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Sorrowful Mother at 165 South Grace St., Wheatfield, IN 46392-7396 US - Home

Welcome to Our Website

This is our home on the Internet. Here you will find the latest news and information about the church. Please take a moment to visit the online Calendar for upcoming events and our News page for featured articles. Visitors are invited to sign up for our online mailing list for special news and announcements. We hope you enjoy your visit and encourage you to check back often for updates!

Here is a List of Our Upcoming Events:

12/2/2012 9:00AM RCIA
12/2/2012 9:00AM RE
12/2/2012 4:00PM Advent Vespers
12/4/2012 6:30PM No Prayer Group
12/5/2012 7:00PM Anointing Mass
12/5/2012 6:00PM Youth Ministry
12/7/2012 9:00AM First Friday Communion Calls
12/7/2012 6:00PM Holy Day Vigil Mass
12/7/2012 9:00-12Noon Eucharistic Adoration and Benediction
12/7/2012 7:00PM Advent by Candlelight
12/8/2012 8:30AM Holy Day Vigil Mass
12/8/2012 7:00PM Advent by Candlelight
12/9/2012 9:00AM Holy Name Society
12/9/2012 9:00AM RCIA
12/9/2012 4:00PM Sorrows of Mary in church
12/9/2012 9:00AM RE
12/12/2012 6:00PM Youth Ministry
12/16/2012 9:00AM RCIA
12/16/2012 9:00AM Linda Duttlinger's Christmas Story in Church
12/17/2012 7:00PM PENANCE SERVICE
12/19/2012 6:00PM Youth Ministry
12/20/2012 7:00PM Finance Council
12/20/2012 7:30PM Parish Council 
12/23/2012 11:30AM DECORATE THE CHURCH
12/23/2012 9:00AM No RCIA Christmas Break
12/23/2012 9:00AM No RE Christmas Break
12/24/2012 10:00PM MASS / CONCERT- 9:30PM
12/24/2012 10:00pm MASS
12/25/2012 9:00AM MASS
12/30/2012 9:00AM Altar and Rosary Sodality
12/30/2012 9:00AM No RCIA- Christmas Break
12/30/2012 9:00AM No RE- Christmas Break
12/31/2012 7:00PM Vigil Mass for: Mary Mother of God
1/4/2013 9:00AM First Friday Communion Calls
1/4/2013 9:00-12Noon Eucharistic Adoration and Benediction
1/6/2013 9:00AM No RE- Christmas Break
1/8/2013 6:30PM Prayer Group
1/9/2013 6:00PM Youth Ministry
1/10/2013 7:15PM Liturgy Committee
1/13/2013 9:00AM Holy Name Society
1/13/2013 9:00AM RCIA
1/13/2013 9:00AM RE
1/16/2013 6:00PM Youth Ministry
1/17/2013 7:00PM Finance Council
1/17/2013 7:30PM Parish Council
1/20/2013 6;00PM Inquiry Meeting
1/20/2013 9:00AM RCIA
1/20/2013 9:00AM RE
1/23/2013 6:00PM Youth Ministry
1/27/2013 9:00AM Altar and Rosary Sodality
1/27/2013 9:00AM RCIA
1/27/2013 9:00AM RE
1/30/2013 6:00PM Youth Ministry
2/1/2013 9:00AM First Friday Communion Calls
2/1/2013 9:00-12Noon Eucharistic Adoration and Benediction
2/3/2013 8:00AM Special 1st Communion Liturgy
2/3/2013 Blessing of Throats after Mass
2/3/2013 9:00AM RCIA
2/3/2013 9:00AM RE
2/5/2013 6:30PM Prayer Group
2/6/2013 6:00PM Youth Ministry
2/10/2013 9:00AM Holy Name Society
2/10/2013 9:00AM RCIA
2/10/2013 9:00AM RE
2/10/2013 11:30AM YM Soup and Salad Dinner
2/13/2013 7:00PM Education WK 1
2/13/2013 7:00PM ASH WEDNESDAY
2/20/2013 9:00AM Education WK 2
2/15/2013 3;30PM STATIONS
2/15/2013 Destination  Jesus in CARMEL
2/17/2013 6:00PM Inquiry Meeting
2/17/2013 9:00AM No RCIA  Winter Break
2/17/2013 8:00AM RCIA/Rite of Sending for Election
2/17/2013 9:00AM No RE  Winter Break
2/17/2013 8:00AM Religious Ed Mass
2/24/2013 7:00PM Education WK 2
2/17/2013 9:00AM Education WK 1
2/21/2013 7:00PM Finance Council
2/21/2013 7:30PM Parish Council
2/22/2013 3:30PM STATIONS
2/24/2013 9:00AM Altar and Rosary Sodality
2/24/2013 9:00AM RCIA
2/24/2013 8:00AM RCIA/RITE of Sending for Recognition
2/24/2013 9:00AM RE
2/27/2013 7:00PM Education WK 3
2/27/2013 6:00PM Lenten Mass
3/3/2013 9:00AM Education WK 3
3/1/2013 9:00AM First Friday Communion Calls
3/1/2013 9:00-12Noon Eucharistic Adoration and Benediction
3/1/2013 3:30PM STATIONS
3/3/2013 9:00AM RCIA
3/3/2013 8:00AM RCIA---SCRUTINY #1
3/3/2013 9:00AM RE
3/3/2013 1:00PM Wheatfield time at the cathedral for Confirmation
