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  Spirituality - It's What Makes us Catholic!

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Call Mrs. Diane Liptak, Principal at 684-4664 today
and find out why an education at
Our Lady of Pompeii School
can be the start of something great for your children!

Our Lady of Pompeii School at 129 Laverack Avenue, Lancaster, NY 14086 US - Home

OUR LADY OF POMPEII - The Pillar for Success

Welcome to our home on the Internet. We are pleased to have you visit our website and learn more about Our Lady of Pompeii Elementary School in Lancaster, New York.

Visitors are invited to sign up for our online mailing list for special news and announcements. We hope you enjoy your visit and encourage you to check back often for updates!

Click on our "Exercise for Education" tab to see pictures and sponsors of 2013 Walk-A-Thon!

Additionally, check out Our Lady of Pompeii Parish at www.olpparish.com to find out more about our parish!

June 2014

Please click the link below to view the latest Principal's message and the June 2014 newsletter

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Home School Association News

Home School Association Meeting - 

Monday, May 19th
7:00 pm
SSPP Auditorium

Babysitting provided!



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Spirituality - It's What Makes us Catholic!

Religion and morality are nurtured and enhanced at Our Lady of Pompeii School through:

  • Daily school prayer ·
  • Daily ...

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Photo Album 2012-13
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Father Charlie's Monday Morning Alka-Seltzer

“God made the angels to show him splendor -- as He made animals for innocence and plants for their simplicity.

But man He made to serve Him wittily, in the tangle of his mind.”

St. Thomas More in Robert Bolt’s
A Man For All Seasons


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25th Sun [A] 2014

How often do you hear the cry “It isn’t fair?” It is, of course, a complaint you hear many times from children and teens. Students complain their teachers aren’t fair with their exams. Some adults and parents complain that giving grades on performance isn’t fair. How often do parents tell us that teachers aren’t fair? And what about university admissions policies, are they fair or unfair?

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