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St. Joseph's Parish at 20676 Fraser Highway, Langley, BC V3A 4G5 CA - Home

Welcome to St. Joseph's Parish

We, the Roman Catholic Community of St. Joseph's, having been fed and nourished by Word and Eucharist, are committed to our Baptismal Call to Holiness. Guided by the Holy Spirit, we strive to live in accordance with the words and actions of Jesus Christ through Prayer, outreach, formation and community celebration. Our Community acknowledges and affirms the diversity of gifts shared by its members and challenges one another as people of God to stewardship of time talent and treasure. In this way, we give praise and glory to Our God.

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Argentine Cardinal Bergoglio elected Pope Francis

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, Argentina has been elected Pope.

The new Pontiff, who chose the name Pope Francis, is the first Latin American every to become Roman Pontiff, and the first Jesuit.

The Argentine cardinal was elected on the 5th ballot of the conclave, ...

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In the Know with Father Joe
Dear Fr. Joe: What is a mortal sin? If I commit one, do I automatically go to hell?
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Family Rosary Announces Winners of 2008 "Try Prayer! It Works!" Contest

Family Rosary has announced the winners of the 2008 "Try Prayer! It Works!" contest. The 13th annual national competition — which encourages students to express their faith through art, poetry and prose — attracted more than 3,000 entries from more than 50,000 participants from across the country. ...

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16th Sun [A] 2014

We live in a strange world, don’t we? So many people begin things with good intentions, wonderful visions, and really want to make things better, both in their own lives and in the lives of others. Marx and Lenin, the fathers of communism, really wanted to make the lives of their countrymen better. We went to war in Vietnam with good intentions. Atomic energy was supposed to make the world a better place. But, as in so many great efforts, things are likely to eventually go wrong.

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