3/5/2013 6:30PM Prayer Group
3/13/2013 7:00PM Education WK 4
3/6/2013 6:00PM Lenten Mass
3/17/2013 9:00AM Education WK 4
3/7/2013 7:00PM Liturgy Committee
3/8/2013 3:30PM STATIONS
3/9/2013 8:00AM RCIA Retreat
3/10/2013 9:00AM Holy Name Society
3/10/2013 9:00AM RCIA
3/10/2013 8:00AM RCIA Scrutiny #2, Pres. Of Creed
3/10/2013 9:00AM RE
3/10/2013 8:00PM Easter Vigil
3/20/2013 7:00PM Education WK 5
3/13/2013 6:00PM Lenten Mass
3/24/2013 9:00AM Education WK 5
3/15/2013 3:30PM STATIONS
3/16/2013 Passion of the Christ
3/17/2013 9:00AM RCIA
3/17/2013 8:00AM RCIA with Scrutiny #3, Pres. Of Our Fa.
3/17/2013 9:00AM RE
3/20/2013 6:00PM Lenten Mass
3/21/2013 7:00PM Finance Council
3/21/2013 7:30PM Parish Council
3/22/2013 3:30PM STATIONS
3/24/2013 Blessing of Palms at every Mass
3/24/2013 9:00AM No RCIA Spring Break
3/24/2013 8:00AM Blessing of Palms at every Mass
3/24/2013 9:00AM No RE Spring Break
3/25/2013 7:30PM Tenebrae
3/25/2013 7:30PM Tenebrae
3/26/2013 7:00PM Chrism Mass/AT LAFAYETTE
3/26/2013 7:00PM Chrism Mass/AT LAFAYETTE
3/27/2013 7:00PM SEDER MEAL
3/27/2013 7:00PM SEDER MEAL
3/27/2013 7:00PM SEDER MEAL
3/28/2013 7:00PM Holy Thurs. Mass/Pres. Of Oils/end 10pm
3/28/2013 7:00PM Holy Thurs. Mass/Pres. Of Oils/end 10pm
3/29/2013 1:30PM GOOD FRIDAY
3/29/2013 1:30PM GOOD FRIDAY
3/30/2013 2:00PM Easter Basket Blessing
3/30/2013 8:00PM Easter Vigil
3/30/2013 9:30AM Decorating the Church
3/30/2013 8:00PM Easter Vigil
3/31/2013 9:00AM Altar and Rosary Sodality
3/31/2013 9:00AM No RCIA Easter
3/31/2013 9:00AM No RE Easter
4/2/2013 6:30PM Prayer Group
4/3/2013 6:00PM Youth Ministry
4/5/2013 9:00AM First Friday Communion Calls
4/5/2013 9:00-12Noon Eucharistic Adoration and Benediction
4/7/2013 3:00PM Divine Mercy Prayer
4/7/2013 9:00AM RCIA
4/7/2013 9:00AM RE
4/10/2013 6:00PM Youth Ministry
4/14/2013 9:00AM Holy Name Society
4/14/2013 9:00AM RCIA
4/14/2013 9:00AM RE
4/17/2013 6:00PM Youth Ministry
4/18/2013 7:00PM Finance Council
4/18/2013 7:30PM Parish Council
4/21/2013 10-1PM Pancake and Sausage Breakfast for Food Panty\
4/21/2013 9:00AM RCIA
4/21/2013 9:00AM RE
4/24/2013 7:00PM Eucharistic Ministers Meeting
4/24/2013 8:00PM Lector Meeting
4/24/2013 6:00PM Youth Ministry
4/25/2013 10:00AM Lector Meeting
4/25/2013 9:00AM Eucharistic Ministers Meeting
4/28/2013 9:00AM Altar and Rosary Sodality
4/28/2013 9:00AM RCIA
4/28/2013 9:00AM RE
4/28/2013 8:00AM Religious Ed Mass and Awards
5/1/2013 6:00PM YM Softball and Cookout
5/2/2013 6:30PM First Communion Scapulars and Confession
5/3/2013 9:00AM First Friday Communion Calls
5/3/2013 9:00-12Noon Eucharistic Adoration and Benediction
5/5/2013 10:30AM First Communion
5/5/2013 10:30AM May Crowning
5/5/2013 9:00AM RCIA
5/5/2013 9:00AM RE
5/5/2013 6:00PM Youth Ministry
5/7/2013 6:30PM Prayer Group
5/9/2013 7:00PM Litugy Committee
5/11/2013 8:00AM RCIA BANQUET
5/12/2013 9:00AM Holy Name Society Breakfast for mothers
5/12/2013 9:00AM No RCIA Mothers' Day
5/12/2013 9:00AM No RE Mothers' Day
5/16/2013 7:00PM Finance Council
5/16/2013 7:30PM Parish Council
5/19/2013 9:00AM Altar and Rosary Sodality
5/19/2013 9:00AM First Renconciliation   
5/19/2013 9:00AM Last RCIA
5/19/2013 9:00AM Last RE
5/19/2013 9:00AM Parish Picnic
Jun-13 Vacation Bible School
6/2/2013 Commissioning of Eucharistic Ministers
6/2/2013 6:00PM Graduation Breakfast
6/4/2013 6:30PM Prayer Group
6/7/2013 9:00AM First Friday Communion Calls
6/7/2013 9:00-12Noon Eucharistic Adoration and Benediction
6/20/2013 7:00PM Finance Council
6/20/2013 7:30PM Parish Council
6/25/2013 Servers trip to Indiana Beach
7/2/2013 6:30PM Prayer Group
7/5/2013 9:00AM First Friday Communion Calls
7/5/2013 9:00-12Noon Eucharistic Adoration and Benediction
7/7/2013 2:00PM Ice Cream  Social
7/18/2013 7:00PM Finance Council
7/18/2013 7:30PM Parish Council 
