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Simbanggabi at, Diocese of Arlington, VA 20152 US - Home


Merry Christmas and  A Blessed New Year

Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Bagoong Taon Sa Inyong Lahat!



Our main theme is "Celebrate our Faith and Culture".  

Why did we choose this theme?
With prayers and many discussion, It was agreed and discerned with our Simbang Gabi coordinators last September 2013 at All Saints Parish in Manassas, VA.

How do we put Celebration amidst the Calamity?
With the recent typhoon "Yolanda" calamity, the world has recognized the resilience of the Filipino people amidst the devastation surrounding them. It is embedded in our CULTURE to rise up against adversities and our FAITH is our HOPE to surpass against all odds. 

We Celebrate our FAITH for it gives us a reason to HOPE and our strong CULTURE lifts up our spirit. We are united with you and together WE SHALL RISE.

"....In a gesture of solidarity, the Pope Francis hugged Cardinal Tagle during the ceremony last Nov 21, 2013 and states, 'I have been close to your people, I have seen how great the pain has been but also how strong the people have been...Faith emerged from the ruins, it came from solidarity in the moment of hardship. "

...In the moment of hardship, we ask why some things happen. In those moments of suffering, questioning prayers that do not ask explanations but beg the Lord to accompany us are the most useful....Pope Francis



Date: December 15 -23, 2013

Click for schedule http://home.catholicweb.com/simbanggabi/index.cfm/NewsItem?ID=359280

Note: Dec 23, 2013, Monday 7:30pm
A call to all Fil Am Youth, Families, and Community
Holy Mass is celebrated by His Excellency Bishop Paul S. Loverde
Christ the Redeemer Parish
Sterling, VA.

This is an annual event sponsored by the Filipino Ministry of Northern
Virginia since December 2000.

In cooperation w/ Catholic Diocese of Arlington, Office of
Multicultural Ministries

Interested in hosting SIMBANG GABI 2014 in your parish or Volunteer

Please contact:
Anne Jendel, Program Assistant, Office of Multicultural Ministries
Catholic Diocese of Arlington
Email: a.jendel@arlingtondiocese.org


Ed Tiong, Simbang Gabi Coordinator
Filipino Ministry of Northern VA
Cell or Text:
Email: filipinoministry@catholicweb.com


On behalf of the entire Filipino American Community throughout the Diocese of Arlington (Northern Virginia area), We wish to express our deep gratitude of thanks and appreciation to Ms. Corinne Monogue, Director of the Office of Multicultural Ministries and to His Excellency Most Rev. Paul S. Loverde Bishop of Arlington for their continued support and guidance in celebrating our most beloved tradition- Simbang Gabi "Advena Novena of  Masses" which had began since December 2000.

We wish to acknowledge and thank all the Pastors and Parish Staff from all the respective parishes that hosted the Simbang Gabi in the 16 different parishes for their hospitality and assistance in making the Novena of Mass a reality.

To all the people behind the scenes from the Simbang Gabi Coordinator, Simbang Gabi committee members, Choir, and all participants in the mass as well as the many food sponsors, we thank you for your tireless efforts, your dedication and love of Service to God and Community.

To all who attended and participated in the Simbang Gabi Masses, It is because of you that we have come to Serve unselfishly and faithfully. You continue to inspires us and are ever thankful in taking some time from your busy schedule to be with us and feast at the "Salu-salo" reception or partake in breaking bread and receiving our Lord.

To our Youth and Young Adults in community, we hope with your experiencing Simbang Gabi with your family and friends that someday you may instill these important values, customs, and traditions into your own upbringing and perhaps into your own family someday. We pray and hope for the Youth and Young Adults to have more of an active role in our future Simbang Gabi always with the wisdom and guidance of their supportive parents.

May you all have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year

Ed Tiong
Coordinator, Filipino Ministry of Northern Virginia 

For further updates:Please check this website or email us at filipinoministry@catholicweb.com

Mission Statement
We are a resource network group for those who serve Filipinos all over the global community in celebrating our best loved and widely recognized ancient Filipino tradition of Simbang Gabi (evening mass) or Misa de Gallo (early dawn mass), which dates back since 1565. Simbang Gabi brings out the ...
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Catholic Poetry - A Faithful Utterance

Listen To The Poetry Of Pavel Chichikov -Today's Poem: Volunteers:

Today: Volunteers - In the end, death comes for us all; no need to step forward.

God bless and enjoy my poetry,

Pavel Chichikov

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Argentine Cardinal Bergoglio elected Pope Francis

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, Argentina has been elected Pope.

The new Pontiff, who chose the name Pope Francis, is the first Latin American every to become Roman Pontiff, and the first Jesuit.

The Argentine cardinal was elected on the 5th ballot of the conclave, ...

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A vision of Heaven
As Dale McKay was facing death, he spoke to writer Nancy Schertzing about his feelings and his hopes for heaven. Later, Nancy spoke with Dale's widow, Ellen, who shared the joy of their marriage and the moving experience of Dale's death. Their story is filled with love and hope that speaks to all of us.
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In the Know with Father Joe
Dear Fr. Joe: What is a mortal sin? If I commit one, do I automatically go to hell?
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Three Myths about Online Dating
A week doesn’t go by without several newspapers writing about the expanding use of online dating services. Millions of single people have, and many more millions will, use at least one online dating site in 2005. Despite the increased societal acceptance, several myths continue to persist.  

Myth #3: Meeting someone...

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New Mission Education Materials From Glenmary
A major commitment of Glenmary Home Missioners is to call young people into mission and to raise awareness of mission need here in the United States. That’s the goal of the new Educate & Inspire: Home Mission Materials From Glenmary, a joint project of Glenmary priests, brothers and sisters. The first materials were released in time for Mission Month (October) 2006 and the latest...
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Gospel Music
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“But it’s just a picture,” said Danny. He sat on the sidewalk in front of his house. Green and purple sidewalk chalk smudged his face and t-shirt.

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30th Sun [A] 2014

A fundamental theme that runs throughout the entire Bible is this: "God offers, we respond." God's offer of love for us is a given; His unconditional love is always offered to us no matter what. The result, however, is conditional. The result depends upon our response to His offer.


During my freshman year in college, I set out to lose about ten pounds. What began as a simple plan to get fit spiraled into a dangerous obsession. Somehow I became so compulsive about exercising and dieting that I developed an eating disorder called anorexia...

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The Committee for the Convention Against Torture (CAT) has released an advance unedited version of its Concluding Observations on the Initial Report of the Holy See. These Observations recognise that the Holy See has made many serious and substantial reforms on its procedures that further ...

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