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St. John's Church at 414 3rd Street, Carrollton, IL 62016-1319 US - Home


 Welcome to St. John’s The Evangelist Church in Carrollton, Illinois website. Our home away from home. We also administer to two other Parishes, which are: St. Michael’s in Greenfield and All Saints in White Hall. You will be able to find our Mass schedule for all three parishes listed under hours button on the left.  Of course you can find our bulletins on the left and follow the instructions.  Anything else that may be happening in our parishes in the future will be put on the right buttons. Thank you for visiting our site and come back again.

From The Pastor's Sandal Path July 27, 2014

I have some fantastic news!  I have inherited a ‘Treasure’ and I am looking for people to share it with, but only a few are willing to sacrifice and share.

In our Gospel today, Jesus tells of a man who found a treasure in the field.  He buries it, and sacrifices to buy the field so he can enjoy the treasure.

If we discovered the ‘code’ which would result in our winning the Lotto, or some way to win a fortune, would we share it with others, or would we like the man in the Gospel, guard our secret so as to attain all the money for ourselves? 

The ‘treasure’ I have found can not be measured in terms of money; it is the ‘map’; the ‘code’, the ‘way’ that leads to eternal Life.  It guarantees a sharing in the personal friendship of Jesus, throughout this life, and lasting love and life with Him after death; yet only a few seem to be truly interested.

Lacking faith, some people are willing to work and slave for years; to gamble and risk everything they have, their marriage or family, even their soul, to win some passing, temporal treasure.  They cling to it, and refuse to share it with others for fear they won’t have enough to satisfy their longings, forgetting that it will never totally satisfy the inner longings of their soul, and all will be left behind when they die.

Because of our faith, we are convinced that God, our loving Father, has more in store for us than the passing pleasures of this world.  He sacrificed His Son to prove that there was much more to come than what we can attain in this world.

Just as in the parable of the man who sacrificed to gain the treasure he discovered in the field, so too God sacrificed His Son to gain a greater treasure; eternal Life for all who chose to be His friends.  There never was, nor never will be, a sacrifice comparable to the sacrifice Jesus made to make it possible for us to share in His Treasure of eternal Life.

Over the years, I have that come to realize that life on earth is quickly passing, and all our material gains or possessions will be wasted if we have not used them for the glory of God and the good of His Kingdom.

In like manner, all that we do for the betterment of our spiritual lives has lasting results.  Jesus has gifted us with physical life, and by means of Baptism, we have become heirs of an eternal Kingdom where we are to share in His divine Life.

As heirs of the Kingdom, we are to sacrifice anything and everything to prove our love and fidelity to Christ our King.

As true followers of Christ our King, we are expected to share the unlimited “treasure’ of grace by witnessing and encouraging others to be open to receive of His Treasure.

This ‘Treasure’; the love and grace of Jesus is not ours to hoard.  We are commissioned and empowered to share this Treasure with everyone, especially with those who are tempted to make the things of the world their priority, as well as with those who have been misled by the devil who seeks to bury God’s Treasure, by bribing us with passing, unfulfilling worldly pleasures.

Evils, disappointments, failures and sin dominate and destroy our spiritual life when we allow the devil to bury God’s treasures under worldly glitter and glamour, or when out of greed or selfishness, we neglect to reveal or share the gifts which Jesus offers us.


Take advantage of this infinite Treasure; God love and grace, and respond to His call to share with all you meet.  There is an abundance of God’s treasure; never to be exhausted; never to be hoarded.  Come!  Share the ‘inheritance’; God’s love and mercy!  Be willing to sacrifice so you may enjoy eternal Life with Jesus, and all who love Him!

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