suspicion in Turkey - 10/03/04

Turkey - Istanbul bombing raises security fears - 10/03/04

U.S.A. - Man killed in Masonic gun ritual - 10/03/04

U.S.A. - Masons Among Us - 10/03/04

U.S.A. - Guns & Guillotines - Ritual Murder Arrest Jarr's Masons - 10/03/04

Kafiristan/U.S.A. - "The Man Who Would Be King" is a lesson in the perils of colonialism - 08/03/04

U.S.A. - Former Texas Supreme Court Justice named Scottish Rite Chair - 08/03/04

Haiti -Voodoo spirits get credit for Aristide's flight - 06/03/04

France/U.S.A. - Film: Last perversion in Paris - 04/03/04

France - Why is France so afraid of religion? - 01/03/04

U.S.A. - History, Gender Theory, and a Bloody Freemason Scaling a Vaseline-Soaked Guggenheim Museum - 26/02/04

U.S.A. - Idaho Lawmaker proposes Freemason licence plates - 23/02/04

U.S.A. - Oddfellow & Masonic objects on display at Charleston Museum - 23/02/04

U.K. - 109 Little Green Men: Rosslyn Chapel - 21/02/04

U.K./Italy - Calvi murder linked to missing $70m - 18/02/04

Italy - Sins of the Godfathers - 14/02/04

Canada/U.K. - Dear Boss - 29/01/04

Kenya - Anglicans cancel former Freemason Cabinet minister's service - 22/01/04

U.K. - MP urges Wales to follow England's lead on a ruling over Freemasonry - 20/01/04

U.K. - Masonic councillors to be outed U.K. wide in new mandatory government regulations - 13/01/04

U.S.A./Egypt - Pilot of Red Sea 737 crash a Man of Mystery - 08/01/04

U.S.A. - Divided they stand; Masons in N.C. still split into white, black as membership declines - 07/12/03

U.K. - Who killed Calvi? - 07/12/03

Malta - The Origins of the New Age Movement - 04/12/03

Australia - Anglican Media Sydney and the Diocese of Canberra: Freemasonry is fundamentally and irreconcilably incompatible' with the Christian faith - 25/11/03

U.S.A. - The Rockefeller Foundation, Nazi Eugenics, the U.N.'s Radical Depopulation Movement, and the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry - 15/11/03

Jamaica - Safe or satanic? Church leaders argue over Freemasonry - 04/11/03

Egypt-Lebanon-U.S.A. - Inside the Masonic Lodge, An Arab View - 31/10/03

Australia - Anglican Church rebutts Grand Master's Claims - Condemnation of Freemasonry had support of 700 members - 25/10/03

Australia - Masons told to choose the Lodge or the Church - 23/10/03

Australia - Anglican resolution is 'discriminatory' whines Mason Bigwig - 23/10/03

Australia - Masons must choose Lodge or Church: Synod - 21/10/03

Italy - Mafia trial over Calvi - 16/10/03

U.S.A. - Iraq Operation going splendidly claims Florida Man quoting 'Masonic Publications' - 15/10/03

Italy - Cossiga Tells Martino, "You Have Prejudices" - 13/10/03

Canada - Retired Chief Superintendent of R.C.M.P. on P.R. Campaign as new Grand Master of Grand Lodge of Ontario - 04/10/03

U.K. - London Police begin Roberto Calvi Murder Investigation - 21 years after Banker was found hanging under Black Friars Bridge - 01/10/03

U.S.A. - Missouri Freemason Treasurer indicted on Federal Arson and Fraud Charges in Arcadia Valley Office Supply and Masonic Lodge Scam - 27/09/03

U.S.A. - White House 'Bonesman' leads nation into the dark - 26/09/03

E.U. - Prodi shrugs off EU scandal over missing millions and Freemason Franchet - 26/09/03

U.K. - Northern Ireland Police to be forced to declare Masonic Membership - 26/09/03

U.K. - Freemason 'closed shop' blocked me, says barrister - 20/08/03

U.S.A. - Lawsuit: Freemasonry Membership Aided Pennsylvania State Trooper in Sex Assault Cover-up - 20/07/03

U.K. - NATO Secretary-General Lord Robertson launches libel suit against Scottish Newspaper over Freemasonry - Dunblane Murders Allegations - 27/07/03

U.K. - Birmingham City Councillors to be required to disclose Masonic Membership - 21/07/03

Canada-U.S.A. - Albert Pike fingered in Knights of the Golden Circle Confederate Gold Canadian Caper - 10/07/03

U.S.A. - New L.A. Freemasons Museum Illuminates Occult Nature of Freemasonry - 11/12/02

E.U. - O.L.A.F. anti-fraud unit to examine roll of Masons in European Union Government - 02/12/02

E.U. - Quatro Suicide: Was He About To Name His Superiors? - 02/12/02

U.K. - Archbishop of Canterbury resists picking masons for clergy posts - 16/11/02

U.K. - New Archbishop of Canterbury: Masons have no place in the Church - 15/11/02

