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St. Joseph of the Three Rivers Council 11550 at 25 East Harrison Ave., North Bend, OH 45052 US -  Unity


 Welcome to the
St. Joseph of the Three Rivers
Knights of Columbus Service page.
Here you will find information about our Council's Activities and Fundraising Programs.
KofCfishfry003.jpg Lenten Fish Fry 2009 picture by stjoeseph

Councils Major Activities Programs

Family Activities
*Family Movie Nights
*Family Picnic Grill Out
*Memorial Mass For Deceased Members

Take a look at what’s happening to our family life. Do we communicate? Do we share? Do we take time to get involved with each other? Are there opportunities for improvement? What is God’s plan for us?
Today’s society makes it hard to be a family. Television takes up a lot of our time together. The hustle and bustle of business, rushed meals, school, work, committee meetings, sports and shopping are cramming our days and weeks.
The family is under heavy attack today. The battle is largely over values and commitments. To survive, the family needs support. Its primary source of strength must be found in a growing religious and parish life. But it also can be helped substantially by an organization such as ours.
Help prevent the death of the family by administering preventive medicine.
Conduct those programs and activities which aid in rebuilding the family spirit from within, making it vital and strong enough to resist society’s ills. Encourage members and their families to choose as their model the Holy Family, copying their attitude of interdependence, sharing and respect for authority.
Work to strengthen family life. Nourish wholesome home life through the sponsorship of activities involving entire families on a scheduled and continuing basis. Encourage communications and routines which involve family members within their own homes as well as bringing families together in social and recreational events in the community.

Council Activities
*Oktoberfest Party
*Annual Awards Night
*Christmas Party
*Guest Speaker Programs
*Corn Hole Tournament

Many of the activities of the Knights of Columbus sound demanding, and certainly many are, but that does not mean that others can’t be just for fun.

 Members of your council are your neighbors, friends and acquaintances, who are just as interested in athletic, cultural and social events as you are.

Programs and activities that come under the council activities section are unlimited – golfing, softball, soccer, hockey, curling, tennis, bowling, art exhibits, movies, lectures or demonstrations, holiday dances, picnics, open houses, council anniversary or birthday parties – all the events that are an important part of fraternal life.

Public relations activities are also included under the council activities section of the Service Program. Serving under the director of council activities, public relations personnel are charged with the responsibility of keeping the council’s membership accurately and constantly informed of current and future events.

Additionally, the image of the council must be maintained within the community through the use of newspapers, radio and television. People deserve to know the good work your council does. 

Community Activities
*Deliver Meals On Wheels
*Support Three Rivers Area Ministries
*Special Population Free Throw Contest
*Veterans Program VA. Hospital

Wherever we live, whether New York or British Columbia, we all have our own perceptions of “community.”
Usually, these perceptions are formed by the concrete reality of the world immediately around us. It may be a bustling metropolis, a town, a tiny village, a large county, a broad rural area.
It is the place we call home – with all its good and bad features, its beauty and ugliness, its strengths and weaknesses. Every individual has a voice in shaping the world around him, and every individual can make that voice heard.
Make your voice heard in your community.
Do more than throw up your hands in despair over what’s wrong with the world.
Your community offers limitless opportunity for action that can be seen, felt and judged for its true worth.
 Look for something that’s needed and workable in your community – fight poverty, aid individuals with intellectual disabilities, plant a tree, sponsor a blood pressure screening, support law enforcement, campaign for every baby’s right to life, help the aged – whatever your community’s needs, your members’ interests and your council’s resources allow.

Church Activities
*Support Of Parish Programs
*Keep Christ In Christmas Programs
*Vocations Support

Catholics are searching for ways to further develop the ministry of our Church.

If these good intentions are going to bear fruit, if the Church is going to not only exist, but thrive in today’s society, men and women throughout our communities must come forward and take an active part.

Far more action of an ecumenical nature is needed. As Knights of Columbus, our prime responsibility is to encourage and promote that action.

The lay apostolate must respond to the constant call for active involvement in the work of the Church. Your council has the numbers, the organization, and the communication ability to get involved and spread the word throughout the Christian community.

Appeal for greater unity, understanding and ecumenism among all religions. Initiate those programs through which members can practice their Catholic duties in the fields of charity, devotion and education.

Youth Activities  

*Sponsor Youth Athletics
*Support Youth Groups
*High School Scholarship Program
*Back To Bethlehem Program
*Substance Abuse Awareness Poster Contest

Today’s youth, the leaders of tomorrow, are looking for a challenge, for responsibility, for faith and trust.