8/2/2013 9:00AM First Friday Communion Calls
8/2/2013 9:00-12Noon Eucharistic Adoration and Benediction
8/3/2013 7:00AM CANOE TRIP
8/6/2013 6:30PM Prayer Group
8/15/2013 7:00PM Finance Council
8/15/2013 7:00PM Holy Day Mass
8/15/2013 8:30AM Holy Day Mass
8/15/2013 7:30PM Parish Council 
8/25/2013 After Mass Registration for Religious Ed
8/27/2013 Catechist Meeting
8/28/2013 6:00PM Youth Ministry
9/3/2013 6:30PM Prayer Group
9/3/2013 Catechist Meeting
9/6/2013 9:00AM First Friday Communion Calls
9/6/2013 9:00-12Noon Eucharistic Adoration and Benediction
9/8/2013 9:00AM Holy Name Society
9/8/2013 9:00AM RE Parent Meeting and RE
9/11/2013 6:00PM Youth Ministry (Students  & Parents)
9/12/2013 7:00PM Liturgy Committee
9/15/2013 9:00AM Catechetical Sunday
9/18/2013 6:00PM Youth Ministry
9/19/2013 7:00PM Finance Council
9/19/2013 7:30PM Parish Council 
9/22/2013 9:30AM RE
9/22/2013 8:00AM Religious Ed Mass
9/25/2013 6:00PM Youth Ministry
9/29/2013 9:00AM Altar and Rosary Sodality
9/29/2013 9:00AM RE 
10/1/2013 6:30PM Prayer Group
10/2/2013 7:00PM Education Wk 1
10/2/2013 6:00PM Youth Ministry
10/3/2013 9:00AM Education Wk 1
10/4/2013 9:00AM First Friday Communion calls
10/4/2013 9:00-12Noon Eucharistic Adoration and Benediction
10/6/2013 9:00AM RE
10/7/2013 Begin Set Up for Rummage Sale
10/9/2013 7:00PM Education Wk 2
10/9/2013 6:00PM Youth Ministry
10/10/2013 9:00AM Education Wk 2
10/13/2013 8:00AM Special 1st. Rec. Liturgy
10/13/2013 9:00AM Holy Name Society
10/13/2013 9:00AM RE
10/16/2013 3PM-7PM Rummage Sale
10/16/2013 7:00PM Education Wk 3
10/16/2013 6:00PM Youth Ministry
10/17/2013 10AM-7PM Rummage Sale
10/17/2013 9:00AM Education Wk 3
10/17/2013 7:00PM Finance Council
10/17/2013 7:30PM Parish Council 
10/18/2013 10AM-3PM Rummage Sale
10/20/2013 9:00AM RE
10/23/2013 7:00PM Education Wk 4
10/23/2013 6:00PM Youth Ministry
10/24/2013 9:00AM Education Wk 4
10/26/2013 6:00PM Halloween Party
10/27/2013 9:00AM Altar and Rosary Sodality
10/27/2013 9:00AM No RE  Fall Break
10/31/2013 7:00PM Holy Day Mass
11/1/2013 9:00AM First Friday Communion Calls
11/1/2013 8:30AM Holy Day Mass
11/1/2013 9:00-12Noon Eucharistic Adoration and Benediction
11/1/2013 7:00PM Holy Day Mass
11/3/2013 9:00AM RE
11/3/2013 8:00AM YM Breakfast
11/5/2013 6:30PM Prayer Group
11/6/2013 7:00PM Education Wk 5
11/7/2013 9:00AM Education Wk 5
11/7/2013 7:00PM Liturgy Committtee
11/7/2013 8:00AM YM Breakfast
11/10/2013 9:00AM Holy Name Society
11/10/2013 9:00AM RE
11/10/2013 8:00AM Special RE Mass
11/13/2013 7:00PM Education Wk 6
11/13/2013 6:00PM Youth Ministry
11/14/2013 9:00AM Education Wk 6
11/17/2013 8:00AM First Communicants to Sign Book
11/17/2013 9:00AM RE
11/17/2013 8:00AM Youth Group Special Thanksgiving Mass
11/20/2013 6:00PM Youth Ministry
11/21/2013 7:00PM Finance Council
11/21/2013 7:30PM Parish Council 
11/24/2013 9:00AM Altar and Rosary Sodality
11/24/2013 9:00AM No RE (Thanksgiving Break)
12/1/2013 9:00AM RE
12/1/2013 4:00PM Advent Vespers
12/3/2013 6:30PM No Prayer Group
12/4/2013 7:00PM Anointing Mass
12/4/2013 6:00PM Youth Ministry
12/6/2013 9:00AM First Friday Communion Calls
12/6/2013 9:00-12Noon Eucharistic Adoration and Benediction
12/6/2013 7:00PM Advent by Candlelight
12/8/2013 9:00AM Holy Name Society
12/8/2013 9:00AM RE
12/8/2013 9:00AM RE
12/9/2013 6:00PM Holy Day  Mass
12/9/2013 8:30AM Holy Day  Mass
12/11/2013 6:00PM Youth Ministry
12/15/2013 9:00AM RE
12/18/2013 6:00PM Youth Ministry
12/19/2013 7:00PM Finance Council
12/19/2013 7:30PM Parish Council 
12/22/2013 11:30AM DECORATE THE CHURCH
12/22/2013 9:00AM Christmas Program Linda D. in church
12/22/2013 9:00AM No RE Christmas Break
12/24/2013 12Midnight MASS
12/25/2013 9:00AM MASS
12/29/2013 9:00AM Altar and Rosary Sodality
12/29/2013 9:00AM No RE- Christmas Break
12/31/2013 7:00PM Vigil Mass for: Mary Mother of God

