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St. John's Church at 414 3rd Street, Carrollton, IL 62016-1319 US - Home


 Welcome to St. John’s The Evangelist Church in Carrollton, Illinois website. Our home away from home. We also administer to two other Parishes, which are: St. Michael’s in Greenfield and All Saints in White Hall. You will be able to find our Mass schedule for all three parishes listed under hours button on the left.  Of course you can find our bulletins on the left and follow the instructions.  Anything else that may be happening in our parishes in the future will be put on the right buttons. Thank you for visiting our site and come back again.

From The Pastor's Sandal Path Aug. 31, 2014

It is time to call a doctor!  There is an increasing number of Catholics who are suffering from some sort of spiritual heart attack, dementia, or fractures which are causing much anguish to the Body of Christ. 

Thanks be to God, there still remains a large number of Catholics who are strong and faithful; witnessing by word and example their deep faith, love and desire to trust in God as they live out their faith journey.  They are the hope of the Church!  They are the ones who hopefully will, with the help of God, support and minister to the spiritually sick; those undergoing some minor or major spiritual heart attack. 

Jesus, by His Message and example, exhorts all of us to reach out and help those who claim to love Him, but, due to the temptations of the world, the flesh and the devil are exorbitantly seeking the things of the world.

This tremendous competition and division between the love of Jesus and the things of the world clogs their spiritual arteries, which ultimately results in a spiritual heart attack, which in some cases is fatal.

Along with those suffering from various degrees of spiritual heart attacks, we also find an increasing number who are undergoing some level of spiritual dementia; no longer capable of recalling their need of Jesus and His saving grace in their lives.

Careless in their prayer and sacramental life, and neglecting the powerful graces of the Eucharist, they gradually fail to appreciate the value, beauty and need of these special gifts from Jesus.  Suddenly they are spiritually weak and experience an atrophy of faith. They seem to have forgotten that Jesus is God; that He sacrificed His life to redeem them from sin, and longs to prepare them for unending life. 

They foolishly rely more and more on their own abilities to find peace, love and success in this world.  They are no longer capable of making wise spiritual decisions because they have cut themselves off from the source of Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge.

Aware of their sad situation, we, responding to Jesus’ command – “Go therefore and teach all nations”, quietly, patiently, gently and lovingly; without judging or condemning them, seek to help them, just as we work with people suffering from mental dementia. 

We can never abandon them, and we trust others will continue to help us when we appear to be suffering from spiritual ‘dementia’; forgetting our intimate, personal relationship with Jesus and each other.  We are the Body of Christ!

How blessed we are to have such a loving God, who is willing and anxious to forgive us and welcome us back when we do wrong. 

Besides those who suffer from spiritual heart problems and spiritual dementia, we also note that many Catholics suffer from spiritual ‘fractures’; those who repeatedly fall into the same sin; break their spiritual relationship with Jesus.

We all fall into this category.  In our weakness we occasionally stumble spiritually and suffer from some ‘fracture’ as we break the Ten Commandments or the Precepts of the Church.

Realizing that we are all sinners, we trust that as we expect Jesus to forgive us, so we must be willing to forgive others.  Forgiving and asking forgiveness is difficult but it is the healing medicine necessary to attain salvation as a true follower of Jesus. 


The Sacrament of Reconciliation is the best medicine; a sure relief and healing from any spiritual ‘heart attack’, ‘dementia’ or ‘fractures’.  How sad only a very few are humble enough to receive it.  It is our guarantee for peace, love and life; here and hereafter

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