Yet, despite their commitments and dedication, the youth of the world are often condemned because of the uncontrolled actions of a minority of young people. As Knights of Columbus, it is our responsibility to provide youth with the means and the opportunities to become personally committed and involved in meeting the challenges of our times.

There is a great deal more all of us can do to improve our youth programs. Recruit more men from the council level to work with young people. These adult leaders will help to mold the youth of today into the influential citizens of tomorrow.

Exert more positive and constructive influence on your young people by becoming involved with them. Pay more attention to what they are saying. Demonstrate your support by sponsoring a Columbian Squires circle, aiding the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program, promoting the Boy Scouts or helping to combat drug and alcohol abuse.

Numerous other avenues are always open in helping to build leaders for the future.

Pro-Life Activity's
*Pancake Breakfast In Support Of Pregnancy Center West

Every life is sacred, from the moment of conception till natural death. As Knights of Columbus, we are called to defend the dignity of each human being at every stage and work together in building a culture of life and a civilization of love.

In the continual battle for the rights of unborn children and the elderly, Knights of Columbus members, their families and all pro-life supporters need to change hearts as they strive to change laws.  They must witness to the injustice of abortion, embryonic stem cell research, euthanasia and doctor-assisted suicide, as they assist pregnant women in need, tend to vulnerable handicapped persons and care for the elderly.


Councils Major Fundraising Programs

Ohio Charities Campaign
*Fifteen Year Total  $35,773.00

The Ohio Charities Super Cash Bonanza Campaign is sponsored by the Ohio State Council Knights of Columbus. Each year, councils from all around the state of Ohio sell chances for great cash prizes. Part of the proceeds from the council sales at $5.00 per ticket are returned to the State Council to pay for the raffle and promotion, but a major portion of the sales based on the amount of tickets sold by members are returned to the council for their own charitable efforts. Almost every year that our council has sold tickets, we have achieved around 10 tickets per member, allowing us to receive the maximum rebate of approximately $4.00 per ticket sold. All money raised in the Charities Campaign is distributed through our Activities program and other Charities.

Measure Up Campaign
* Fifteen Year Total  $25,260.00

The annual Measure Up Campaign is one of our council's most important activities. Each spring members spend a weekend soliciting donations from shoppers at area Kroger's and from parishioners at St. Joseph parish to help our order's special cause, children with mental retardation. Member's of our council put in many hours of work for this activity, and they all enjoy the time well spent helping our special children. Past donations from our council have been made to the Three Rivers School Special Education Fund and Margaret Rost School. For the past several years a new record has been set with this collection. Last years total of $2600.00 was our best ever collection.

Lenten Fish Fry
*  One Year Total  $5101.00

The St. Joseph councils annual Lenten Fish Fry is one of our council's newest fundraising programs. Profits from the Fish Fry benefit our council's Catholic High School Scholarship Program ,Our Lady of Visitation School and our council's Charity activities. The event starts on Ash Wednesday and continues every Friday during Lent and requires a huge amount of help and hours from our council members, K of C Ladies Auxiliary ,Youth groups and volunteers. This event truly reflects the four core principles of our order Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism.  2009 marked our first annual Lenten Fish Fry & was a great success. As we begin 2010 we are looking forward to an even more successful year. 

Pancake Breakfast

Through our efforts, $2,863.52 was netted for Pregnancy Center West and additional donations brought that total to $3,000.00!  We presentend a check to Joanie Luebker, Director of PCW, on March 23rd at our Social held in the Hospitality Room of St. Joseph Church.


Pennies For Heaven Collection
*Fourteen Year Total  $3142.00

Pennies for Heaven program is a State Council Activity that benefits the local Diocesan Vocation Offices. Councils pass a jug at meetings and members donate their spare change. At the end of the fraternal year, the councils pool their money and a donation is made to the Cincinnati Vocations. Our donation to this fund has increased every year that our council has been in existence.  


Three Rivers Area Ministries
*Fourteen Year Total $1794.00

Each Christmas, our council makes a cash donation to Three Rivers Area Ministries (TRAM), the local food bank, to help them with their work in our community. This money is raised by a split the pot held after each business meeting in October, November and December. This collection averages over $100.00 per year and has increased in the past several years. We also collect can goods and non perishable food items from our membership for (TRAM) during our November and December meetings, once again displaying our commitment to the first principle of our order, Charity.

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