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San Jose de Ampid Parish Church - Gen Luna St. Ampid SMR

Therese MPC, Vista Hermosa

Our Lord of Pardon MPC,  Balante

Rafaela 2 Pastoral Center - Rafaela 2 Subd

Holy Family MPC, Felicidad 2 Subd.

Our Mother of Perpetual Help MPC, BANABA
Immaculate Conception MPC - Armel2 Subd
Pioneer SUB-MPC @ Banaba

Holy Family Chapel @ Vinoya Residence

Holy Trinity MPC, Greenland Subd

Holy Cross MPC, Doña Pepeng Subd. 

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San Jose de Ampid Parish at Gen Luna St. Ampid 1, San Mateo, RI 1850 PH - History of Ampid, San Mateo, Rizal

History of Ampid, San Mateo, Rizal

Beautiful Sunset
Ampid is a barangay in San Mateo where San Jose de Ampid Parish is located. The 256 sq m. church is situated along Gen Luna Street.  Ampid used to be an insignificant rice field connecting Marikina and San Mateo proper. Most probably the famous General Geronimo and his battalions in the “Battle of San Mateo” passed by this road. Andres Bonifacio of the Katipunan could have traversed this same street on his way to the caves of Montalban where he hid.

During the Spanish Regime, way back in the 18th Century,  the barrio of  Ampid is not yet in existence. Sometime after the Fil-American Revolution in 1898, Ampid came into existence based on a legend which runs like this:

It was a December, the season to harverst palay  during the American occupation the year of which is not mentioned in the story, a big flood ravaged San Mateo -  most likely its the "Ondoy" type of flood that the elders were talking about.


The whole town including this barrio is totally submerged in water -  considering Ampid is traversed by three rivers - as a result, after the water subsided, several bundles of palay stalks were piled at a certain place in Ampid where the nearby trees caught the palay stalks.  Incidentally, some Americans settlers allegely passed by and asked the farmers collecting the bundles, "What Place is this?"  The farmers, not knowing what these Americans were asking for,  merely thought that they were asking them what happened to the palay bundles and why were they all piled up there.


They courteously answered that the stalks of palay were NASAMPID because of the flood.

The Americans then thought that the farmers answered them correctly that this place is AMPID. From them on, this barrio was called AMPID. What used to be a grassland and rice field became a sprawling barangay enjoying the connection of C-6 with Batasan Hills in Quezon City. 



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