U.K. - The Satanic Brotherhood with clergymen in its ranks - 15/11/02

U.K. - Welsh Assembly blocks move to halt Masons Registry - 14/11/02

Italy-U.K.-Canada - Family finds vindication in their campaign after Italian Coroner rules Roberto Calvi's death was murder, not suicide - 04/11/02

U.K. - Scottish Parliament Committee and Municipal Standards Watchdog at odds on Mason Registry - 04/11/02

Malta - Mason secretly films then quits and publically denounces Freemasonry - 04/11/02

U.K. - Scottish Parliament pushing for Mason Registry to include Judiciary - 30/10/02

U.K. - Tory Freemason MP threatens to defy new Scottish registry law - 03/10/02

U.S.A. - W.A. School District Cancels Freemasons Cornerstone Laying Ritual - 26/09/02

E.U. - CIA and Freemasons among dark forces in Europe - 24/09/02

U.S.A. - Indiana Mason earning Thirty-third Degree - 30/08/02

U.S.A. - Dick Cheney's brilliant career - 26/07/02

Canada-U.S.A. - Despite their rituals, Shriners shy away from spiritual nature - 28/06/02

Canada-U.S.A. - Vancouver becomes a Shriner's paradise - 24/06/02

U.K. - How to lose friends and alienate people - 23/06/02

Canada-U.S.A. - The Shriners' $30-million visit - 22/06/02

U.K. - Freemasons to challenge compulsory disclosure - 17/06/02

Italy - Has P2 launched a new terror killing spree in Italy? - 01/05/02

Cuba - Forget Fidel, just give me the secret handshake, senor - 01/05/02

U.K. - Fewer on the square - 28/02/02

U.K. - Scottish Tory Leader admits he is a Freemason after first denying it - 06/02/02

U.K. - Members of Scottish Parliament reveal Freemason status - 01/02/02

U.S.A. - Fezzes, Sphinxes and Secret Handshakes - 25/11/01

U.K.-Canada - Tycoon Black now Lord of Crossharbour - 01/11/01

U.S.A. - From Hell - Entertainment Weekly Review - 19/10/01

Italy - Brother Berlusconi lambasted for denying Islam comments - 03/10/01

Italy - Brother Berlusconi's comments cause stir. Hopes the West conquers Islamic civilization - 26/09/01

U.S.A.: Masonic Lodge No. 666 to ask for new number - 21/08/01

Canada: Old-style Circus called Passé - 01/08/01

U.S.A.: Masons let 'light shine in,' try to shed image of secrecy - 30/07/01

France: Nice Tax Office condemns Freemasons' roll in Money-Laundering - 18/07/01

France: Top Riviera magistrate 'raided database' for Masonic lodge - 24/06/01

France: French magistrate held in probe into favouritism for freemasons released - 07/06/01

U.K.: Police informants to face new curbs - 20/05/01

Europe: Freemasonry's Flack - 28/05/01

Italy: Berlusconi: The power of personality - 14/05/01

U.S.A.: Bizarre secrets of Bush club exposed - 25/04/01

U.S.A.: At Skull and Bones, Bush's Secret Club Initiates Ream Gore - 23/04/01

U.K.: General Medical Council names Freemason members - 21/04/01

U.K. New evidence that Hess died with Duke of Kent in 42' plane crash - 21/04/01

U.K.: Sunday Comment: Freemasons' shocking secret - 15/04/01

France: Participez au forum: La franc-ma?nnerie est-elle plus qu?n r?eau d?nfluences ? - 19/04/01

U.K.: Minister temporarily suspends military block on Freemasonry after Grand Lodge Legal Threats - 02/04/01

U.S.A.: Police investigating discovery of human remains inside Virginia Odd Fellows Lodge - 30/03/01

U.K.: PR firm hired to improve Freemasons image - 21/03/01

U.K.: If you want to meet dodgy car dealers, join the Masons - 20/03/01

U.K.: How do you put a positive gloss on Freemasons? - 19/03/01

France: The Intelligence World's Freemasons - 08/03/01

Switzerland: Rothschild Bank AG Zurich tied to Calvi Murder and P2 Masonic Lodge - 07/03/01

U.K.: Have police finally solved the mystery of Noye's missing Brink's-Mat gold? - 29/02/01

U.S.A.: Teen sues DeMolay organization over molestation by leader - 23/02/01

U.S.A.- Canada: Shriner's Bash a Crime? Police Investigation, Imperial Potentate Turnipseed 'Aghast' - 31/01/01

Canada: Shriner's Disbanded after Reports of Sex Acts at Dinner - 31/01/01

Canada: Shriner's Unit Disbanded After Naughty Party - 30/01/01

U.K.: Prominent Freemason Jim Davidson wins OBE; deny's racism charges - 14/12/00

U.S.A.: Circus Protesters Arrested for Trespassing - 14/11/00

U.K.: Straw threatens to police Masons - 05/11/00

U.K.: Noye faces police investigation after key witness is shot dead - 07/10/00

Kenya: Pressure mounts against Freemasons in Kenya - 24/09/00

Canada: Montreal Protesters try to stop Shrine Circus - 28/08/00

U.K.: Police Ignore Voluntary Freemasons Registry, Legislation Looming - 29/07/00

