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St. Jude Parish at 1120 4 Mile Road NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525 US - Saint Jude Novena

Saint Jude Novena


To kneel at thy altar, in Faith we draw near.

We come to implore thee, our plea deign to hear.


Chorus: O good St. Jude; we call on thy name

Thy praises loud thy people proclaim.


To all who invoke thee, thou lendest an ear

Thou soothest the sorrow of all who draw near.

Repeat Chorus

beloved st. jude

patron of our parish family

model of humility

mirror of patience

lily of chastity

flame of divine love

comfort of the sorrowing

refuge of sinners

helper of the distressed

special patron in hopeless cases

intercede for us.


A Prayer of Petition


O Glorious apostle, St. Jude Thaddeus, true relative of Jesus and Mary, I salute you in the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.  Through this Heart, I praise and thank God  for all the graces He has bestowed upon you.  Humbly prostrate I implore you by this Heart  to look down upon me with compassion.  Despise not my poor prayer;  let not my trust be in vain.  To you God has granted the privilege  of aiding mankind in the most desperate caes.  Come to my aid,  that I too may praise the mercies of God.   All my life I will be graeful to you,   and will be your faithful client.  Come to my assistance in this great need  that I may receive consolation  and aid from Heaven. I pray especially for . . .

May the most just, and most high will of God   be in all things done, praised and magnified forever and ever.  Amen.  


A Prayer of Thanksgiving


Lord Jesus Christ,  in union with the majestic song,  with which the hosts of heaven give praise to the Most Holy Trinity,  I praise, bless and thank you for all the graces and privileges  You have seen fit to share with your chosen apostle and relative,  Saint Jude Thaddeus.


O wonder-working apostle,  I return thanks for your gracious assistance,  which, in response to my prayer,  you have brought to me in my need.  I shall be forever grateful to you   for this token of affection.


Beloved Saint Jude,  remain with me always in my trials,  and in difficulty come to my aid.  Deign above all to be with me in the hour of my death,  and to protect me always  against the evil of the enemy.  Amen.   




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