Helping Hands

Do you need a hand?  Can you lend a hand?  Consider joining the Helping Hands ministry!

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Can you spare a dime?

The church food pantry can use your generosity!

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Argentine Cardinal Bergoglio elected Pope Francis

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, Argentina has been elected Pope.

The new Pontiff, who chose the name Pope Francis, is the first Latin American every to become Roman Pontiff, and the first Jesuit.

The Argentine cardinal was elected on the 5th ballot of the conclave, ...

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New Email Sign-In Page

January 2014: Google is replacing its various Google Apps sign-in pages with a single, new Google Apps sign-in page. Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and all other Google Apps services will now have an identical sign-in experience. When users attempt to sign in ...

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A vision of Heaven
As Dale McKay was facing death, he spoke to writer Nancy Schertzing about his feelings and his hopes for heaven. Later, Nancy spoke with Dale's widow, Ellen, who shared the joy of their marriage and the moving experience of Dale's death. Their story is filled with love and hope that speaks to all of us.
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In the Know with Father Joe
Dear Fr. Joe: What is a mortal sin? If I commit one, do I automatically go to hell?
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Palm Sunday - 2014

Blood is life-giving; it is the essential element in sustaining us in life. Babies the womb receive oxygen and nutrients from their mothers’ blood. When natural disasters occur the Red Cross appeals for blood donors. During surgeries donated blood sustains patients in life. In many cultures the bonding of people is sealed in rituals that mingle blood. In all cultures blood has a deeply religious significance.

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