U.K.: Professor of Freemasonry to probe murky past of Masonic Brotherhood - 01/07/00

U.K.: Police defy force with Masonic lodge - 28/06/00

U.K.: Survey Shows 600 Police Service Freemasons - 04/06/00

Italy: Italian politics haunted by the ghosts of its past - 21/05/00

Ireland: Movers and Shakers - 06/05/00

U.K.: Noye's tangled web of corruption - 14/04/00

U.K.: He was a master criminal and a killer. But yesterday justice caught up with Kenneth Noye - 14/04/00

U.K.: How Noye was caught - 14/04/00

U.K.: Noye's circle of criminal cronies - 14/04/00

U.K.: Britain's Most Infamous Villain, Worshipful Master Kenny Noye - 13/04/00

Vatican-Columbia: Priest who fought Freemasons beatified by the Pope - 09/04/00

South Africa: Coffins Found in Vereeniging, South Africa Freemason's Hall - 13/03/00

U.K.: Boyz In The Hood - 01/04/00

U.S.A.: Disbanding Group's Coffin Yields Bones - 27/03/00

U.S.A.: Human bones help lay bare oddity of lodges - 25/03/00

U.K.:: Secret Society Analysis - 11/02/00

U.K.: Anything to declare? - 02/03/00

France: Francs-macons, Le dessous des affaires - Freemasons, the direction of the secrecy - 27/01/00

U.S.A.: Top Twenty List of Monuments and Statues in the United States that must Topple - 19/01/00

Germany-Canada: Schreiber: The man who would topple kings - 14/01/00

U.K.: The world's best-known secret society - 25/11/99

France: New Masonic Corruption Scandal Rocks France - 17/10/99

Kenya: Devil Worship Alive in Kenya: Report - 04/08/99

U.K.: Military Launches Crackdown on Freemasons in Ranks - 17/06/99

U.K.: MPs Warn Over Influence of Freemasons - 26/05/99

U.K.: The Craft - 26/05/99

U.S.A.: Shriners float banned from Savannah's St. Patrick's Day parade - 06/04/99

U.K.: One in 20 British judges admits to being a Mason - 23/03/99

Portugal: Portugese police chief steps down in Freemasonry scandal - 17/03/99

Italy-U.K.: 'God's Banker' exhumed - 16/12/98

Italy-U.K.: Body of 'God's banker' to be exhumed - 10/11/98

Italy-U.K.: Light to be Thrown on Murky Death of Italian Banker Calvi - 10/11/98

U.K.: New Restrictions on Private Societies and the Police in Northern Ireland - 04/11/98

U.K.: Freemasons face appointments review - 27/10/98

Italy-France.: Gelli deported back to Italy - 16/10/98

France: Gelli extradition approved - 07/10/98

Italy-France: Gelli attempted suicide - 14/09/98

Italy-France: Gold found in Gelli's plantpots - 13/09/98

Italy-France: Fugitive Italian banker arrested - 11/09/98

U.K.: Association of University Teachers, New Restrictions on Freemasonry - 01/07/98

Canada: Teens to picket when Circus comes to town - 01/05/98

U.K.: New Judges must declare Masonic Membership - 08/03/98

U.K.: Freemasons - Moral Guardians or Centre of Corruption? - 05/03/98

U.K.: Secrecy to get a slap on the wrist - 20/02/98

U.K.: Home Affairs Committee, Freemasonry - Minutes of Evidence - 17/02/98

U.K.: One-in-Four Top Policemen are Freemasons MPs Told - 30/01/97

U.K.: MP Demands Probe Over Dunblane Killer Masonic Link - 08/12/96

Italy: Incompatibility between a judge position and free masonery - 20/01/95

Denmark: Danish Freemasons Try to Ban Book on Secret Rituals - 20/12/94

China: China's Top Cop Says He Sees Cooperation With Triad Gangs - 08/04/93

U.S.A.: Shriners Hospital Chief Surgeon Cleared of Misconduct After Drawing on Patient's Sex Organs - 13/05/92

U.S.A.: Would-Be Shriner Says He Was Subjected to Painful Initiation Rites - 20/11/91

U.S.A.: Men Plead Guilty to Operating an International Money Laundering Enterprise Centered in Boston's Chinatown Area - 31/07/91

U.K. 'Masons Paid Me to Flee Country' - Accused Policeman - 11/10/89

U.S.A.: President Reagan named honorary Shriner - 29/02/88

U.S.A.: Dear Ann Landers: Shrine Records Shocking - 24/04/87

U.S.A.: Shriners Announce Fund-Raising Guidelines For Temples - 28/10/86

U.S.A.: Newspaper: Money From Shriner Circuses Goes to Temples, Not Hospitals - 30/06/86

U.K.: Book Says KGB Used Freemasonry To Penetrate Secret Service - 26/01/84

Italy: Italian Justice Minister Quits in Scandal Over Masonic Lodge - 23/05/81


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