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St. Ignatius Parish at 3704 Spring Hill Ave, Mobile, AL 36608 US - Daughters of Mary Women Renewing Faith &Family

Daughters of Mary

Women Renewing Faith &Family





Women Renewing Faith and Family


Please join us September 2, 2014



Prayer:  Spiritual Formation in the Marian Tradition

Reflection:  Gospel Insight for Contemporary Women

Renewal:  Creating a Culture of Faith for Family, Church and Community





Reminder:  Next food collection for the Backpack Ministry—

September 14-19, 2014



MARK YOUR CALENDARS— Join Us To Celebrate 

The Daughters of Mary of St. Ignatius Parish Invite  All Women in the Archdiocese for a Day of Prayer

Led by Retreat Director Fr. Anthony Wieck, S.J. 





The Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Mother and the 3RD Birthday of the Daughters of Mary

Saturday6 September, 2014

St. Ignatius Church and Marian Center

Opening Mass:  8AM—Closing Prayer:  3PM

Bring Your Own Bag Lunch—Drinks and snacks provided—(Suggested Offering $20)—




Join Us for a Special Gospel Reflection on Matthew 21:28-32  

“Pray For Me.”

Tuesday September 23

By Carolyn Romano of the Diocese Birmingham,  Alabama

Carolyn has been happily married to Frank Romano for 26 years. They have four boys, Frankie, Nick, John Michael and CJ. They attend Our Lady of the Valley Catholic Church in Birmingham, Alabama. Last year they celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary in Rome, Italy where they were able to meet Pope Francis in St. Peter's Square. Carolyn gave him a Zucchetto, a white silk skullcap and in return, he gave her the one he wore during his weekly papal audience. He had only one request, "Pray for me!" Since then, she has been showing it to students and prayer groups, telling them about her trip to Rome, and asking them to pray for the intentions of Pope Francis. 



Called To Love, Catholic Women’s Conference

October 4, 2014

Please contact



Dear Beautiful Daughters of Mary,


    Father Shields presented St. Ignatius Parish Campaign for 2014-15:   “For Me and My Household”— taken from Joshua 24:15 – A Year of Evangelization in the Family.  He reminded us that Joshua gathered all the tribes of Israel to the holy place Shechem.  At this time Joshua told the leaders of the tribes they must serve the Lord.  Father Shields continued to instruct us stating that evangelization begins at home.  

     St. Ignatius Parish campaign has three commitments.  

  1. Commit to attend Mass every Sunday and Holy Day.  As Fr. Shields stated, only 33% of Catholics attend Mass on Sunday.  
  2. Pray daily and study the scriptures.  The Magnificat is a well done publication. Fr. Shields encouraged us to read the Magnificat daily, as it is easy to use.  
  3. Serve God and Parish.  Fr. Shields stated that that means we are to carry out God’s will in our thoughts, words, and deeds.

These three commitments, are “Marian” in that Mary and Joseph took Jesus to synagogue on the Sabbath and Jewish holy days; Mary prayed as she is quoted in the bible with the Canticle of Mary “My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord”; and Mary did everything God asked of her.

   The campaign will begin on Sunday, September 7.  Fr. Shields has asked the Daughters of Mary to assist him in handing out cards with the three commitments listed on it before each mass.  In addition to the cards.  He asked if we would also distribute one Magnificat to each family as they left church that Sunday.



Mary Ann McConnell



Spiritual Gift of the Week

Father, forgive me when I too, like Peter, become an obstacle to you and to your plans for my life.  Help me always to seek your will.  Grant me the wisdom to to distinguish between what is of eternal value and what is merely passing, and the grace to choose those things which are pleasing in your sight, so that I may spend eternity with you, with your blessed Mother who intercedes on our behalf,  and with all the saints and angels.


Spiritual Direction of the Week

Let us pray:  As for me and my house—

We will serve the Lord.  (Joshua 25:15)


Gospel Reflection /Matthew 

22nd Sunday of Ordinary Time— August 30 , 2014

By Peggy Salisbury


This Sunday's gospel reading is a continuation of last Sunday's gospel and so the two must be considered together when trying to understand them.  In last Sunday's gospel we heard Jesus ask the disciples “But who do you say that I am?”  Peter, receiving a divine gift of faith,  correctly identifies Jesus as the Christ, Son of the Living God. Jesus then names Peter the rock upon which He will build His church.

Moments later in this gospel account, also known as the First Passion Prediction,  Jesus begins laying out for the disciples His plan for establishing his church.  Jesus proclaims to them that He must go to Jerusalem, suffer greatly, be killed, and on the third day be raised. 

Gone is the momentary divine inspiration Peter had just received.  He cannot comprehend that Christ is going to suffer, die and be raised, and so he begins to contradict Jesus.  Peter's gift of faith is immediately put to test.  Must I even say that contradicting Jesus is never a good idea? The man who was proclaimed  minutes ago as the Rock now suddenly finds himself a stumbling block, and Jesus rebukes Peter and calls him “Satan.”  

Satan's great lie that tempted Peter and tempts us into believing is that our Christian lives can be lived without ever facing the cross, without suffering love. Perhaps Jesus really wanted Peter not to get out of his way, but to literally get behind him and follow him to Jerusalem and to the cross. Jesus asks us to get behind him as well. 

So how can we as Daughters of Mary learn from Peter's mistake and get behind Jesus? It may be that we, like Peter, do not reflect enough on the deeper mystery of love witnessed in Jesus' suffering for us. How can we take us His cross and follow Him? 



Dear Beautiful Daughters of Mary,


“If our bones were not sending whispers of doubt to our hearts, 

there would be no need for prayer at all.”  (Mother Teresa)


Saturday, September 6 is the Daughters of Mary Day of Prayer—our signature event—an annual event.

Saturday, September 6 is an extremely important few hours—for our prayer—our spirituality—our life.

Saturday, September 6 is a grace-filled moment—offered for God’s purposes—offered with hope—offered for our faith—offered with love.  

Please join us dear beautiful Daughters of Mary for this beautiful day.  


Preghiamo—Let us pray,







Deborah Madonia

Daughters of Mary, Facilitator




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