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Chris ETC. at 14809 Pennfield Circle #412, Silver Spring, MD 20906 US - Home

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By day I enjoy my ministry as a Pastoral Associate at Our Lady of Grace Church in Leisure World, Silver Spring, MD. In my free time I write novels dealing with murder, violence, and sex, while offering the hope of conversion to our God of unconditional love; my stories also focus on what needs to be changed in the church I love. 

My first novel, At the Last Supper, (2005) is available at wingsepress.com or Amazon.com. My second novel, Sacred Betrayal, (2007) published by Publish Amerca is available from  publishamerica.com, or Barnes & Noble at www.bn.com or from Amazon.com. My third novel, My Priest, My Husband, can  be ordered from wingsepress.com. or from Amazon.com. For easy ordering click on the BUY NOW buttons. In response to many requests for a different prayer experience especially during Lent, I wrote a devotional prayer and meditation booklet. In 2011 Stations of the Cross for Today's DIsciples was published by Twenty-Third Publications.

Released in November 2012, is my latest novel, The Second Time Around, which asks, "What would happen if God appeared on earth again, but this time as a daughter?"

At the Last Supper
The candles on the altar in St. Joseph’s Church have been burning for fifteen minutes; the footsteps of the latecomers have ceased. Restless fidgeting stirs apologetically among some of the morning faithful; others are transparently annoyed. “Why is it,” Diane groans under her breath, “that ...
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Sacred Betrayal
Clenching the morning newspaper in his large manicured hands, Archbishop Robert Garrote’s frenzied roar propelled him back and forth as he paced in front of his huge mahogany desk. Another article publicizing the Cry Justice assembly in his diocese. Their fall meeting always took place the ...
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Reviews by A Kilgore
At the Last Supper Sister Christine Kresho ISBN 1-59088-423-X Mystery *** Over the period of several months, two Catholic priests, noted for being "seeker friendly," are violently murdered; each is stabbed a dozen times and a Bible is left near them, open to institution of the ...
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Now Available!
My Priest, My Husband is now available from Wings ePress, and you are invited to use the BUY NOW link on this website.  Due to the controversial subject matter (optional priestly celibacy) which is why this book had to be a romance novel, many friendly advisers ...
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Stations of the Cross
Stations of the Cross for Today's Disciples, published in 2011 by Twenty-Third Publications, is a prayerful reflection of Jesus as he speaks to us of his sufferings and teaches us how to follow him. You may use the following link to order or contact me ...
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What happens when God walks the earth again?
What would happen if God appeared among us again but this time as a woman? The Second Time Around begins with the death of Sammi, a woman who preached the message of Jesus. In the search for her killer, her followers uncover evidence that will send a priest and a bishop to jail, and the pope into ...
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Father Charlie's Monday Morning Alka-Seltzer
Jesus said to his disciples:
“Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.

“Stop judging and you will not be judged...

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Hunger USA
Hunger here in the richest nation in the world? Impossible, one might think. But the U.S. Conference of Mayors’ annual Hunger and Homelessness Survey makes it clear that hunger and food insecurity (not always having access to enough food to meet basic needs) not only exist, but are on the rise. The increase is reflected in the fact that the two dozen cities surveyed found that requests for ...
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We Interrupt This Service...
Pastor Tony's attempts at humor go unappreciated.

Jocosity Cartoons.

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