The Chaplet of Divine Mercy
  The Chaplet of The Divine Mercy
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Health & Human Services Attack on Rights of Consience
  Michigan Catholic Conference Files Lawsuit Against Federal Government Over HHS Mandate
  Michigan Bishops Speak to HSS Lawsuit
  Diocese of Lansing Responds to HHS Mandate
  USCCB President Sharply Criticizes HHS Mandate
  The HHS Mandate: Anti-Catholic and Un-American, Fr. Barron comments
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  Six More Things Everyone Should Know About the HHS Mandate
  Bishops Vow to Fight Coercive HHS Mandate

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St. Mary Roman Catholic Church at 210 West Main Street, Manchester, MI 48158 US - In the Parish: News and Events

In the Parish: News and Events


News in the Parish
April 12-20, 2014

Notes regarding Holy Week Masses, Liturgies, Meetings, & Office Hours
During Holy Week, the times and types of liturgies are special. And meeting dates are changed. Please note the following changes from “business as usual”:

***** Holy Thursday, April 17, the Mass of the Lord’s Supper begins at 7:30 pm.
***** Following Mass on Holy Thursday, we are invited to “Watch and Pray with Jesus,” recalling his Agony in the Garden. This time of prayer will begin immediately following Holy Thursday Mass and continue until 11:00 pm.
***** At 11:00 pm Holy Thursday night, we will gather to pray Night Prayer (Compline) from the Liturgy of the Hours.
***** In Catholic churches all over the world there are no Masses on Good Friday or during the daytime on Holy Saturday.
***** On Good Friday, gather to pray the Stations of the Cross (the Via Dolorosa) at 12:00 noon.
***** The powerful Good Friday Liturgy called “The Celebration of the Lord’s Passion” will begin Friday at 3:00 pm.
***** On Holy Saturday night, the Mass for “The Easter Vigil in the Holy Night” begins after sundown at 9:00 pm.
***** The glorious Easter Morning Masses of the Resurrection of the Lord will be celebrated at 8:30 and 10:30 am.
***** In order to focus more completely on Holy Week and Easter Week, religious education classes for all grade levels will not be held. The regular class schedule will resume on April 27.
***** Also, the April Parish Bible Study and the “What Catholics Believe” session will not be held during Holy Week. The meetings will resume at their usual times in May.
***** Please note: The parish office will close at noon on Holy Thursday and be closed all day on Good Friday. The office will also be closed Monday through Wednesday following Easter Sunday. Regular office hours will resume on Thursday, April 24.

Good Friday and Holy Thursday Collections
     On Good Friday, all Christians are united in a special way to the Holy Land. Donations on Good Friday make a direct impact on the Christians living in the Holy Land. The continued existence of programs that support Christians in the Holy Land depends on the faithful financial support received from our brothers and sisters in Christ from the Good Friday collection. This year, more than ever, we ask that you pledge your assistance to the work in the land that Jesus made holy. The Holy Land Franciscans are counting on your financial help to assist them in providing presence, care, and service. The Franciscans have been in the Holy Land since 1209, walking in Jesus’ footsteps, caring for the poor, educating young people, providing scholarships, protecting the Holy shrines, conducting pastoral ministries, and keeping Christianity alive. This week our parish will take up the annual Good Friday Collection for the Holy Land. Please be generous.
     Also this week, our Holy Thursday Collection will once again go to support the good work of the priests at the St. Louis Center as they care for children and adults with developmental disabilities. This is a beautiful work of mercy right here in our neighborhood. Again, please be generous.

Vacation Bible School is coming… and VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED!!
St. Mary’s Church is hosting this year’s VBS at Emanuel Church along with Manchester United Methodist and Sharon United Methodist Churches on June 23-26 from 6:15–8:30 pm for grades preschool – 6th grade. This year’s theme is: “Workshop of Wonders, Imagine and build with God.” We are in need of many volunteers. If you are interested in helping, please contact Teri Aiuto at 734-428-7002

Notice regarding Cemetery Decorations
Winter is finally coming to an end, so it is time to prepare our parish cemetery for spring grounds keeping. Please remove any winter grave decorations by April 15. Anything left beyond that date will be disposed of for you. Thank you for helping to keep our cemetery beautiful in respect for our dearly departed.

Serving during Ordinary Time:
Lectors, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Altar Servers and Ushers: If there are any times in June or July that you cannot serve, please call Marja Warner no later than Sun, April 27 to let her know. Thank you. Lectors/Altar Servers / Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion/ Ushers, call Marja at 428-9506.

