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Chris ETC. at 14809 Pennfield Circle #412, Silver Spring, MD 20906 US - Reviews by A Kilgore

Reviews by A Kilgore

At the Last Supper

Sister Christine Kresho

ISBN 1-59088-423-X



Over the period of several months, two Catholic priests, noted for being "seeker friendly," are violently murdered; each is stabbed a dozen times and a Bible is left near them, open to institution of the Lord's Supper. As the police investigate, it appears that the good Fathers were not as totally lily white as it might appear. For what secret did these men die and a third one nearly do so? Did the group of women who, under the Magdalene's banner, sought to establish a greater role for women in the church have a link to the deaths?  

Proving that you can tell a good story without being crass, Sister Kresho draws readers into the parish politics and small, but potentially deadly dramas that churn there. At its heart, this is a story of redemption and a statement of faith, as well as an absorbing mystery. Strong characters facing struggles drive the plot and make you care about what becomes of them, both physically and spiritually.





Sacred Betrayal

Sr. Christine Kresho

Publish America

Dec 07

ISBN 1604741457



Religious differences and old hates create a deadly situation. To be sure, not everyone agrees with the vision Cry Justice has for the future of the Catholic church, but one priest is willing to kill to stop them, in the process sating his own, carnal desires and bloodlust. Playing on years' old grudges, one twisted priest will manipulate events so that no one who disagrees with his views will be safe from his vengeance.


Sister Kresho has created a villain that will give you chills. She shows how dangerous fanaticism is, making it clear that such distortions are in no way part of Christ's true church. If you are a fan of Andrew Greeley, especially the Blackie Ryan or Nuala series, then you will in all likelihood find this a new treasure to add to your collection.


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