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Parish Classifieds

Please take a moment to scroll down our Parish News and Classifieds page.  Our current weekly bulletin (available beginning each Thursday afternoon) contains all of the latest parish announcements and happenings around the Diocese of Pittsburgh.  Click on the buttons below to read Fr. Jim's latest letter, check the parish calendar, or learn more about special parish events.

If your group has an event coming up that you would like to have listed on the parish events calendar, please contact the parish office.

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    The current week's bulletin will be available each Thursday afternoon.    Learn more about the Safe Environment / Protecting God's Children policies and programs    Join us in celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of Transfiguration Parish.   Find out our parish's progress to date in the diocesan capital campaign.

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Parish Classifieds

Help Wanted

A part-time position is available with the Sisters of Divine Providence. If interested, please visit:

Caregiver needed for elderly woman in Bairdford - approximately 8-10 hours weekly on an “as needed basis” - $10/hour.     Contact Mary Ann Miller at 724-272-4911 or for more details.

Parish Ministry Volunteers Needed

Our parish Funeral Ministry is seeking additional volunteers to assist with the preparation of a portion of the Mercy Meal presented to the family between the funeral viewings.  Each Mercy Meal requires five to six volunteers to provide this loving gift. 

Volunteers are not asked to contribute the entire meal but just one item.  The volunteer determines what item they would like to contribute.  All volunteers are called, as needed, on a rotating schedule by the funeral planner.  This is a tremendous opportunity for evangelization to help our parish grow and prosper.  If you are interested in becoming a contributing volunteer, please contact Bill Burdett at 412-260-4621 or Thank you!

Services Offered

We would like to thank this week's "sponsor of the week", Stello's Pizzeria, for sponsoring an ad in our weekly bulletin.
Our bulletin is supported through the generosity of the advertisers, many of whom are our parishioners.  Most are members of our local community.  Please support our advertisers with your patronage. Tell the business owner that you appreciate their support of our parish through their ad in the bulletin..  

If you own a business or want to advertise on the back of our bulletins, you may contact the JS Paluch Cranberry office at 1-800-945-6629 to give them your name and phone number or contact our parish office and we will pass the information along.  Thank you in advance to those businesses or individuals who will become a bulletin sponsor!   We appreciate your support.


Need a Helping Hand? 
Turn to Quinco Contracting.  We do all types of “handyman work” for $35 / hour.  We will give you a free estimate on any big job. 

Sometimes we all need a little help and need someone we can trust.  As a fellow parishioner, I, along with my boys, would be glad to help you.  Just give us a call at 412-377-5898. 

Thank you,
Matthew Quince
Transfiguration Parishioner

If you are thinking about selling gold for cash, please consider visiting Bill Stewart with Wexford Precious Metals Exchange, 4485 Rt. 8, Allison Park, PA 15010 (724-713-1163).  He gives a percentage back to our church when you do business with him  (  Be sure to let Bill know that you learned about him in the Transfiguration Parish Bulletin or on our parish website.

Information, Please!

We are in the process of updating Transfiguration Parish Cemetery records and are asking for your help.  In anyone purchased a cemetery lot at Transfiguration Cemetery, please bring in a record of the deed so we can copy it for our church cemetery records.  If you and/or a relative do not have a copy of the deed, please stop in the church office at 94 McKrell Road, Russellton PA between the hours of 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM, Monday through Friday, or give us a call at 724-265-1030 and give us as much information as you can.  This will help bring our Church Cemetery Records up to date!


We are looking to see if there is enough interest to create a “community of crafters.”  If there are enough people who are interested, we will set up a day or two for you to donate your crafts (along with a suggested retail price).  We will take the donated items to a craft show or event to sell.  The proceeds will go to the parish.  If you are interested, contact Mary Kanaitis at 724-444-6809 or email or fill out a form outside the meeting room with the types of items you make. Thank you! 


Transfiguration Parish has a Facebook page!   It can be easily accessed through the link on this website's home page, or by clicking on the "Find Us On Facebook" button at the bottom of any page on this website.

Thanks to Mary Kanaitis, we are also now listed on the Yellow, and the YMobile app can be accessed from your phones.  More folks will find us in Russellton!


For those of you who would like to keep in touch with Fr. John Vojtek, you can contact him at the address listed below:
St. John Vianney Manor
Attn:   Rev. John Vojtek
Room 308
2600 Morange Rd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15205


Community Social Services Ministry

Social Ministry promotes the Catholic Social Doctrine to pray earnestly and act effectively in defense of human dignity, the family, social justice and global solidarity.

Our Community Social Services Ministry offers tangible assistance to those in need, along with referrals to the appropriate agencies for assistance with housing, utilities, rental assistance, legal aid, counseling services, health services and crisis assistance.

For more information, or to access a list of Social Ministry Resources and Services in the Pittsburgh / Allegheny County area, click on the "more" link below. 

  (more . . .)

Safe Environment Program

Volunteers who have not completed the Safe Environment requirements of the Diocese of Pittsburgh must do so ASAP.  Log onto   Follow directions under the Safe Environment tab.  Contact Mary Louise Valentine at our church office with questions at 724-265-1030.

  (more . . .)

Protecting God's Children

Does your child know the basic rules of emotional safety?  (If it feels wrong or uncomfortable tell your parent.)  Do your schools, churches, and youth organizations follow respected child protection policies?  If you don’t know, find out.

"Protecting God's Children" is an awareness and training program offered by the Diocese of Pittsburgh.  This program is a mandatory requirement for anyone 18 years of age or older who is involved in ministry of any kind at our church.

Toll Free number connected to Office of the Assistance Coordinator, Diocese of Pittsburgh, for use by anyone who feels they may be a victim of abuse by a priest or any other church personnel in the diocese. The number is 1-888-808-1235.
Any individuals, paid or volunteer, who come into contact with children in the course of his or her work are considered mandated reporters of child abuse. Mandated reporters having reasonable cause to believe that a child has been subjected to child abuse, or acts of child abuse, shall report immediately to the following agencies:
•  If you suspect a child is in imminent danger from abuse, please call 911 immediately.
•  Children and Youth Services: 412-473-2000
•  Abuse Hotline: 800-932-0313
Anyone making a report is immune from civil or criminal liability provided a report is made in good faith.

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