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St. Ignatius Parish at 3704 Spring Hill Ave, Mobile, AL 36608 US - Daughters of Mary Women Renewing Faith &Family

Daughters of Mary

Women Renewing Faith &Family





Women Renewing Faith and Family


Please join us September 23 ,  2014



Prayer:  Spiritual Formation in the Marian Tradition

Reflection:  Gospel Insight for Contemporary Women

Renewal:  Creating a Culture of Faith for Family, Church and Community





Join Us for a Special Gospel Reflection on Matthew 21:28-32  

“Pray For Me.”—Tuesday September 23

By Carolyn Romano—- Diocese of Birmingham,  Alabama

Carolyn has been happily married to Frank Romano for 26 years. They have four boys, Frankie, Nick, John Michael and CJ. They attend Our Lady of the Valley Catholic Church in Birmingham, Alabama. Last year they celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary in Rome, Italy where they were able to meet Pope Francis in St. Peter's Square. Carolyn gave him a Zucchetto, a white silk skullcap and in return, he gave her the one he wore during his weekly papal audience. He had only one request, "Pray for me!" Since then, she has been showing it to students and prayer groups, telling them about her trip to Rome, and asking them to pray for the intentions of Pope 







Oct. 12-17 Mar. 8-13

Nov. 16-21 Apr. 19-24

Dec. 14-19 May10-15




Called to Love Women’s Conference

Corpus Christi Church

Saturday, October , 2014

please contact




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   Dear Beautiful Daughters of Mary,


Monday was the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows.  It is appropriately celebrated on the day after the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross—and so it is also appropriate to unveil the poignant and beautifully feminine graphic art of the Sorrowful Mary designed by Margaux Bodet, especially for Daughters of Mary.   It is an image which captures the profound love and utter grief, which Mary felt for her son, and also, the gentle compassion she felt for us.  

Mary’s generous and suffering love—her grief and compassion—reach the perfection of grace, at the foot of the Cross. Mary suffered every moment, every detail, of her son’s passion and death.   And yet, because of her generous heart, in her grief, she became compassionate toward us.  This exquisite depiction expresses our deep need to know Mary’s compassionate heart.

As Daughters of Mary, it is truly meaningful to honor the  mourning Mother of God.  Our monogram is inspired by the coat of arms of Saint Pope John Paul II, and it is dedicated to the image of Mater Dolorosa, the Mother of Sorrow.  We feature the ‘M’ beneath the longer right arm of the Cross, to signify Mary’s station at the foot of the Cross.  The ‘D’ interconnects with the ‘M, signifying our “exceptional link” to Mary.  It is a contemporary symbol and it’s simplicity communicates our efforts as women of prayer.  

As we reflect and pray throughout this week, let us spend time with Mary at the foot of the Cross.  Stand with Mary in her sorrow.  Pray for the grace to conform to Mary’s generous heart, to her heart of sorrow, to her heart of compassion.  

Mater Dolorosa—Mother of Sorrow, pray for us.  Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for us.

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Spiritual Gift of the Week

We ask for the grace to be grateful for God’s generosity.  We pray to model Mary’s response to God’s graciousness through our generous giving to the poor.



Spiritual Direction of the Week  

We pray with generosity and compassion as we stand with Mary at the  foot of the Cross


Meditation Music of the Week

(Selected by Fran Schnadelbach)

How Beautiful, sung by Twila Paris

Simplicity, Vol.3, Harp and Woodwinds, produced by Trammel Starks



Gospel Reflection /Matthew 20: 1-16a

23rd Sunday of Ordinary Time—September 21, 2014

By Lindsey Weems

(Full commentary attached)

     The parable of the Workers in the Vineyard clearly highlights two contrasting views that we see in our world today:

  1. The generous nature of God
  2. The selfish nature of man

      And thank God for these powerful parables.  All too often we are surrounded by depression, addiction, abuse and other unintended consequences that stem from constantly comparing ourselves to others, as we see in the workers in the story.   

     Morally, the parable refers to the hours of the work week which corresponds to the stages of life when people turn to God.  When converted, they are rescued from idle living to serve Christ in His vineyard, where they harvest much fruit for God before the sun sets on their earthly life.  Whether converted early in life or later, all are awarded the generous and equal gift of eternal life.  

     How refreshing it is to step back and look at ourselves, our families and our work through the eyes of God who knows our true needs and shares our deepest desires.  We must humble ourselves as our Blessed Mother most gracefully demonstrated, trusting fully in the plans that God has for each of us.  His plans may not be the “fair wages” that the world promises, but they are His generous gifts that fulfill us more than anything this world can offer.  And for that, we should be eternally grateful.



Dear Beautiful Daughters of Mary,


Mother Teresa once said:  “Intense love does not measure, it just gives.”  Let us love intensely and compassionately, here and now, for the children and families in our community need us.  Please note the food collection dates that are listed at the opening of this DoM Message and please respond generously.


Preghiamo per la compassione—Let us pray for compassion,



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Deborah Madonia

Daughters of Mary, Facilitator




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