Keep In Mind…
***** Laundering the Sacred Linens used at the altar during the Holy Mass is an important and very special responsibility. There is a current need for two people to volunteer for this. For more information or to say, “Yes,” please call the parish office.
***** Adorers are still needed: for a regular time slot each month, as a substitute, and for emergency service should bad weather prevent someone at the last minute from being able to come. Please consider the graces awaiting you. Please call either Pete Nashif at 734-428-1836 or the parish office at 734-428-8811.
***** The Chaplet of Divine Mercy will be prayed 20 minutes before each of the Easter Sunday Masses (but not the Easter Vigil). Come and be blessed! “For the sake of His sorrowful passion…”

#17 Marriage Mentoring Minutes: Sanctification
     “Work out your salvation in fear and trembling” (Phil 2:12). This scripture quote is ignored by those who think salvation is a onetime decision. St. Paul knew that living the life Jesus taught is hard work, hence, this quote. Our toxic culture presents marriage as a fun adventure with a fun partner. The idea that marriage is for sanctification is a foreign concept. As married Catholics, our vocation calls us to sanctification in which we will need to work out our salvation in our marriage with fear and trembling. Sacrificial love of God, spouse and family is how we work out salvation; it is our mission field.
     All sacraments, except marriage, are between Christ and the individual. Marriage, however, is the binding of two very different people together with Christ. Two personalities with separate ideas on everything are asked to grow together in sacrificial love. The sacrament of marriage is not lived in the peace and quiet of a church or monastery, but in the world with every distraction and attack the world, the flesh and the devil can use against it. Catholic couples must avail themselves of constant prayer and frequent sacraments, asking Jesus in the sacrament of reconciliation for the grace to love their spouse more, to let go of their own personality flaws and to heal all that is divisive in their relationship.
     Share this with your spouse. Have you given your salvation any thought? Can each of you think of one thing you can do to grow closer to God and one thing you can do to grow closer to each other? This week, each of you put into practice one new idea to grow in love ..

The complete 52 weeks of Marriage Mentoring Minutes is in book form and can be ordered through the parish or by calling 602-743-4303.

Check it out!
Did you know that Fr. Tim’s homilies are available online? Also usher, lector, EMHC and altar server schedules, times of special parish events, recent bulletins and newsletters – and more? Check it out:

The blessings of our parish
If you attend Mass here at St. Mary’s, it is important that you register with the parish. It is part of our Catholic life to be connected to a parish. Just give the parish office a call; registration can be done on the phone. Registering means that your family’s sacramental history is in the care of a priest, and that the parish is able to serve those who are attending. Please don’t neglect this important step. Call the parish office at 428-8811.

“The “Poor Box”
Perhaps you’ve noticed it: the little wooden box on the wall above the holy water font in the main vestibule. “Poor Box” it says on it. Each week, the coins and dollars dropped in this box are collected and put in a special fund. The priest then has available to him discretionary funds to use at any moment to help someone in the parish experiencing an emergency, unexpected crisis, or serious need. This has been a great blessing to a number of people. Thanks to those, young and old, who have dropped coins in the Poor Box. While the amounts are typically humble each week, occasionally there is great generosity. Thanks be to God! Sometimes our eyes become so accustomed to something that they no longer see it. But take a look. The simple wooden box is there. And what you put in it may be an answer to someone else’s prayer!

Baptism preparation classes
A reminder that if you are expecting a baby, you can arrange to attend the Baptism Preparation Class anytime before the baby is born. You will most likely find this easier than after the little one is born, and it will also mean everything will be ready for a baptism as soon as possible after birth! Please call the parish office to make arrangements. Note: All parents must take the class to be updated in their preparation.

Collection Counter Needed
We are looking for another individual who might be willing to help count Sunday collections – either as an occasional substitute or as a “regular,” once every five weeks. If you think you might be able to serve in this way, please call the parish office at 428-8811.

Mass intentions & Sanctuary Lamps
     Our parish Mass book is filling up quickly. To have a Mass offered for a loved one is a great blessing, and many are anxious to take part in this. But please remember that if the Mass is already “taken” for the date you want, you can request a Sanctuary Lamp.
     You recall the Sanctuary Lamps are the special candles which burn in every Roman Catholic Church to remind us of the Real Presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist, present in the Tabernacle on the Altar. Here at St. Mary Roman Catholic Church we add our prayer intentions to the light of the candle and bring them to our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. The prayer intentions for the Sanctuary Lamps are for one week, from Saturday to Saturday. They are published in the bulletin as well as on the card in the main vestibule to encourage all who come to pray to remember and pray for this special intention. Cards to send are also available.
     Like a Mass intention, you can contact the parish office to schedule a Sanctuary Lamp prayer intention. The customary donation is $12.

Can you be a sub for Eucharistic Adoration?
During First Friday Exposition and Adoration, there must be two adorers present at every moment of the 23-hours. Right now all the commitments are made, but there is always a need for substitutes. Can you offer your name as a sub? If so, please call Pete Nashif (428-1836) or the parish office.

If you shop at Meijers.
Please consider getting a “Meijer Guest Card” and designating our parish # 670279 to receive a donation from Meijers worth ½-1% of your monthly purchase totals made by cash, debit card, or Meijer credit card (MasterCard or store-card). This is a simple way to make have Meijers designate funds for St. Mary’s when they are donating to community organizations. To enroll, either get an application from Meijer stores or go online at

















































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