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St. Sebastian Parish at 311 Siebert Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15237 US - Staff

To Phone a Staff Member:
First dial 412-364-8999, then enter the extension. -
Parish Receptionist ext. 8451
Reverend John R. Rushofsky, M.S.Ed. (Pastor) ext. 8112
Reverend Brian W. Noel, S.T.L. (Reverend Brian W. Noel, S.T.L., ) ext. 8114
Deacon Richard R. Cessar (Pastoral Associate) ext. 8116
Parish Staff
Heather Pace (Parish Secretary / Child Protection Coordinator) ext. 8410
Ruth K. Hesidence (Administrative Assistant) ext. 8419
Peg Kirchner (Parish Manager) ext. 8447
Adriene Alarcon (Director of Stewardship ) ext. 8631
Michael Natalia (Maintenance) ext. 8327
Michael Maseth (Maintenance) ext. 8327
Bulletin Editor -
Pat D'Amico (Parish Accountant) ext. 8436
Saint Sebastian School
Dr. Kathleen Roppa (Principal) ext. 8322
Marlene Spagnolo (School Secretary) ext. 8322
School Office #1 412 364-7171
Religious Education and Faith Formation
Deacon Bob Koslosky (Director of Faith Formation) ext. 8521
Kelly Ryan (Faith Formation Program Manager) ext. 8528
Bernadette Madden (Youth Ministry) ext. 8520
Bette Weger (Faith Formation Secretary) ext 8529
Worship & Social Ministry
Mary Jo Robbins (Social Minister) ext. 8637
Thomas G. Hoffman (Director of Music & Liturgy) ext. 8624
Larry Badaczewski, L.S.W.,A.C.S.W. (Counselor Available to Parishioners) 724-776-5690
Georgette Parks (Worship and Social Ministry Secretary) ext. 8625
Parish Fax 412-364-6330
School Fax 412-364-5891
Haber Hall Fax 412-548-0010
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